Yo, Cena Haters…Bring It!


John CenaThe multi-page requirement of my written masterpieces here on WrestleZone doesn't always allow me proper space and time to rant on certain issues the way I'd like to ocassionally. Therefore, my usual "Stars in Progress" feature will take a backseat (for now — to be posted later this week) while I address something that, honestly, shouldn't need to be addressed any longer.

It shouldn't need further attention because it's the deadest horse I've ever encountered. It's like the horse with nine lives. It keeps coming back to life, then killed again, infinitely. 

This issue is so old, it fell of its dinosaur and broke its wooden underwear. 

You get the picture.

Allow me to give a little context behind why I'm so committed to resurrecting that horse yet again. On Twitter Sunday evening, during the MITB pay per view and following Cena's match with Mark Henry, I posted the following: 

"Cena won, haters should get over it already. Great match, period. #MoneyInTheBank"

There it was, I had done it. I gave reason to the unreasonable with that one statement. Tweets started flooding in. 

@TheOnlyDJAce said: "terrible match, cena is a disgrace to the title, pg wwe sucks"

@AaronelvisGetz added this little nugget of wisdom moments later: "no its fans like u that ruined wrestling by making a kid pandering idiot the face of wwe 4 10 years #cenanuff"

I believe ignorance, and stupidity, should come with demanded accountability. Twitter doesn't hold those two accountable, so I will.

I write for a VERY public site — I'm held accountable by my bosses, those I write about, and then the toughest critics of them all…you, the visitors. I welcome the challenge and it comes easy, primarily because I'm aware, and admit, that I don't always share the popular opinion. 

Even so, I'm never wrong. My "opinions", by definition, can't be wrong, right?

I'm not so sure anymore. Tweedledee and Tweedledum above have really called that idea into question.

Hating John Cena is pointless anymore. It was was pointless in the first place, but at least five years ago, it was creative. Now it's just exhausting. And it makes you look stupid when you have no rhyme or reason behind it.

If you want to to argue something against John Cena, try one of the following:

1. John Cena's character needs to evolve.
2. WWE's constant use of John Cena on top has made it harder for others to reach higher levels.
3. The only reason Cena's where he's at is because of luck and good timing. 

There's plenty more, but those are a few credible arguments worth debating. In them, you can find logic, possible evidence to support them, and most importantly, you don't sound like a bitter, jaded fool when you say them out loud.

I'm not claiming people don't have a legitimate gripe with Cena. They do. Hell, I do! But I'm also understanding of why he's where he is in the first place.

And it had NOTHING to do with John Cena, Vince, or WWE Creative. Nope. It was YOU! And me. It was US that put John Cena on top. And whether you want to believe it or not, it's still US that keep him there. 

John Cena is money. And those of you who fault him for his fanbase being made up mostly of women and kids clearly have NO clue how the wrestling business makes money. It's KIDS that drive the business financially. Not directly, of course, but through the parents that spoil them.

There's a hundred things I'd like to see done differently with John Cena's character. Those things I question all the time.

What I don't question is his spot on the roster. He's there for a reason, he deserves to be there, and as long as he's healthy and active, he deserves to remain there.

If you're the type of fan that can't understand that, please don't message me. I have no use for ignorance, nor do I have the time.

If you insist, despite me asking you nicely, I might just begin dedicating a spot here in my columns for the stupidest tweets I receive each week. Accountability, remember? 

I'm looking for a name for that particular section, so help me out below. I've got a feeling I'm going to need it.

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