Detailed ROH “Glory By Honor IX” PPV Results (Sept. 11, 2010)

Matt Boone

ROH "Glory By Honor IX" PPV Results
September 11, 2010
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ROH "Glory By Honor IX" PPV Opener:

The show opens with Bobby Cruise in the ring running down tonight’s scheduled matches.

Tyler Black, Joe Dombrowski and Kevin Kelly are on PPV commentary, they do some further introductions for tonight’s show.

Following the opening hype-up, Cruise asks the arena audience for a moment of silence in remembrance of 9/11.

A few video packages airs to hype the top matches on tonight’s show.

Jay Briscoe vs. Kenny King

King was accompanied by a woman to the ring, her name was never mentioend. The match gets underway and both guys shove and slap each other, before finally locking up and starting things out. King slowly gains control of the offense. The momentum is reversed after King missed a shotgun double knee attempt in the corner. Briscoe caught King, and dumped him on his head awkwardly. Crowd chanting "you killed Kenny," ala Southpark. Rhett Titus hits the ring. King whips Briscoe into the ropes and runs, instead choosing to dive onto Titus on the floor. Moments later, King hits his Royal Finish for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kenny King

After The Match:

After his victory, King, along with Titus, continued their beatdown of Briscoe. This lead to Mark Briscoe hitting the ring. We immediately go into match two out of this.

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Mark Briscoe vs. Rhett Titus

King and Jay Briscoe remain at ringside as this one begins. Titus and Briscoe are going at it now here in the early goings of this contest. Titus dominating the action thus far. Eye rake and back rake, dastardly stuff keeping Titus in firm control. Titus hits some weird neckbreaker-over-his-shoulder type move. Briscoe fighting back now. He attempts to suplex Titus onto the floor but Titus blocks it. Briscoe eventually knocks Titus to the floor. He climbs to the top rope and hits a somersault-senton onto Titus on the floor. Crowd was ballistic for that spot. Later on, Titus counters a Briscoe Cutthroat Driver with a roll up. He only managed to get two, but began a long series of quick-pinfall attempts from both guys. Shortly thereafter, Briscoe hits Titus with a superkick, setting up the Cutthroat Driver for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

-A video package covering Balls Mahoney’s appearance in Ring Of Honor back in May, complete with comments from Mahoney and Prince Nana.

Balls Mahoney & Grizzly Redwood vs. The Embassy

Erick Stevens and Necro Butcher, The Embassy, are out now and the match with Mahoney and Redwood is about to begin. Balls throws a few cups of beer on Stevens early. Stevens quickly follows that up with some legit offense. Redwood is in now. Stevens hits Redwood with a backdrop onto the floor, where Butcher catches him coming down with a punch. Crowd dug that. Back in the ring, Stevens continues his onslaught of Redwood. Redwood finally manages to make the hot-tag to Mahoney. Mahoney throws Redwood onto Stevens at ringside, using his partner as ammo for impact on the floor. He follows that up with a frog splash in the ring for a nearfall. Only two due to Nana, who accompanied The Embassy to ringside during the match, pulling the ref out of the ring during the pin. Mahoney grabs Nana, as if to attack, but it ultimately served as a distraction, allowing Stevens to hit the Ghanarhea for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Embassy (with Nana)

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Live Audience & PPV Warnings; Coin-Toss:

A few warnings were announced before our next match, prompting fans on the potential for the match to be a bloody war, which could spill into the stands. The viewing audience on PPV was offered an additional warning.

Apparently there will be a coin toss, with the winning team getting the right to decide who they are chained to during the match. Steen called the coin toss, chose heads and lost, setting up Generico to select to be chained to Steen.

Double-Chain Match:
-Steve Corino & Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana & El Generico

