TNA “Against All Odds” PPV Results – February 13, 2011

Matt Boone

TNA Against All Odds (February 13, 2011)

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TNA Against All Odds Opener:

The “Against All Odds” video package airs to open the show. Pyro hits and we’re live in the arena. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Robbie E. and Cookie come to the ring. Robbie asks the referee to count out The Bucks and award him the match. The referee did so, and declares Robbie E. the victor by way of count out. Robbie over-celebrates his “victory.”

As Robbie heads to the back, out comes Kazarian – who meets up with him on stage. Kazarian says there will be an X-Division title match. He says he’ll defend the belt against Robbie, who will be accompanied by what Kazarian called “the garden gnome” Cookie. Robbie swings at Kazarian, but Kazarian avoids it and ends up beating on Robbie. He takes the fight into the ring.

X-Division Title: Kazarian vs. Robbie E. (with Cookie)

The bell sounds to make this one official, and Kazarian is in complete control of the action thus far. Slowly the tide turns and Robbie E. is starting to take over the flow of this contest. Robbie gets an assist from Cookie and her purse to take over complete control of the match. Moments later, Kazarian starts his comeback and finishes it up by hitting his reverse tombstone for the clean pinfall victory.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Kazarian

Christy Hemme Interviews Scott Steiner & Beer Money

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviews Scott Steiner and Beer Money. Steiner does some of his usual stuff and hits James Storm’s beer a few times. Storm and Roode talk things up a bit themselves and their six-man tag match is up next.

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Six-Man Tag Match: Beer Money & Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy

A.J. Styles is out for commentary on this match. Things are just now getting underway. Steiner and Gunner will start things off. Crowd chants “Scotty” at Steiner early on. It’s also worth noting that Gunner and Murphy have actual ring attire with their names on it now. The screen changes to feature the match in a big box, the commentators in a small box and a flashing light on the areas outside the boxes. Meanwhile back in the ring, Steiner hits a Frankensteiner off the top rope on Gunner for the clean pinfall victory. Steiner and Beer Money pick up the win.

Winners: Beer Money & Scott Steiner

Christy Hemme Interviews Devon & His Sons

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Devon, who has his sons with him in the backstage area. Devon informs his sons that they are not to get involved in the match. He claims this is a personal beef between he and Bully Ray. He orders them to stay out of the match.

-Samoa Joe vs. D’Angelo Dinero

Pope’s shorts read “Pope’s gonna kill you.” Pope tries walking out on the match but Joe’s camera man blocked him on stage. Pope backs down from Okada and heads back to the ring area. Joe leaps through the ropes and dives onto Pope. He brings Pope into the ring and hits a powerslam for a near fall. Dinero slows things down with a knee to Joe’s head. After that, Pope seizes the opportunity to remove the padding from the top-rope turnbuckle. Dinero tries a roll up pin attempt but Joe rolls through and reverses it into a rear naked choke attempt. Pope taps immediately. The announcers put over how fast Pope tapped.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After The Match:

Pope claps for Joe after the bout. He gets Joe to slap his hand but then Dinero kicked him. Okada tried to intervene, but Pope took him out as well. Pope hits the DDE on Joe in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Joe comes up bleeding from the forehead. Tenay says this is the reason Pope tapped out so quickly. Joe lets out an outraged scream and scrambles after Pope. Pope exits the ring, smiling as he puts on his shades.

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Last Knockout Standing: Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (TNA Knockouts Title)

Mickie James is complete in her Pochahontas ring attire. Madison plays up the loaded glove from the early goings of this contest. Mickie is avoiding it thus far. Mickie James hits the Thesz Press off the top rope. Mickie then removes the loaded glove from Madison’s hand and places it on her own hand. Tara hits the ring as a distraction to both Mickie and the ref. Madison uses this time to pull out brass knuckles and hit Mickie, who remained down for the ten count, giving Madison the victory in this Last Knockout Standing match.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Backstage With Jeff Hardy

Backstage we see Jeff Hardy applying his face paint. He then looks at the camera and wishes Mr. Anderson luck. Hardy states, “Good luck. You’re going to need it – you asshole!”

In-Ring: Matt Morgan & Hernandez

Matt Morgan comes to the ring in street clothes. Morgan calls out Hernandez, telling him to get his ass out to the ring. Hernandez comes out with a big smile on his face. Morgan simplys tells Hernandez to start talking or he’s going to kick his ass all over the Impact Zone. Hernandez asks if he wanted him to explain why he cost him his title shot on Impact. Hernandez asks about his own title shot. Hernandez says he went to Mexico to be with his own people. He said Mexican fans loved him and treated him like the star that he is. He says he’s treated second-class in the U.S. Hernandez tells everyone that they are now the minority and he’s the majority. He calls Morgan a “punk ass white boy” and said if he doesn’t like what he’s hearing he can take his ass out of “our country.” Hernandez then knees Morgan in the nuts. Hernandez hits an Attitude Adjustment on Morgan. Hernandez mean-mugs the camera and then heads to the back, leaving Morgan down selling in the ring.

Christy Hemme Interviews Matt Hardy

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviews Matt Hardy. Hemme asks him about the meaning of his new name “Cold Blood.” Hardy speaks about always being the “good guy” in the wrestling business. He said that never got him anywhere. Hardy says he’s going to write the final chapter of his feud against Rob Van Dam. He finishes by saying “he’ll write it with a smile on his face and cold blood running through his veins.”

