Respect: It’s Time To Get Real

Nick Paglino

It’s what this whole thing is all about. One word, seven letters. Show it, earn it, take it for granted, lose it. Many today can’t take criticism, act like the world owes them for living and ultimately prove that they don’t have what it takes. At its core is a problem with respect.

49ers QB Colin Kapernick shows he has no respect for the fans and organization that pays him when he wore a Miami Dolphin hat and got indignant when he was questioned about it.  It wasn’t just a hat, you immature baby… grow up and apologize. But you can’t because you’re disrespectful.

A group of former WWE developmental wrestlers who were released are now hammering Bill DeMott on podcasts, writing passive aggressive thoughts on social media and are accusing him of some heavy sins. Where was this when they worked there? Why didn’t they speak up?

How are these two incidents related? Because Kapernick can’t take criticism, refuses to see his responsibilities in this and the same can be said for the group of former WWE Developmental guys. If Bill DeMott did what they accused him of, DeMott should be held accountable. But his accusers lack credibility and look bad when they get canned because ultimately they didn’t have what it takes, then say that Bill DeMott is a sexual harasser after the fact.

But let’s be honest. The group that got released, you didn’t have what it takes… that’s fact. Sorry, guys. If any employer fires any employee, it is the EMPLOYEE’S FAULT. There was something he or she could have done somewhere along the way but didn’t and ultimately became expendable. Does that mean you’ll never have what it takes? No, but I question the character of all involved in the postmortem accusations of Bill DeMott for not standing up and saying something while you still worked there, if you thought what he did was so bad for you to speak up after the fact.

This isn’t about burning a bridge or even a job. This is about respect. Respect for yourself, a lack of fear of repercussions for doing what’s right. That’s how you earn respect. If Bill DeMott was sexually harassing (not saying he did or didn’t) and you guys would have spoken up, you would have done the right thing. But you still would have gotten fired because ultimately, you weren’t good enough but doing the right thing is MORE IMPORTANT than a job. One day, you’ll understand.

No one in WWE, TNA or ROH deserves a job. Many earn their jobs, however, with respect at the core of their success.

Colin Kapernick will one day either grow up or not. This has nothing to do with his skill, talent, upbringing or tattoos. This has to do with respect and maturity. Respect for himself, teammates, fans, organization, etc.

I saw that Colt Cabana and my buddy Joe Dombrowski were both calling for boycotts of American Ninja Warrior because Matt Cross’ segment got cut. Do either of you think this was done intentionally or maybe it had to do with the fact that Matt’s segment wasn’t that good? Who are either of you to call for boycotts, other than the fact that you feel bad for your buddy? I like Matt Cross. I have recommended him several times, most recently for Ring of Honor but what is it about Matt Cross that everyone keeps missing? First, Tough Enough and now American Ninja Warrior?

But guys, neither of your calls for protest would change anything, amount to anything or cause NBC or the producers of the show to ever think about doing anything differently again. Nothing against either of you, in that regard but you’re both smart enough to know how television works.

No one owes anyone anything in this life. No one is owed anything either. Not a job, a house, a viable bank account, nothing. Stop coddling kids to tell them they are good enough. Teach them to do the right thing because it’s the RIGHT THING.

Stop making excuses.

Look in the mirror.

Blame the guy in the mirror.

Make changes.

Fail again.

Look in the mirror.

Blame the guy in the mirror.

Quit when you want to stop making changes because it will never stop being YOUR fault!

Respect yourself and those around you to make yourself responsible for your actions.

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