WWE Smackdown House Show Results (9/5): White Plains

Nick Paglino

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WWE Smackdown House Show Results: 9/5/10

*Tony Chimel introduced the event and welcomed us to see the superstars of Smackdown.
Match 1: Christian vs "Dashing" Cody Rhodes
Great opener, always good to see Christian clapping and getting the crowd into it, he did it, and dashing worked well, good match up to open it up, bout lasted between 12-15 minutes, finish was christian winning with killswitch. Cody is pretty in shape. great sick pack!
Match 2: Alberto del Rio vs Chavo Guerrero
Surprising to see Chavo get cheered, they even had a !chavo! Chavo! chant, decent match, Alberto looks very strong in person, way better than on tv, Chavo hit the Frog splash we thought it was over but Del Rio put the boot on the ropes, he won with his Armbar by submission in 10-12 minutes. NOTE: Alberto attacked Christian before the match and cut a promo saying he should be wrestling for the world title tonight.
Match 3: Tyler Reks vs JTG
Nothing fancy, crowd didn’t know Reks that well, I even was a little bit surprised to see him there, he dominated JTG, he was beating him down, at the end suddenly JTG got a comeback and his flying clothesline-neckbreaker finisher for the win. around 10 minutes
Match 4: Chris Masters vs JAck Swagger
Swagger came out first, he’s quite big, they had a good match, Swagger tried his Plancha he does by grabbing the turnbuckle and jumping throwing his feet back, but failed, Masters got a comeback with several clotheslines and a back body drop, but tried the MAsterslock several times even coming very close, but couldn’t lock it in, finally swagger countered it into the ancklelock as Chris quickly tapped out. 15 minutes.
Match 5: Cm Punk vs R-truth
wow, never expected R Truth to be there as RAw is in Puerto Rico, Punk cut a promo quite good, saying every time he comes to White Plains the people always disappoint him, and you know all the Punk stuff about Drugs and Alcohol. Truth came out and you know how it is, everybody saying What’s up!, when the music stopped he said whats up about three times more. Good match up here, they work well, they threw each other to the ring post and had great heel kicks and drop kicks, Punk worked well Truth’s mid section with the abdominal stretch a couple of times. Truth won by countering a roll up into a roll up of his own after Punk hit Gallows. about 15-17 minutes. after the match Punk slapped Gallows super hard it heard all around the arena, but they embraced at the end. Luke was begging punk on his knees not to take him out of the straightedge society after lossing to big show by submission on friday on smackdown. Punk had him seated on a chair bashing him verbally. Throughtout the match they had a chant going, "you tapped out!"
Intermission: We got into a 10-15 minute intermission, the Merchandise table was very good, it was more like a room, great stuff there, KIds buying Cena shirts, they were at the same price as on wweshop.com, I bought an Orton shirt, Cm punk shirt and Big show shirt. Also a couple of souvenir programs and 2 commemorative vessels. Quite good for just 99$.
Match 6: Triple Threat for the intercontinental championship Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston
Match of the night as you will assume, Ziggler cut a promo saying we owe respect for our Intercontinental champion and all that stuff, Drew then came out to a nice pop, he was nice with us at ringside, and talked to a guy who had a sign of Kelly Kelly. Then Kofi came out to a great pop. Drew and Ziggler worked together against KOfi early on, but then they received a lesson as Kofi got the Boom drop on both of them, Ziggler tried his jumpin elbow drop and failed, Drew tried the future shock ddt unsuccesfully, action back and forth every where, end came with Ziggler countering a roll up into one of his own in the corner on Kofi and grabbing the ropes for the pin. 15-18 minutes.
Match 7: 6-Diva tag Kelly and the Bellas vs Layla, Rosa Mendes and Jillian
Uhhhhffff, Layla’s butt is very impressive, she had a short pant very tight and a little bit opened with a bikini under it, so she was hot, Not so PG to say the least. Kelly was nice as well as the bellas. Not much wrestling but they were a nice addition to the show. Kelly pinned a believe Rosa with a jumping legdrop she does. They then had a Water gun war, good thing. ahahaha.
Main Event: World heavyweight championship Kane vs The Big Show
This match was the highlight of the night for me, not necessarily the match itself, but let me tell you, BIg show came to the ring with a shirt of his, so I said: "he’s gonna throw it", some seconds later he was about to do so, and he began searching for a fan, he then looked at me and yelled: "You, you" and I said "yeahh yeahh" so he told me "go back go back" because I was too close to the guardrail, and he threw me the shirt, It was amazing, maybe I got advantage of the little kids that were beside me ahahahah but I just thought, "too bad for you kids", ahahahaah ohh gosh.
Now to the match, It was the heavyweight bout so slow match, big show did his chop to the chest of Kane but didn’t tell the crowd to make silence like he does "shhhhhhh", Kane tried his flying clothesline but show hit him in his way down, also he worked his leg in some parts of the match, end came when the referee was crushed in the corner when Big Show countered an Irish Whip into one of his own and the ref was in the way. then they double clotheslined each other. Cm Punk came out and gave Kane a chair, Kane hit show in the stomach with it, and then made him a ddt on the chair for the pin. Not good finish, too slow and not even chokeslam, but whatever. 18-20 minutes.
Overall: Very nice show, guys were working good matches, crowd was into it and they really were there to make us enjoy the show, most of them with a candid smile on their faces, which was very nice. I even have the feeling some of them were almost out of character, like drew smiling and talking with us. For a House show, not in downtown New York and in a small arena out of 10 I’ll give it 8.5, just because there was no MVP, nor Michelle McCool nor the Undertaker, and no Rey Mysterio.

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