WWE Raw House Show Results (9/25): Paris, France

Nick Paglino

Thanks to Emilie Manchon for sending this in:

Raw report: Paris, France, 09/25/10

1. Marella / Koslov vs The Usos (w/ Tamina)
Before the match started, Santino talked to us in French, and said that the father of his mother was French, which thus meant that he was 25% French! Santino started the match against one of the Usos, did a couple of funny things and then tagged Koslov in. The Usos tagged in and out more often than Santino and Vlad, and so the match was essentially Vlad vs either one of the Usos. Vlad managed to tag Santino in for the win (via Cobra). After the match, Tamina kissed Santino who fell backwards. Vlad performed CPR on Santino. Kids loved the match, and to be honest, grown ups too!

2. David Otunga vs Goldust
I didn’t see that one coming at all! Anywho… Good back and forth between the two, people were rooting for Goldust and when we thought Goldust was about to win, who showed up to make the save? Wade Barrett! The match didn’t even end properly, as no winner was announced (I’d say Goldust by DQ though). Wade grabbed a mic and said that what David did to Goldust was nothing compared to what he would do to Cena later on ( people booed him like crazy!). And when he said that you were either Nexus or against us, people went nuts!

3. Ted DiBiase (w/ Maryse) vs the Great Khali
Before the match started, Ted said that we didn’t deserve to see the match but the GM interrupted him and Michael Cole sa… sorry, Justin "I’ll replace Cole for the night" Roberts said that he had just received an email from the GM of Raw and that it would be a sing off contest and the audience would be the judges! (whatever GM!) Ted started and sang "I will always love you" to Maryse. People booed him and then it was Khali’s turn! He prolly sang in Indian or whatever but definitely not in English or French! Khali won but Ted didn’t care and asked for the bell to be rung. Bad idea, Teddy! Khali won with a chop.

4. William Regal vs Evan Bourne
That was a really good match between the two, lots of high flying moves on Bourne’s part and at some point Regal kneeled and begged Evan to stop! He offered to shake hands but Evan (obviously!) refused and the match continued. Good back and forth, but Evan won with a Shooting Star Press.

5. The Miz vs John Morrison
Before JoMo showed up, Miz said that at NOC, he didn’t tap out (whatever, Miz!) and asked us if we understood what he was saying! And then he said (in French!) that he was magnificent, fantastic, awesome and good-looking (I second that!). Why? because he is the Miz, and he is AWESOME! Really good match between the two (as expected and as usual I would say). At some point, Miz focused on Morrison’s left leg so as to prevent him from performing any of his high flying moves but it was all in vein as Morrison hit a Norris kick and a dropkick or two! It was hard to tell who would win as the two worked very well together. Morrison went for the Starship Pain but Miz countered and won with the Skull Crushing Finale. However, to send people home happy, Morrison managed to knock Miz out and hit the Starship.

6. R Truth vs …
After the intermission, R Truth showed up singing his old theme. "What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?". OK, we get it! He said that it was his first time ever in Paris but that it felt like home. He then said that he would perform his new song (really? really? oh really?) but that he needed the Bellas!  (really? really? oh really?). My dad cracked me up because he said "here come the dancers!" "No, dad, they are not dancers, they are divas, they are the Bellas!" Total waste of time if you ask me because that was really painful to hear and to watch! And the Bellas! Awful dancers! Seriously, that was really awkward, I felt sorry for them! At the end of the day, R Truth didn’t face anyone and left. Thanks for coming!

7. Wade Barrett vs John Cena
I’m Nexus and was really looking forward to that match the second Wade said earlier on  that he would face Cena, even if I knew that SuperCena would strike again and that Wade wouldn’t win. Wade was accompanied by Otunga but as he interferred, the ref banned him so Wade was on his own for the rest of the match. Good back and forth between the two, Wade did a couple of moves I had never seen him do before (at least not as WWE Wade Barrett). Cena managed to hit his five moves, and even performed a sixth one, a dropkick! Hooray!!! Cena picked him up for the Attitude Adjustment but Wade countered and DDTed him. (loved it!) Wade rolled him up, 1,2 but no, this is SuperCena we are dealing with, remember? He did what he always does before the 5 knuckle shuffle (I spare you the details!), and then picked him up for the AA again but Wade grabbed the top rope and Cena knocked the ref out but didn’t see it! He got Wade in the STF, Wade tapped out, Cena thought the match was over and that he had won, people thought that too but the ref was still KO! Cena was complaining to his buddy Justin Roberts when Otunga showed up, hit a spinebuster on Cena, dragged Wade so as to put his arm on Cena, left and the ref "woke up" for the count but NO! Cena was still alive!  Otunga was still at ringside, Wade missed Cena and hit Otunga instead, and then Cena with the AA and 1,2,3 Cena won! How surprising!

8. Triple threat for the WWE Championship: Sheamus vs Edge vs Randy Orton
People booed Sheamus but cheered when Edge’s music hit! By the look on his face, you could see that it bothered him a tiny bit that people cheered for him! People went nuts when Randy’s music hit! Biggest pop of the night! Edge and Randy got rid of Sheamus very rapidly so it was Edge vs Randy for 2 -3 minutes! Awesome! Sheamus came back, Edge was out and so it was now Sheamus vs Randy. Near falls, and then Edge came back and got rid of Randy. The three of them were rarely in the ring at the same. Too bad! But Randy came back and hit a double rope hung DDT. Sheamus rolled under the bottom rope and fell on the floor, Edge was still in the ring. Randy went for the RKO but Edge countered and hit the Edgecution. He was now ready for the Spear but the Viper struck and RKO!  Sheamus came back, went for a Bicycle Kick but got RKOed too! And the winner of this match and still WWE champion, Raaaaaaaaaandyyyyyyyyyyy Orton!

Biggest Heat:
Wade Barrett / David Otunga
Ted DiBiase

Biggest Pop:
Randy Orton
John Cena
Evan Bourne
Marella / Koslov

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