WWE House Show Results (9/10): Aberdeen, Scotland

Matt Boone

Michael Miller sent along the following:

Big thanks to everybody at WZ, i’m a huge fan of the site and thought this recent house show was interesting enough to write up and send in.

Tony Chimel comes out and welcomes us to the show

1. Christian def. Cody Rhodes. Before the match Cody got the mic and tried to make and agreement with Christian to not hit each other in the face. This agreement was obviously thrown to the side and many right hands were delivered right into the chops of the “dashing” one. Lots of good action here with Christian eventually hitting the Killswitch after a series of counters for the win.

2. Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Masters. Before the match Del Rio got on the mic and started speaking spanish. He then said that he knew that we couldn’t understand him but when us scots spoke he couldn’t understand us either. he then proceeded to make fun of the scottish accent before being cut off by Masters. Another good match here with Del Rio hitting some really awesome high kicks, powerslams and possibly the greatest enzuigiri i’ve ever seen. Masters kept coming just short of applying the Masterlock and after working his arm for the entire match Del Rio hit his cross arm breaker for the win.

After the match Del Rio got a chair and attacked Masters with it until Christian ran out to make the save.

3. Kelly Kelly def. Layla. Went up to beat the ques at the t-shirt stand during this only to find that they’d run out of Nexus shirts. I ended up getting a hot-dog and a drink instead. I know this isn’t really interesting but trust me it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than this match could have been.

4. MVP vs Jack Swagger. Crowd popped big for MVP and Swagger got on the mic telling us to stop cheering for him. Swagger started doing his amateur wrestling preperation so MVP threw him out the ring. He then slammed Swaggers head onto the barricade and this is where it gets interesting. Swagger was cut open. He rolled back into the ring and blood started coming down his face so the match was stopped as the medics came and tried to fix the wound. I don’t think they were able to because the match ended two seconds later when MVP hit the ballin elbow for the win.


5. Dolph Ziggler def. Matt Hardy. Big pop for Hardy as he cam out. Damn he’s looking out of shape. Good match here and Ziggler really shined, I really hope he makes it big. Ziggler got the win after reversing the twist of fate into the Zig-Zag for the pin.

There was a show the night before in Aberdeen where Ziggler, Rhodes and Swagger sang the american national anthem to get huge heat and proceeded to be interrupted by our fellow courtyman Drew McIntyre. Described to me by my friend who worked security for the show as “a great segment with a massive pop. So after Ziggler wins his match he gets on the mic and says that tonight the band is getting back together. Out comes Rhodes who comes down and starts warming up with Ziggler. It’s hilarious. Then out comes Swagger who’s sporting a lovely bandage across his head. I’m in tears of laughter but the kids in the arena are booing as they all start singing old country music until they get interrupted by Big Show.

Big show says that he can be much more entertaining and asks the crowd if they’d like to see him do some impressions. He starts doing Stone Cold and proceeds to ask us various questions to the response of “Hell Yeah!”. Then he gives a stunner to Swagger who flops out of the ring. He then turns to Cody and tries to do Dusty Rhodes. He puts on the lisp and says the usual “son of a plumber, wined and dined” etc before hitting young cody with a bionic elbow. Much like his all american singing partner he flops out the ring. This leaves Ziggler who says that we should give a big round of applause to Big Show and tries to shake his hand. Show does a Hulk Hogan impression. It’s identical to the one he did at the 900th Raw until Ziggler tries to throw some right hands at him. Big Show hulks up ( “YOUUU!!!”) and hits him with a big boot. Then Hardy, who’s been lying outside the ring since he lost his match, hits Ziggler with a twist of fate.

Great segment which made me realise than Ziggler carried a lot of the second half of the show.

5. Big Show def. CM Punk. Punk comes out and phones Vicki Guerrero. He then explains that Big Show’s punch has been banned and asks him “How he inteds to beat Punk without his idiotic ham fist?” Punk gets chokeslammed, pinned instantly and I feel robbed. I was really looking forward to seeing Punk wrestle and I got a three second match. To rub it in more my friend informed me that the night before Punk had wrestled Christian in a great match.

6. Out comes Drew McIntrye wearing a kilt to a HUGE pop. Kane comes out and says that no matter what we think there will never be a scottish world champion and there certainly won’t be one crowned here tonight. Drew gets on the stick and says “It’d be a scary task for anybody to step up to this over-grown half wit but i’m Scottish…so i’m mental. By the way Kane you couldn’t be more wrong, there will be a scottish world heavyweight champion crowned tonight.” Drew and Kane wrestled one hell of a match. Drew worked babyface and had everybody pulling for him. When he hit the Future Shock and went for the cover everybody went nuts but he fell victim to a chokeslam and a loss.

Drew got on the mic and said ” Not bad for a lad from Scotland eh? The football team is a bit crap so I thought i’d try wrestling. Nah, Since i was a little kid this is all i ever wanted to do and when i was 21 i had to leave here, with all my friends and family, to pursue this dream but it’s all been for this moment where I had my first world championship match in Aberdeen, Scotland. Though i cam up short against that big spanner, mark my words I will be the first Scottish Heavyweight Champion! I don’t care what America thinks, As long as you love me it’s all that matters.” Great promo to send us home happy.

Good show overall but no Undertaker, Mysterio or Kingston was a letdown. Interesting side note because my buddy worked security last night he got to ask Drew McIntyre what his favourite botch was. “Bit odd, usually people ask me what my favourite match was but yea i’ll take that. Off the top of my head probably Lesner landing on his head.”

Biggest pop:

1. Drew, 2. Big Show, 3. MVP, 4. Christian

Biggest heat:

1. Kane, 2. Del Rio, 3. Punk, 4. Cody Rhodes

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