WWE Supercard Guide: Pro Tips & Helpful Strategies to Take You From Common to Legendary

Mike Killam

Train Your Divas!

Seriously. Train your Divas. 

I got a Super Rare Cameron in second day with the game, and I cannot tell you how many games I’ve won because nobody else’s Diva can compare. The Divas are the ONLY card type in the game that is in its own league. They don’t have to compete with the men, and the supports are almost never used on them. But they come up in almost every single game, and having a great, well-trained Diva is a sure-win in about 99% of your games. In my 1,000 games, probably 900 of them were with Super Rare Cameron (not even a Pro version, by the way), and I’ve lost maybe 5 games where she’s been featured. 

Train your Divas. 

Buying Cards

Bo DallasWithin the game there exists an option to spend real-life money on getting better cards. When you’re not playing, it sounds like a foolish idea; why spend money on a free game, when you can unlock all the cards by just playing? But when you’ve spent half an hour trying to grind to the next level, you’re totally maxed out, and nothing seems to be working, it starts to seem like a viable choice. 


Just don’t. Micro-transactions are the worst. I don’t want to be “that guy” that raves about them, because they’ve existed in games for years now – and really they’ve always existed in the mobile game market in particular – but seriously… DON’T BUY CARDS!!! 

The most frustrating thing in the world is being at the Super Rare++ tier, and facing off against another Super Rare player, who inexplicably has a Legendary card. A card he couldn’t possibly have by any other means than purchasing it. It ruins the game play experience, and devalues the gaming industry as a whole. Don’t super micro-transactions, play the freaking FREE GAME, and earn them yourselves. 

How to Win King of the Ring 

The King of the Ring system is how you get pairs of cards you can use to combine and turn into giant juggernauts that will trample all your competition for the rest of time. But it’s also the most frustrating part of WWE Supercard. The biggest problem with it is that it takes upwards of three days to get through the tournament. THREE DAYS. In a game where each match lasts about 30 seconds, a THREE DAY tournament is just unacceptable. 

Really, the only tips I have for KOTR are the obvious ones. Include your best cards for the tier you want to compete at, which will usually be the best one you CAN compete at, collect energy and keep your guys full of it as much as you can. Because the damn thing takes an eternity to finish, most people will forget about it. That leaves you with the quarter-finals on day three, when the only people left actually care. This is where you grind Exhibition to get energy cards, and use all those annoying boosts you get. 

If you really want to win KOTR, just pay attention to the game a few times a day. That’s really all there is to it. Most people won’t. 

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Do you have any tips and tricks for WWE Supercard? Leave them in the comments section below. 

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