WWE RAW Results (4/18) – Cole “Knighted”, Extreme Change

Bill Pritchard

Arm drag on JoMo. Another arm drag on JoMo. Side headlock takeover by R-Truth. Cole gets nasty at JR on announce. A number of reversals and R-Truth rolls JoMo up for two. Side headlock on JoMo and down to the mat. JoMo up and pushes out. Clotheslines to R-Truth, but then JoMo runs into a back kick for two. R-Truth locks on a submission move down on the mat. JoMo up and hit’s a jawbreaker. Cole talks about being out covering wars as JoMo hit’s a drop kick on R-Truth for two. R-Truth blocks a suplex, then takes JoMo down hard for two.

R-Truth misses his axe kick, then ducks JoMo cross body. JoMo takes R-Truth down and hits starship pain for three.

Winner – JoMo – he goes to Extreme Rules in R-Truth’s place!

JoMo over to R-Truth, extending a hand to R-Truth in a corner. They talk a bit and R-Truth looks pissy. JoMo up on a corner posing. R-Truth was about leaving the ring, but came back to slam JoMo backward to the mat. R-Truth yells some nastiness, then nails JoMo with a running knee to the head that sends JoMo flying from the ring. R-Truth leaves the ring, looks over at JoMo, then runs hitting another knee to JoMo’s head. R-Truth looks confused, but then goes after JoMo. R-Truth tells JoMo that he made R-Truth do this. R-Truth hugs JoMo’s head, pulls JoMo up, then starts dragging JoMo. R-Truth then lets go of JoMo, dropping JoMo face first to the floor. R-Truth again looks upset and confused. R-Truth turns and hits JoMo in the head with the water bottle as the fans yell, "R-Truth sucks!" R-Truth looks down at JoMo, then pounds his hands on announce. R-Truth reaches a hand at JoMo, helps him up, looks JoMo over and tells JoMo that he (JoMo) did this. JoMo slammed face first to the floor again. R-Truth looks around at the fans giving him heat and asked for a smoke. He asked fans for a smoke and got a pack of Marlboro Lights from a fan. R-Truth lights up with what I think was a red Bic. "That’s illegal!" chants for R-Truth smoking inside a public building. R-Truth back over to where JoMo lays on the mat. R-Truth looks down at JoMo, then flicks his partially smokes cigarette at JoMo – in the way Razor Ramon would flick his toothpick.

Evan Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie

Evan in the ring when – EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She introduces Dolph who comes out with darker brown hair that’s been cut shorter than it had been. Vickie up in Evan’s face telling him that this is her ring.

They lock up. Dolph takes Evan down, then a couple blows to his back. Evan runs the ropes and hits Dolph with a hurricanrana. Evan sent to a corner, goes up and flies in a cross body, but eats a drop kick. Dolph pins for two. With a knee to Evan’s back, Dolph stretches Evan’s leg and head and leg back. Elbow drop to Evan’s back, then pulls Evan up by his hair. Evan comes back with kicks, but Evan slammed back by Dolph. More kicks to Dolph after Evan gets to his feet, these to his head. Dolph rolls Evan down by his tights, but then double drop kick to Dolph’s chest. Evan up on the corner for air Bourne, but Dolph moves. Evan lands on his feet, but then eats a zig/zag and Dolph pins for three.

Winner – Dolph w/ Vickie

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