Wrestling Marks = Idiotic Drones

Nick Paglino

The Wyatt Family is a well-crafted gimmick that’s had impeccable presentation so far. Fans who chronically bitch about WWE’s product have had nothing to complain about here. The Wyatt vignettes built anticipation.

So, when the Wyatts finally arrived on Raw, a bunch of Baltimorons chanted “Husky Harris” loud enough that it was clearly audible on the telecast. Bray Wyatt was called “Husky Harris” in a previous, unsuccessful incarnation. SMART MARKS! YAY!

What, exactly, were these asshats trying to prove? Why would they attempt to blow up a persona that has been incubated properly and off to a good start?

Do the marks want anything new to succeed? Or do they just want tired, recycled acts from the “good old days” to occasionally grace their presence? Or do they just want to prove how “smart” they are? There’s no point to chanting “Husky Harris.”

It shows what a bunch of mindless puppets the marks are. Debut an exciting, cerebral character, and they try to ruin it. Bring back The Rock – with an act that has not changed ONE IOTA since his return in February, 2011 – and they dance a merry tune, slobbering all over something they’ve seen a thousand times prior.

Wrestling marks are idiotic drones. The smarter they are, the dumber they are.


Something’s going on with TNA.

Paychecks were late. That’s happened before, but this time it reportedly happened across the board. Sting is said to be giving serious consideration to joining WWE and getting a WrestleMania payday against The Undertaker.

Sting has never really come close to joining WWE. In fact, he’s taken pride in being the one major superstar of his generation who didn’t. Why now?

TNA loses lots of money. The money mark says otherwise, but she’s lying. Look at what goes out and what comes in, and you know she’s lying. At some point, Bob Carter is going to say “uncle.” Enough is enough, little girl.

But TNA could prosper indefinitely by using the Memphis model.

When Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler ran Memphis wrestling, the financial structure went like this: The Jerrys keep X amount of the take. If there’s anything left, the boys get it. Profit guaranteed. The boys eat cheap canned tuna and sleep eight to a room, but who cares? It was good enough for Steve Austin.

If Spike TV wants Hulk Hogan as the face of TNA, fine. But otherwise, apply the Memphis model. TNA’s wrestlers could take a meager paycheck, or none at all. For every wrestler that left, five NXT dropouts or indie sensations would line up to take their place. To get a shot at playing pretend fake wrestler. Pass the can opener.

TNA’s ratings would not drop one bit. In fact, given the malleability of performers who are desperate and grateful for work, better storylines might be crafted.

Keep Hogan, if Spike TV insists. Keep one star: Kurt Angle – at a discount. Keep your top heel: Bully Ray – at a bigger discount. Otherwise, slash and burn.

Sting going to WWE would be a blessing for TNA. It would save money. Sting is an accomplished, respected performer – who doesn’t help TNA at all. Nothing does. TNA is what it is, and it really doesn’t matter who’s on the talent roster.

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