Vince’s Mindset Heading Into WrestleMania

Nick Paglino

Vince McMahonRumors swirl this week that Vince wants to make some changes to the WrestleMania card. While all the main events are set, there appears to be some fluidity to the undercard. So, is Vince flipping out, as some reports have stated or is he looking at some of the undercard guys like Dolph Ziggler and saying “who is this?”

Or is Vince the lion in winter, realizing that his time has come and gone, and the power transition fully underway to Triple H? Is McMahon throwing his weight around because he can? Who has final say on everything at this point?

I am here to tell you not to worry. Vince does this every year and any changes he would make will not affect the card or the participants. He loves to tear things apart… looking at things over and over again but eventually, he gets back to where he was before. Will the order of some events change? Yes. Could a six man be made into a tag? Yes. Will it matter? No.

Remember last year? Daniel Bryan opened the show, getting routed by Sheamus. Bryan fans boo-hooed but everything worked out just fine, didn’t it? Daniel Bryan had a great 2012, made more money this year than he did in all the other years of his career combined and is just fine. I heard from someone inside the company that this was a change made by Vince in the days leading up to the show.

Sometimes, when Vince changes his mind, it all turns out just fine. WrestleMania is a show built around the main events. Rock/Cena, Triple H/Lesnar and Taker/Punk are carrying the load. That’s not going to change.


WWE Network Thoughts

Home sick today with the flu… sucks, right? You know what’s worse? Both the MLB and NFL Networks. I’ve tried watching, both off and on, from time to time but I’ve really tried watching both today. What a boring bunch of crap! Why don’t they show old games? Do the leagues not own the rights to the games?

If the WWE Network does anything but show old matches (or recent matches), it will suck. Food Network works because it’s about the food. Wrestling works because it’s about wrestling. Only the most hard-core fans will watch a WWE Network and the only thing they truly care about is the matches. Show some DVD material as well, like some of the in-depth features they’ve included on career retrospectives but focus on the matches.


Scouting Wrestling in 2013

How do professional wrestling companies find the next stars? Recruiting. Just like any other sport, the key to success for any professional wrestling company lies with the recruitment and development of quality human beings with a great athletic work ethic who possess a love for professional wrestling. You can’t develop great athletes who are not quality human beings. You can’t develop quality human beings who do not possess a great athletic work ethic.

But the main thing these quality human beings with great athletic work ethics must have is a love for professional wrestling. You can’t be a great guy or girl who loves to work out and make them great pro wrestlers unless they LOVE pro wrestling.

Those who ply their wares in obscure locations for no money. Those who drive 12 hours just for the chance to get to wrestle on a show they were not previously booked. Those who tear down and set up the rings and chairs, just in case someone doesn’t make it and a spot opens up.

If you are not willing to do these things and more, go find something else to do. You will not make it.

Today, Division I athletes in college are catered to in ways that would make pro athletes in days gone by jealous. Unless these great athletes truly love pro wrestling, there is no way they will humble themselves to do the things that are required to make it.

Why are these things required? Because professional wrestling is not about “you”. It’s about your opponent, the card, the promotion. Until you get your mind adjusted to that point-of-view, you will never make it.

Are you willing to humble yourself? To unlearn everything you’ve been told since you were the star on the 13-year old travel team? That YOU have to make a play, that YOU have to step up, YOU have to put the team on your back…

Professional Wrestling is not about YOU.

Give me a deep bench full of hungry role players who know that pro wrestling is not about THEM and I will win every time.

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