WWE House Show Results (3/25): Champaign, IL.

Matt Boone

WWE House Show Results (Champaign, IL)

Report by WrestleZone.com reader Paul H. Johnson, Jr.

The event was held at Assembly Hall in Champaign, IL. All but the topmost level of the arena was full. This report is done by memory so some of the details are a little fuzzy.

Justin Roberts asks the crowd to rise for the national anthem. Halfway through the anthem, AWWWEEEESSSOMME! cuts if off and the Miz’s theme starts playing. Out comes Miz and A-Ry to MASSIVE heat. Miz talks a bit about the “new” WWE championship belt and why he is the reason anyone watches RAW. He also talks about his recent media appearances on Conan, etc. Miz states that he is a busy man, and wants to have his WWE Championship match with Randy Orton right now. Orton’s theme plays, and he comes out to a massive pop to begin the match.

1. WWE Championship: Miz (c, with Alex Riley) v. Randy Orton: This was a short match, with Miz able to ground Orton for awhile. Orton recovers, hits his backbreaker, and appears to set up for an RKO when CM Punk runs in and attacks Orton. Orton wins by DQ, but Punk continues to work on Orton’s injured knee. The RAW GM interrupts (really?) via Justin Robert’s phone and announces a tag team match for the main event: Miz and Punk v. John Cena and Orton.

2. Tyson Kidd, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso v. Evan Bourne, Santino Marella, Vladimir Koslov (with Tamina): Surprisingly, little comedy here. The heels control much of the bout by manipulating the referee throughout. Fun spot where Koslov uses Santino as a battering ram into one of the Usos, and then Santino does the same with Bourne. Finish comes when Santino hits the cobra and Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press (I believe on one of the Usos).

3. Zack Ryder v Great Khali: Zack cut a promo stating how he’s stuck in Champaign on a Friday night with nothing but busted women to look at. He issues an open challenge to “show off his skills” and out comes Khali. Khali hits two chops and gets the pinfall in a quick squash.

4. Primo v Sin Cara: A pretty good match, showing off some of the ex-Mistico’s skills. Only complaint was that Sin Cara used seven or eight headscissors during this match, which seemed a bit excessive. Cara also displayed some stiff kicks and a couple of good over the top rope dives. Cara wins by submission with a headscissors into an arm bar. Crowd was into him, although some people around me kept calling him Rey Jr. Jr.

5. Dolph Ziggler v John Morrison: Another very good, Snooki-less, match. Ziggler was having a great time, as he kept picking on some woman in the front row during the entire match. In fact, at the very beginning, he tried to leap over the guardrail to “assault” her, with Morrison making the save. Both men displayed their signature moves throughout. Finish came when Ziggler went for the Zig Zag which was blocked by Morrison holding the top rope. Morrison then hit (actually connected) with the Starship Pain for the pinfall. Ziggler again tried to attack the woman at ringside, having to be pulled away by two referees lol.

6. Dance Contest: Ugh. R-Truth came out and did his usual spiel, getting the city correct this time. He then invited four people from the crowd to enter the ring and dance, with the audience determining the winner, who could go backstage and meet the superstars. Participants were two little boys and two women (one of which was fairly big-boned). The little kid won by doing a bunch of somersaults and flips which were actually pretty impressive for someone his age.

7. Melina and Alicia Fox v Natalya and Eve (c): Typical Diva’s match. Finish came when Eve hit her neckbreaker finisher on one of the heels.

8. US Championship: Sheamus (c) v Daniel Bryan (with Gail Kim): A solid match, preceded by a promo by Sheamus stating that he would save the United States as US Champ. Crowd was really into Bryan, especially the little kids. Pretty stiff match between Sheamus’ forearm shots and Bryan’s kicks. Finish came when Bryan went for a dive through the ropes onto Sheamus, who launched a chair into Bryan while Kim inadvertently distracted the referee. Sheamus then won by pinfall after the Brogue kick.

9. Miz (c) and CM Punk (with Alex Riley) v John Cena and Randy Orton: Punk was absolute gold on the mic, ripping on “Champagne, IL” with a random “pee-water” reference thrown in. He also mercilessly mocked Orton by walking around with a pronounced limp on the ring apron. Alex Riley was ejected early for tripping up Cena. Memorable spots included Miz attempting the people’s elbow on Cena (with Punk jumping up and down like a little kid after catching Miz’s elbow pad only to drop it in shame after Miz missed the move) and a wicked superplex by Orton. Finish came when Cena and Orton hit their finishers on their respective Wrestlemania opponents and got the pinfall.

Note: Miz pointed me out to rip on my attire before the match, which quickly ended my cheering for him lol. After the main event, both Cena and Orton went around to meet with the fans at ringside. Orton in particular was VERY accommodating, actually chatting with fans and taking time to sign signs and other memorabilia long after Cena left.

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