WWE Smackdown House Show Results (2/5): Toronto, Ontario

Nick Paglino

Hey my name is Jesse and my account here on wrestlezone forums is KKKKwe also my youtube account is silentASSASIN2011 and I went to the Smackdown live event in Toronto which was really great. So here are the results.

The show opened with Tony Chimel welcoming every to the Richoh Colisem and announcing that the first event would be a 20 man battle royal to determine who would face Kofi Kingston later on for the Intercontinental Title. Might I add the battle royal did not feature 20 men.

Match 1 – 11 Man Battle Royal :  This match featured JTG, Percy Watson, Chris Masters, Curt Hawkins, Drew McIntyre, Corre(Heath, Justin and Ezekiel), Chavo Guerrero, Trent Barretta and Kane. The match was a good opener all and all, I cant remember all that happened in this match (too much guys to look at in this one) but in the end it was Corre, Chavo and Kane left. Kane eliminated Ezekiel Jackson the same way he did at Royal Rumble by going down and pulling the ropes which led Ezekiel to fly out of the ring, Chavo eliminated both Justin and Ezekiel which got the fans on their feet. Kane eliminated chavo to be the #1 contender of the night to face Kofi for his belt and left with a big pop. The list of eliminations went as followed (I wrote everything down on my phone)

Eliminations –  1st – Percy Jackson  2nd – Trent Barretta  3rd – JTG   4th – Curt Hawkins   5 – Drew McIntyre  6 – Masters  7 Heath Slater  8th -Justin Gabriel  9 – Ezekiel jackson  10 – Chavo Guerrero I rate this match 7/10 nice opening for the fans.

After that match all you hear is I AM  PERFECTION, Dolph Ziggler came out to enormous boos (Unfortunately Vickie wasn’t hear tonight) He made fun of Toronto saying how we have nothing to say since we havent won a stanley Cup since 1976 (I don’t watch Hockey so I don’t know). And then he was bragging about how he was the uncrowned world champion and how he was going to defeat Edge later tonight in a street fight for the world heavyweight title, He began to take something out of his jacket either it was brown paper or bagels and threw them on the ring mat and left. Tony Chimel cleaned up the mess in the ring.

Match 2 – Layla/Kaitlyn vs Beth Pheonix/Natalya:  Layla and Kaitlyn came out to the Laycool themesong and were booed heavily. Beth Pheonix came out to a nice cheer. Natalya came out to a big cheer since she’s from Canada. The match started slow because Layla was scared as hell, running out of the ring and just taunting the fans. Eventually she came and the match started with Beth beating her down, Layla got on the offensive and her and Kaitlyn began tagging in and out. Natalya was getting the fans pumped up by stomping her feet and show Beth Beth. Finally Natalya got in and the match ended with Natalya power slaming I believe it was Layla and Beth doing the Beth slam to Kaitlyn at the same time. I rate this match 5/10 atleast they tried to make it good and wasn’t bad either.

After that match Alberto Del Rio came out to a lot of boos, some people cheered for him including me. He came out and said a lot of stuff about canada and at one point he got the fans to cheer for him but then immediately he turned on the Canadian fans by saying that Canadians want to be like Americans and that America is better and that it didn’t matter to him because he was Mexican.

Match 3 – Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Masters: The match was good Master’s tried apply the master lock but it was countered into a knee smash on one of Master’s arms and then he did his finisher and made master’s tap out. I rate this match a 6/10. Fans were really into this match.

Match 4 – Kane vs Kofi Kingston Intercontinental Title match:   All of a sudden the fans booed Kane after he was given a big pop when he won the battle royal. Kofi came out with a big pop as usual. Kane had most of the offense in this match but Kofi came back and fought him off. The ref got knocked down and Kofi was going for Trouble in Paradise but Kane dodged it and went out of the ring. Kane grabbed a chair and as Kofi was coming out Kane hit one of his legs with the chair. Kane then got back in the ring, I cant remember what happened but Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and got the win. He then celebrated aand Tony sent us into an Intermission. I rate that match a 7/10. very good match even though you can tell Kane’s knees are shot badly.

We came back from the intermission and Jack Swagger came out and he also made fun of Canada like we hadn’t had enough. He said how we want to like americans and then when the fans chanted "You Suck" he said, "Wait what did you guys say USA USA" . He then said that he’s going to beat this unamerican for us like we were americans and we liked him.

Match 5 – Jack Swagger vs Chavo Guerrero –  Chavo came out to a decent pop and the match got on. Swagger had most of the offensive, chavo got back into it and did the latino heat dance shaking his hips and moving his arms around his waist. In the end Swagger won with the ankle lock. I rate this match a 5/10. decent but got boring as well, Swagger needs to improve big time.

Match 6 – Wade Barrett vs Rey Mysterio –  Wade Barrett came out with all of the Corre and they were heavily booed, Rey came out to a Big Big pop. The match started and Rey was getting beat down as their was too much distraction for the Ref which was that black bald new guy. Rey got got back into it and fought back nd everyone was chanting 619 ( I chanted 416 since that is the area code for Toronto but it didn’t catch on with the fans but some people laughed) Rey hit 619 and got the frog splash on Barrett for the 123. Corre came in and knocked down Rey. Rey knocked all 3  corre member to the second rope and set them up for 619 and as he was going for it wade Barrett who was outside of the ring grabbed rey’s leg knocking him down. Corre began beating and stomping down on Rey all of a sudden Masters, JTg, Trent Baretta, and Chavo came for the save. Corre  ran out and Rey called them back to the ring saying that numbers were even now but they really weren’t since rey had 4 other people with him. Corre came running back to the ring but stopped before they got in and they left. Rey celebrated and everyone left but Chavo who just watched Rey celebrate.

Main Event – Dolph Ziggler vs Edge – World Heavyweight Title – Toronto Street fight:  Dolph Ziggler came out to a big booo and was wearing a Toronto maple leaf jersey with red tape on it that made an X. Tony Chimel gave Edge a good welcome and had the biggest pop of the night. The Match went all over the place, in the crowd and all. Kids were going crazy too. Ziggler brought out a kendel stick and started hitting edge with it. Edge got back on the offensive and started hitting Ziggler with the Kendel stick. Later Edge brought out a hockey stick and hit Ziggler with it and I think he slap shotted a bagel into Ziggler’s private area when Ziggler was out sitting in the corner with his legs open. The fan loved it. Edge hit spear for the win (I guess the spear wasn’t too dangerous tonight since Vickie’s been banning it lately) Edge got on the mic and said a few words about how he had his first match down the street from the arena and that he only has a few matches left in him before his retirement. He said when retires he wants to go out in a bang in Toronto also saiying that "WRESTLEMANIA" would be a good way to retire in Toronto hopefully. He mentioned his mom who was in the front row as well. I rate that match 9/10 since it had everything I wanted in it. A crowd fight and weapons.

All in All the event for me was 8/10 and maybe Wrestlemania 28 might be in Toronto next year but who knows right.

Biggest Pops:
Rey Mysterio
Kofi Kingston

Biggest Heat:
Dolph Ziggler
Wade Barrett and Corre
Jack Swagger
Alberto Del Rio

Missing People:
Big Show
Vickie Guerrero

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