WWE House Show Results (2/13): Bakersfield, California

Matt Boone

WWE Raw live event (Bakersfield, Calif. at Rabobank Arena)

Report by Thomas Spain & ProWrestling.net

There were a lot of kids. It was hard to find people over the age of 20 that weren’t with children. My first house show ever and second live event ever. The ring looks so small live but it was great.

1. Santino Marella (w/Tamina) defeated Michael MiGillicuty (w/David Otunga and Mason Ryan) via Disqualification. Santino was setting up for the Cobra when David and Mason stormed the ring and beat on Santino. Kozlov and Primo made the save and chased off Nexus. Anonymous GM chimed in and Justin Roberts read the email that the match would be restarted as a six-man.

2. Santino, Kozlov, and Primo defeated The New Nexus via pinfall. Ended when Santino set up the cobra with one hand, stuck out the other and Primo smacked his arm in the spots to set up a second Cobra. Primo stood behind him, grabbed both “cobra heads” and hit both David and Michael.

3. Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder by pinfall. Surprising amount of heat for Ryder (not saying much unfortunately). I was the only one cheering and followed his Woo Woo Woo with a You Know It. Squash. The only offense Ryder got was a bitch slap to Henry’s face.

4. Ted DiBiase vs. David Hart Smith ended in no contest. DiBiase attacked DHS before the bell and slammed him out of the ring and into the guardrail. He came back in the ring with a mic. “Do you have a problem with that? Do you? Well too bad because none of you esses can do anything about it! Nor can any superstar in the back!”

5. R-Truth defeated Ted DiBiase via pinfall. Truth came out with his What’s Up. DiBiase had the upper hand until Maryse came out and started yelling at Ted. She slapped him and he stumbled backwards into R-Truth, who hit him with MVP’s Pay Dirt

6. John Morrison defeated King Sheamus via pinfall. Fan’s Choice match. Choices were 2 out of 3 falls or a Street Fight. Street Fight won by a landslide. Morrison won after hitting the running knee on Sheamus who was stunned sitting on a chair

Eve Torres, Natalya, Melina, and Alicia Fox came out for a match but the Anon GM announced that Eve and Melina would compete in a dance contest before the match. Eve won the dance contest. The GM chimed in once again and ordered the referee to dance. He showed them both up with some robot-like dance moves. Melina got mad and tried to attack him but he danced and swerved away from her attacks before getting dropkicked by Eve.

7. Eve and Natalya defeated Melina and Alicia Fox vis pinfall. Extremely meh. Nobody cared for any of the divas except for Natalya. After awhile the Bella Twins (who had been selecting guest bell ringers from the crowd) pulled Eve off the apron and attacked her. Gail Kim ran out and attacked them, scaring them off.

8. Daniel Bryan defeated Tyson Kidd in a United States Championship match via submission. Kidd slowly got the crowd to give him some heat by constantly prolonging the match and yelling “O CANADA” which got a huge USA chant going that Bryan encouraged. After the match started the crowd nearly died. Nobody cared for Kidd or Bryan. Bryan eventually won with the LeBell Lock.

9. John Cena and Randy Orton defeated The Miz (w/Alex Riley) and CM Punk via pinfall. Miz came out with Alex Riley and really got the crowd against him. He started to do his catchphrase but he stopped when the crowd did it and yelled that they didn’t have the right and they were to remain quiet. They wouldn’t stop and he said they were immature and were acting like five year olds.

Miz said that if they wanted to say something they can raise their hands and wait for him to call on them. Until then they would shut up. They didn’t. “Oh well, it doesn’t matter,” Miz said. “I have a microphone and I can be louder than all of you.” I could barely hear him over the crowd when he finally said he was awesome.

CM Punk came out, grabbed a mic and said “Bakersfield sucks,” dropped the mic, and bowed. Not as much heat as the Miz but damn close. The crowd went crazy for Orton but that was nothing next to Cena. I tried to get my boo’s in but was drowned out instantly. It was deafening.

The match didn’t really start for five minutes after the bell because Miz/Punk kept rolling out of the ring and avoiding the other team. Punk once slid out of the ring and mimed wiping slimy stuff off of his chest after grappling with Randy Orton.

The heels tried to leave but Cena and Orton ran after them and rolled them back in. The match ended when they scared off Riley, and Orton hit the RKO on Punk and Cena hit the AA on Miz for the win.

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