Match begins, and the good guys are having their way so far. At about two minutes into the match, Steen is the first man opened up in this predicted blood-bath. Generico bites away at the cut on Steen. Corino is next to bleed, as Cabana blasted him with multiple chain-supported punches. Cabana and Generico hit a number of double-team moves, using the chains to keep things interested, before Cabana successfully connects with a Flying Asshole. Corino and Steen begin to take control of the match. Steen chokes the shit out of Generico with the chain. Generico refuses to give up, so Steen eventually releases the choke. Meanwhile, Corino is working over Cabana on the floor. He smashes him into the ringside barricade, before grabbing a chair. He beats up Cabana a bunch with the chair and more with the barricade. During a top-rope, double team attempt, Generico manages to free himself and get hold of Corino. He hits Corino with a suplex into the turnbuckles, with Cabana immediately following up with another Flying Asshole. Cabana has Corino in the Tree Of Woe. He holds a chair in front of Generico’s face, while keeping him secured in the Tree Of Woe, for Generico to hit his flip-Van Terminator spot. Unfortunately it was no dice, as Steen interfered, setting up a Generico dive onto him on the floor. Cabana is calling for a table. Meanwhile, Steen and Generico are brawling in the ring on the top rope. Steen jumps to the floor purposely, yanking the chain on his way down, which launched Generico through the set up table on the floor. Insane. Soon after, Steen calls for "Colby," which set up a Colby Corino run-in. Colby has scissors with him, which he uses to cut the chain off of Generico’s wrist. Steen and Corino then tie the other chain to Cabana’s wrist, with the other end tied to the ropes. The guys beat Cabana up while trapped to the ropes, with chairs as their weapon of choice. Lots of stuff with chairs. Generico eventually makes a big comeback, allowing him to free Cabana from the ropes. After a few comeback spots, the finish comes with Cabana locking in the Billy Goat’s Curse on Corino for the submission victory. Corino tapped immediately.

Winners: Colt Cabana & El Generico

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After The Match:

After the submission, Steen and Generico brawl for a bit. Generico tries for the turnbuckle brainbuster but Steen struggles free and removes Generico’s mask off. He holds it up in victory as Cabana rushes to cover Generico’s face.

Steve Corino & Kevin Steen Ceremonial Stuff

Steen looks at Generico’s blood on his shirt. He sets up a chair in the ring. He places Generico’s mask on it and using Corino’s blood wrote the words "Mr. Wrestling" on the back of the chair. Steen, Corino and Colby pose around the chair.

Pre-Taped Video: Jim Cornette Interviews Davey Richards About Retiring

We see video of Jim Cornette interviewing Davey Richards prior to Richards’ leaving for Japan earlier this month. Cornette asks Richards about retiring at the end of the year. Richards goes on to talk about his past, going to Japan immediately after marrying his wife, being a licensed firefighter, etc. He mentions a call from his mom, who struggled with drug-addiction, and tells him that despite her never being there for him — wrestling always was. Richards says because of that, he is not going to retire. He’s going to remain in ROH and go after the world title.

Intermission With Jim Cornette

Intermission time, as videos are shown. During the intermission, after the videos played, Jim Cornette came out in front of the live crowd. He mentions that Davey Richards is indeed returning, and will be competing at the "Final Battle" in the Manhatten Center for a title shot. Cornette then hypes the fans up for the second half of tonight’s Glory By Honor IX show.

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ROH Television Title:
-Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Shawn Daivari (with Prince Nana)

No pre-match promo from Daivari this time. Edwards is slammed into the ringside post by Daivari early in the match. Daivari continues to work over that arm now, trying to focus his attack on it for this match. Edwards is coming back now, but is selling the left arm big. Kevin Kelly points out on PPV commentary that Shane Hagadorn was not with Edwards tonight. Daivari hits a tornado-DDT for a two count. Not long after, Edwards attempts to finish the match with the Achilles Lock. Nana interferes, distracting the ref, but it backfires as Edwards again manages to secure the Achilles Lock. This time he finished it, and forced the tap out from Daivari.

Winner and STILL ROH TV Champion: Eddie Edwards

In-Ring: Austin Aries & Christopher Daniels

Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels come to the ring. Aries gets on-mic and says Daniels originated the A-double name, so he proposes Daniels be called CD. Aries says many feel that, like CDs, Daniels was obsolete. Aries says he doesn’t feel that way however, and proposes that he and Daniels prove they are still the best in the business and steal this show in their match. That leads to Daniels vs. Aries.

Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels quickly takes advantage of the offense, dominating Aries with fast-paced action early on until Aries raked his eyes. Aries hits a neckbreaker on Daniels over the middle rope. Aries has Daniels on the floor now, and is beating him up some more on the floor. With the action back in the ring, Daniels tries for the Angel’s Wings, but Aries manages to avoid it. Daniels has Aries on the floor now. He goes for the Arabian Press onto the floor, but Aries dove in the ring and immediately hit the Heat Seeking Missile. A bit later, Daniels has Aries caught in the Koji Clutch in the middle of the ring. Aries fights his way out of the hold and hits a crucifix bomb, followed by a brainbuster. Aries hits the 450, but Daniels kicks out during the pinfall attempt. Aries flips out for not getting the three count, and chooses to set Daniels on the top rope. He follows him up, and winds up getting crotched on the ropes by Daniels. This set up an Angel’s Wings off the top rope from Daniels, setting up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

