Title This: WWE Night of Champions Reaction “New Champions Shake Up WWE”

Josh Isenberg

Gold and Stardust Win Tag Team Gold

night of champions reactionJimmy and Jey work on Stardust early. Jimmy hits a body slam onto Stardust and a diving clothesline on the mat. Goldust gets a cheap shot in and then aggressively kicks Jey on the ground. Jimmy gets back with a head butt and some chops to his chest. Jimmy tight ropes on the barricade and hits Stardust. He goes for Goldust and he hits a great scoop slam onto the outside. Goldust slows down the pace and Jimmy continues to be isolated from his brother. 

Spinebuster and more moves come from the challengers. Another smooth spot comes when Stardust reverses a samoan drop into a swinging neckbreaker. Finally, Jimmy gets the tag to his brother. Jey hits a few big kicks and then kicks at Stardust’s hamstring. He slams his leg into the mat. Jimmy flies over the top rope and his brother takes out Stardust by the knee. Another cross body and samoan drop give them a close two count. Stardust hits Dark Matter and only gets a two count. Stardust ties Jey up in the ropes. He smacks him with his gloves and then gets sent to the outside. Goldust takes out Jimmy and Jey takes out Stardust in stereo. Stardust gets his knees up and he rolls up Jey for the win.

The WWE Tag Team Championships finally change hands on an excellent match between four of the smoothest wrestlers in WWE. I really enjoyed this match from beginning to end. I was a little upset they did not work on the injured leg, since that was part of their storyline for about a month. Aside from that, which Bill Watts dislikes, I loved the pacing and the speed of this match. They really needed new champions and The Uso’s could be remembered as some of the most entertaining tag team champions in recent history. Well done and a fresh start for Gold and Stardust holding the tag team championships.

WZ 7.5

 WWE United States Championship

The match starts very technical when Sheamus works the mat. Cesaro slaps Sheamus in the face and then the Celtic Warrior clotheslines him. Sheamus hits a running knee and then Cesaro hangs him up on the top rope. Now in control, Cesaro hits an axe handle from the ropes. Sheamus launches himself with a battering ram from the outside apron. Cesaro hits a big uppercut and Sheamus goes flying to the outside. Cesaro applies a head lock and Sheamus reverses it until Cesaro hits a back body drop.

Cesaro hits a big clothesline and then begins to really take control. Cesaro sends him from corner to corner and finishes up with an Uppercut. Sheamus hits two Irish Curse backbreakers. Sheamus tosses Cesaro off the top rope and connects with a move hard to explain. It was like a reverse X-Factor type move. Cesaro ducks a Brogue Kick and hits a massive Uppercut. After multiple 2 counts, we get the turning point. Cesaro counters a Brogue Kick and hits a reverse samoan drop. Cesaro slaps Sheamus and they go back and forth until Sheamus connects with a Brogue Kick for the win. 

This was completely different from the tag team titles and delivered. Cesaro and Sheamus know each other so well to the point where they execute every move to almost perfection. The physicality and intensity never stopped. Some of the new moves we saw from both guys gave them more of a fresh and different match than we have seen from either of them in recent months. You knew what you were going to get and I enjoyed it. I just wish there was more of a storyline with these two guys. They will always deliver in a match, we get that by now. Also, Sheamus is really good. His character…not so much.

WZ 7.5

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