WWE House Show Results (9/10): Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Matt Boone

This is for the WWE RAW House Show in Toronto and my name is Jesse by the way and my account on Wrestlezone Forums is KKKKwe

Raw House Show 9/10/10 Results From Toronto Canada:

Santino Marella defeats Zack Ryder. First they have a dance because the GM rings in and tells Justin Roberts the Ring announcer to tell the fans that it is better to see a dance off before they fight and Santino wins the Dance off. Also Nexus interferred after the match and beat down both Zack and Santino. They cut a promo and Justin gabriel wasn’t there only Otunga Tarver Wendy’s brother I forgot his name and Wade Barrett. They said they were going to beat our Canadian Heroes Edge and Chris Jericho later on and they if we werent Nexus then we were againt them.

John Morrison defeats Ted Dibiase who had Maryse at his corner. Very good match DiBiase Taunted Morrison by copying Morrisons signature Pose and Morrison hit his leg on the pole when Ted dodged a kick from him and Morrison sold the injury very well.

The bella Twins come out but I forget what happens because I went to the washroom but when I came back Goldust was facing primo. Alright match didn’t see everything but Goldust won.

I believe the next match was for the United states title featuring The Miz and Evan Bourne. Miz came out first and cut a promo saying how he made it and how he was on the front cover of the new Raw magazine, he also said he was better then all of us and that we are nothing and the only thing we do in Toronto is work at Tim Hortons lol he’s funny and also that we shouldn’t sing along to his famous catch phrase, ” Im the Miz and Im AWESOME”. Bourne came out and the title match began Miz had most of the offense Bourne fought back and went for Airbourne but it was countered when Miz put his knees up to save himself and I think after that it was the Skull crushing finale for the finish and Miz celebrates his win and leaves.

I think after that it was and intermission or the WWE Tag Title match but either way before the intermission Justin roberts and the Bellas who came back out tossed out some T-shirts. The WWE Tag Title match had The Hart Dynasty face the Uso’s. The fans went wild for the Hart Dynasty. very Good match lots of back and forth but in the end Canada’s own won and kept the belts. They celebrated for a while and then went to the back.

After the intermission Alicia Fox came and she told everybody to get back to there seats. everybody that went to the washroom or went to buy food came back quick to see what was going on. Alicia said she didn’t care if anyone was bloated hungry etc she wanted everybody back in their seats immediately (she would make a good school teacher lol) she was also talking about getting her title back and that how it was unfair she had to get her belt back in a 3 way instead of a singles match. The wwe crew F*cked up when they put Melina’s song first instead of Gail Kim’s. Gail Kim finally came out to her song and she was announced from TOOOOORONTOOOOOO CANADAAAAA which made everybody cheer loud as hell. Melina came out to a Big pop and the match was announced for the Divas title overall the match was ok kinda boring Alicia Fox left the ring because she was getting Double Teamed and melina and gail Fought but I didn’t pay attention to them Alicia Fox eventually came back but Melina won the match.

After this believe it was Nexus(Wade Barrett & michael tarver) vs Edge and jericho. nexus came out and then the stupid GM ringtone thing came on thank God Michael cole wasn’t there. The GM said that Otunga and Red Headed ugly rocker were banned from ring side which made everyone happy and again justin Gabriel was not at the show. Jericho came out to a Big POP and finally did not bash the canadian fans with his words, then Edge came out to an even Bigger Pop. barrett took the mike and said that there wouldn’t be no spears or Coe breakers/ Walls of Jericho I didn’t get to hear it all as I had to go to the washroom.

I came back in time for everything and the match started slow with Jericho playing to the crowd, edge came in and everybody was going crazy they won when jericho hit code breaker on arver and edge speared him for the 3. Edge took the Mic and had a few words to say. He said stuff like how 19 years ago he had his first match somewhere near Toronto but I cant remember and then he said hopefully this year the Toronto Maple Leafs can win and everyone was cheering screams of JOY.

Then it was time for the main event. Sheanus defending the WWE Title and my favourite wrestler of all time randy orton. Good match a lot of back and fourth the match ended when sheamus shoved the referee. I cant remember if Orton attacked him or Sheamus attacked Orton but they fought alittle after the and then Orton hit RKO Miz came out to cash in MITB and Orton hit RKO. Orton went nut shaking his head and punching the air after that All four memebers of Nexus that were there came out and had Orton cornered in the corner. Orton made the first hit trying to defend himself but they were too strong for him and they beat him down all of a sudden Hart Dynasty comes out for the save and everyones loving it and now its 2 on 1 on 2 on 1 on both Hart dynasty members. Break The Walls Down Y2j comes out and You think You Know me ON THIS DAY I SEE CLEARY EDge is out and now it fair they fight and take out Nexus leaving Otunga beatdown on the floor. One of the guys Irish Whips Otunga into Orton who then Hits Rko and celebrates and he does his Legend Killer Pose. I left after that and I think Justin roberts told everyone thanks for comiing and he hopes for WWE t come back to Toronto soon or if Edge cut another promo but either way the show was like a 6.5 or 7 out 10

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