Full Fan Report From WM Press Conference: Heavy Cena Heat

Nick Paglino

Thanks to Ryan Sarosick for sending this in:

I had the privilege of experiencing the WWE’s WrestleMania XXVII press conference first hand. I never in my life,seen a crowd so fired up and hostile at the same time. People were set on blasting John Cena directly from the start,even at 8am when the line was already forming rapidly, cena sucks chants were in full effect. This was probably being contributed to the fact that a 12:30 press conference on a Wednesday in NYC, Cena’s main fan base (the kids) were all attending school leaving poor john cena with little to no support from the crowd.

First off. As the wrestlers arrived to the Hard rock cafe they were all met with their own respective boo’s/cheers. However John Cena, arrival was definitely the most unique, he was even met with *physical* hostility. Immediately upon exiting his vehicle cena let out a huge exasperated sigh… which was followed by a box of fruity pebbles being hurled at Cena. Cena being the professional he is shrugged it off and entered the building.

Once the crowd was allowed to enter the Hard Rock the energy of the fans overwhelming. The WWE HEAVILY edited the press conference that followed. Contradictorily to the video that airs on WWE.com the event didn’t exactly go that smoothly.

Michale Cole: This guy couldn’t get a word in from the first time he steped to the podium. "Shut the **** up" chants started the second he walked upon the stage. Which was followed by a standing ovation of boo through his entire speech. Michale was obviously flustered by the amount of hostile heat towards him. He attempted, trying not to pause between words and sentences to combat the deafening "WHAT!" However, that was met by a counter attack of the fans by just saying "What!" every time he talked instead of having the "consideration?" to wait for the normal pause. He felt disrespected as seen by his actions. Towards the end he even said "he’ll wait to continue if he has to"  (Which was met by a Hurry it up hand gesture, from what i assume was a producer standing amongst the media)

The Miz: O man, his ovation from the crowd  was just a solid as the Rocks. Awesome chants rang across the room through his entire speech. I don’t recall a single boo let out from the fans not one. However, the WWE.com would lead you to believe that his ovation was met by a string of boo’s and "awful" chants which was far from what actually transpired. "You are awesome!" became more powerful every time it was yelled. In complete synchrony with the Miz the crowd joined in for the Miz’s catch phrase. The WWE replaced the awesome chants with "Rocky!" chants and "awful" chants. By the time the Miz finished, he was absolutely beaming with happiness. He was battling his urge to smile because the amount of positive pop he continued to generate. WWE.com has his exit of the stage met with boo’s and awful, not even close to what happened.

John Cena: You should be able to gather by now where this is going. I have never witnessed a wrestler be so hostilely attacked. I couldn’t even hear a word Cena said through his entire conference. The only thing that i managed to comprehend Cena saying, was that "Wrestle Mania is awesome" which was only met by  "AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME"  which to my pleasure actually made it through the editing process and can be heard. the "Awesome chant" was a nice change better than the previous chants of  "**** you cena." It was bad! i even felt the amount of disrespect Cena was being given was unwarranted. I have never seen HHH and Edge look more displeased with a crowd in my life. HHH even leaned forward grabbed his mounted mic during Cena’s speech opened his mouth. However, HHH decided not to say anything and instead leaned back. "Let the man speak" can be heard in the video. Cena was flustered and hurt. His voice was cracking he was trying to maintain his composure but the crowd would not let up. It is truly amazing he managed to finish his speech, without just going "forget this" I’m certain he couldn’t hear himself talk. Boring chants also managed to sneak by the editing process which can also be heard.

Thats about it.
Other notes: Stephanie: was dished "Your ****ing hot chants. HHH: seemed to be the crowds favorite, in his match with the Undertaker. Undertaker’s name was met with a surprising amount of boo’s. He also did a little dance with edge upon snookis arrival.
Edge: Is so over i have no idea why the crowd loved him.
Snooki: Despite the reports she really wasn’t met with the amount of boo’s i anticipated.
The Rock: great pop nothing really to note about except for him pointing out cena’s rambling.

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