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Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Kings Of Wrestling

Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, aka The Kings Of Wrestling, are in the ring now along with former WWE tag-team Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Time for some highly anticipated tag-team action here at Glory For Honor IX. The teams shake hands before the match. Shortly after, they shove each other. This one is officially underway. Lots of athleticism shown early from both sides. The Kings go for the KRS-1 early, but Haas/Benjamin block it. They try and reverse into a double-team move of their own, but the Kings block that one. The Kings would go on to dominate a lengthy portion of action, remaining in complete control for a while before Benjamin eventually hits a double-neckbreaker on Hero, setting up the hot-tag to Haas. Haas gets things going for his team, and does well for a brief period, but Claudio eventually turns the tide back in favor of the Kings. The Kings hit some double-team spots on Benjamin, who was tagged back into the match. After some back and forth action, including some great spots from both teams at different times, we got the finish. Haas had the Haas Of Pain locked in on Claudio, but Shane Hagadorn through a loaded elbow pad to Hero and distracted the ref for him. Hero hit an elbow drop with the loaded pad off the middle rope and got the pinfall, picking up the victory for The Kings Of Wrestling.

Winners: The Kings Of Wrestling, Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero

After The Match:

The Kings go for another loaded elbow pad strike to Haas, but Benjamin makes the save. The Kings go to the back, with Hagadorn still in the ring. They didn’t have the title belts with them when leaving either.

Benjamin notices Hagadorn in the corner and smiles widely. Hagadorn begs off from Benjamin, but he still ended up stripping off a lot of his clothes and whipping Hagadorn with his own belt. Benjamin then held Hagadorn, so Haas could hit him with an elbow drop with the loaded elbow pad, right on Hagadorn’s crotch.

Haas and Benjamin pose with the belts as the fans loudly chant "Please come back" with passion at them. 

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ROH World Title:
-Tyler Black (c) vs. Roderick Strong (with Truth Martini)
Special Ringside Enforcer: Terry Funk

Jim Cornette comes out to join the guys on commentary. Terry Funk will be the special ringside enforcer. Tyler Black and Roderick Strong (with Truth Martini) are all out now, and our main event is officially underway. Both guys try some very quick-nearfalls early on. Black borrows from John Cena, doing the "You Can’t See Me Gesture" hand-gesture to a laid out Strong. Crowd boo’d the shit out of him for that. He followed it up by applying a Cena-like STF submission for good measure on both Strong and the fans watching on. Later on, Black hits Strong with the Book Of Truth, as well as a God’s Last Gift. He tries to end things on that note, but Strong manages to kick out. Both guys battle up to the top rope, which set up a big superplex off the top spot from Black. Black goes for another God’s Last Gift but Strong counters it with a vertical suplex-into-double knee backbreaker. Crowd dug that. Strong later hits a gutbuster and tries for the Side Kick, but Tyler avoids it. Strong hits referee Todd Sinclair. Black then superkicks Strong. Both men are down now as Terry Funk, the special ringside enforcer, climbs in the ring to fill in for Todd Sinclair. He threw Sinclair out of the ring and ripped his shirt off, revealing a regular referee t-shirt on underneath. Josh Raymond and Christian Able ran to the ring, but Funk eventually runs them off. Truth Martini is in the ring and Funk sends him out also. Both Black and Strong are back in action now, as each man takes a superkick from the other. Black hits a buckle bomb. Black hits a superkick. He hits another. And a third. Strong spits in Tyler’s face and Tyler superkicked him for a fourth time. Tyler goes for the Phoenix Splash but Strong manages to avoid it. Strong hits several backbreakers on Black before hitting the Sick Kick. Strong goes for the pin on Black, which is counted by Terry Funk, and he gets the three.

Winner and NEW ROH World Champion: Roderick Strong

After The Match:

Ring Of Honor owner Cary Silkin enters the ring. He quickly shakes hands with the new champion before heading back to ringside.

Strong celebrated with Truth. Fans break out into an impromptu "Thank You Tyler" chant. Strong extends his hand for a handshake with Black, but Black flips him off and walks up the ramp.

From out of nowhere, the lights go out. We hear Jim Cornette yell about technical difficulties during the blackout. A few seconds go by and some music hits. Former ROH World Champion and TNA Tag-Team Champion Homicide appears at the top of the ramp with his bandana across his mouth. He heads to the ring, as the fans in the Manhattan Center loudly chant "1-8-7!" He quickly poses for the fans in the corners, before getting face-to-face with the new champ, Roderick Strong. Strong holds up the belt as he and Homicide talk trash between one-another as the show ends.

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