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-Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

Jackson James is the referee for this match. Things are just now getting started. The two trade punches early on. Couple botched spots and the two continue. RVD hits his split-legged moonsault for a near fall. Hardy responds back with a Side Effect for a near fall. Hardy getting some heal heat from the crowd now. Hardy kicks RVD and goes for the Twist Of Fate but RVD fights it off and catches him with a kick in the corner. Later on, Hardy goes to the top rope and is looking for a moonsault but RVD moves out of the way in time. RVD goes to the top now and hits the Five Star Frogsplash for the clean pinfall victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Christy Hemme Interviews Bully Ray

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviews Bully Ray. Bully Ray gets in her face and intimidates her. Ray said he wants Devon’s kids to be involved. He says Devon’s kids were born through their mother’s ass. He stays in Hemme’s face the whole time and claims he’s going to finish his feud with Devon tonight. He asks Hemme if she likes it and responds for her, still in her face, stating “of course you do!”

Street-Fight: Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon

Bully Ray is out first. He hides. During Brother Devon’s entrance, Bully Ray emerges and attacks him from behind. They brawl at ringside. Our Street Fight is officially underway. Devon regains control early. He remains in control until his kids show up out of the blue at about five minutes into the contest. Bully Ray takes advantage of the distraction and now he’s in firm control of things. Ray hits Devon with a chair. Head-shot. Devon’s kids enter the ring and distract Bully Ray long enough for Devon to avoid more onslaught via steel-chair. One of Devon’s kids hits Ray in the head with a trash can. The kids hold Ray’s legs while Devon hits the Whassup spot off the top. The kids lead the crowd in an old-fashioned “get the tables” call. They all grab a table and set it up. Ray low-blows Devon. Ray handcuffs Devon to the second turnbuckle in the corner. Devon’s kids again try to help, this time Ray kicks one of them. Another kid is punching away at Ray. Ray blasts the kid with a kick. Ray pins Devon. Ray spits on Devon and calls him weak and tells him he’s a loser. Ray picks up a chair and teased hitting Devon with it. Devon calls for security and begs Ray not to attack his kids, as he’s still handcuffed. Ray powerbombs one of Devon’s kids through a table in the ring. Trainers come out to look at the kids while Taz hard-sells the dastardly actions with his soft-serious voice. Devon carries out one of his sons while the other is stretchered out.

Winner: Bully Ray

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Christy Hemme Interviews Kurt Angle

Christy Hemme is backstage with Kurt Angle. Hemme interviews Angle, who said it makes him sick to see Jeff Jarrett use his children as pawns. Angle addressed his children and said they would be coming home with daddy after he beats Daddy Jeff’s ass.

-Jeff Jarrett (with Karen Jarrett) vs. Kurt Angle

The stipulation here is if Jeff wins, Kurt has to walk Karen down the aisle when they renew their wedding vows. If Kurt wins, he gains custody of his children. This one is officially underway. Angle is in control of things early on. He’s punching away at Jeff until Karen slaps Kurt. Angle simply decides to use the anger he just received to take more out of Jeff. Jarrett hits a nice superplex to momentarily slow things down. However, Angle quickly regains control. Angle has Jarrett pinned at one point but Kurt distracts the ref. The ref is bumped. They fight to ringside where Karen claws Kurt’s back. Kurt no-sells it. They brawl back into the ring where Angle takes a chair with him. The ref stops him and takes the chair away from him. Jeff rolls up Kurt for a near fall – no dice. Angle continues the beat down of Jeff. Angle applies an Ankle Lock but Karen tries helping Jeff. Instead, Kurt yanks Jeff to the middle of the ring, bringing Karen along with him due to the momentum. Jeff taps out but the ref is busy arguing with Karen. In the end, Kurt tries another Ankle Lock but Jeff rolls it into a pinfall and scores the victory. Kurt looked like he was going to cry in the corner as Karen checked on Jeff after the match. Jeff and Karen stare at Kurt while Kurt stares back.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

After The Match:

Kurt takes off his boots and places them in the middle of the ring. Taz explains, “for those who don’t know what that means, that means you’re done.” “Done, retired.” Tenay is spazzing out on commentary but Taz tells him to hold on. Taz points to Kurt’s shoes in the ring and states, “I didn’t know he was going to do that if he was not victorious in this match. Wow.” Somebody saw Fedor’s fight this weekend.

Christy Hemme Interviews Mr. Anderson

Backstage, Christy Hemme catches up with Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson does his usual shtick as we do the final build up to his upcoming main event match against the one and only Jeff Hardy.

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Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson (TNA World Title)

Hardy spits in Anderson’s face to start things off. They quickly brawl to the ringside area. Anderson runs Hardy into one of the ladders. Hardy tries bringing a ladder into the ring but Anderson grabs the other end of the ladder and used it to run Hardy into the ring. Hardy hits a neckbreaker on Anderson onto the ladder. They both climb up a ladder in the ring. Hardy hits a sunset flip into a powerbomb off the ladder for the first high spot of the contest. Hardy leapfrogs the ladder and drops a leg onto Anderson on the mat. Hardy backdrops Anderson onto a ladder set up in the corner of the ring. A ladder is set upside down. Eventually, Anderson tries suplexing Hardy onto that ladder, but Hardy’s leg caught it first and it folded up, so they didn’t get the spot they were going for there. Anderson sets up a ladder and slowly climbs it. Hardy catches up with him and hits a Twist Of Fate off the ladder. Hardy calls for a special spray-painted ladder. Jackson James hands it to him. Meanwhile, Anderson recovers and bumps Hardy onto the ladder. Anderson goes up the ladder and attempts a senton but Hardy moves out of the way. Anderson holds the back of his head and sells it big as the announcers play up his injury on commentary. Later on, both guys climb up a ladder and they trade punches. Anderson swings the belt and ring it’s attatched to so that it sways back and forth. Anderson goes for a Mic Check off the ladder. Hardy attempts to hang onto the belt and pull it down but fails and falls to the ground below. Hardy re-climbs the ladder and takes the belt off to win. So basically, they botched the finish.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

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