Bad, Worse, Worst

Mark Madden

AJ Styles​For the love of all that’s holy, could TNA possibly suck any worse?

Between Bound For Glory and the subsequent Impact, it’s almost necessary to avert your eyes. Actually, most people do. It’s called NOT WATCHING.

If Bully Ray and A.J. Styles were going to wrestle on Impact four days later, why did anybody buy Bound For Glory? Oh, right…NOBODY DID.

These are the jokes, people.

NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON believes that Styles actually left TNA with the world title. WWE did the same angle with C.M. Punk in 2011. No one believed that, either, and WWE is the company with credibility. WWE crowned a new champion via tournament, then Punk returned and they did champ vs. champ.

THE EXACT SAME THING will happen in TNA. Is TNA management stupid enough to think marks don’t remember something that happened  in 2011?

Probably. After all, the amount of air time Dixie Carter gets redefines the whole concept of stupidity. Has anyone ever had more change-the-channel heat?

It takes big talent/charisma to carry that 10-minute talk segment to open the show. Carter doesn’t qualify. Styles is a decent hand, but he can’t do it, either. The “showdown” between Carter and Styles that opened Impact was EXCRUCIATING.

TNA isn’t fixable. It’s been too bad too long, and even TNA’s quality resources are becoming tainted by the overall stench.

Case in point: Bully Ray.

Bully Ray used to be the best heel in fake wrestling. But lately he’s lapsed into self-parody and his character’s lack of depth has been exposed and highlighted by him not having anyone of similar caliber to interact with.

Mr. Anderson? Not hardly. I can see he didn’t spend his time off in the gym. Lots of flab, still no chin.

Bully Ray and Brooke Adams have zero chemistry, probably because NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON believes they’re banging.

(Sidebar: One valet I worked with in WCW had sex with nearly every wrestler she went to the ring with, saying it helped their on-screen chemistry. It probably did, at some small level. But mostly, she was just a slut.)

It’s not Bully Ray’s fault. If Robert DeNiro was in a B-movie, he’d look like a B-movie actor.

How many TNA guys could you imagine in WWE, and at what level? Triple H said it: No one in TNA interests WWE. I believe that.

TNA wanted Aces & Eights to be their nWo. Mission accomplished.

Well, except for that part where Aces & Eights gets over.

But the end was the same. TNA created this big heel faction, putting tremendous heat on them. Now Aces & Eights is disbanding before TNA’s babyfaces got their heat back. Styles winning the title isn’t the same. There hasn’t been a decisive victory over Aces & Eights. They just fell apart.

There’s some irony there. Hulk Hogan yanked the rug out from under the nWo angle by orchestrating the split, thus keeping the heat internal. Brooke Hogan sabotaged the Aces & Eights angle by announcing her real-life engagement, thus preventing the progression to Bully Ray vs. Hulk Hogan (or a proxy), the original intent of the whole angle. Bully Ray’s best promos involved the Hogans.

I love tweeting about TNA. FUN. The company does have some true believers. Just not enough of them.

A.J. Styles is a good worker. Not a world champ. Low mid-card in WWE.

Austin Aries can’t get on the big kids’ rides at an amusement park. Why would WWE want him?

Bobby Roode: Low mid-card in WWE. Samoa Joe: Yokozuna on NutriSystem.

It bothers me that Sting will be remembered by a generation of wrestling fans as a TNA guy, not someone who had major impact with WCW.

TNA blew it with James Storm. He could have been THEIR GUY. Storm was poised to be the home-grown world champ.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are still stars, as long as they keep their issues in check. Can’t believe Matt Hardy is relegated to ROH. He deserves better.

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