Superstar Spotlight: We Talkin’ Bout House Shows, Man

Bill Pritchard

Superstar Spotlight

UndertakerOne of the big stories coming out of this weekend was the Undertaker showing up and wrestling a tag team match at a house show in Waco, Texas. I've read several different opinions on the subject, so here's mine: I like the idea, the execution and half of the response. I get that some people think Undertaker's appearance was 'wasted' on a house show, but don't you think that makes house shows more special? I wish I could say I was at that show, and I could say I saw a rare house show appearance by The Phenom. WWE wants to call these shows "live events" now, and that's fine. I want them to try and improve all aspects of the brand, and here's a start. Undertaker showed up in Waco, so maybe have a title change on one show, how about having The Rock show up at another?

None of this can really be a bad idea, considering we live in a time where everything finds its way online. WWE already has teams recording the shows, so why not upload it to and drive up interest. Tell fans this stuff is what they are missing, and they could have a good time at these shows. I'm not saying they can do this at every show because it wouldn't have the same effect, but having different appearances and actions at shows would draw more people. I started going to a few more independent shows than I used to because of the great cards; I support indies but for the sake of this argument it would be a good idea for WWE to try and make different styles of shows and not have the same matches night in and night out.

Another 'big' story came this Monday: JOHN CENA PERFORMED A HURRICANRANA! No, that's not news in itself, but fans saying he can't wrestle is. Cena knows how to wrestle, but he doesn't do it much because of his character. OK, fine. CM Punk also performed a 'banned' style piledriver that apparently had Vince McMahon fuming mad backstage. These two guys already had a good match, but seeing them 'cross the line' and bring out a special move made the match great. This is what we need to see more of: rare moves, out of character actions, appearances, etcetera. It all goes back to making shows more special, and different guys can make these things happen. 

If you haven't heard, Jack Swagger got in trouble with the law last week. Swagger got charged with a DUI and speeding. The DUI was NOT for drinking and driving, and more people need to research what they 'think' they know before ranting about it. DUI's can be charged for many substances that you are under the influence of (look how that works…) and marijuana is one of them. Honestly, if it's not in the WWE Wellness Policy and Swagger deals with the court fees or appearances, who cares? Athletes in other sports get busted for drugs all the time and keep playing, or they do much worse like vehicular manslaughter or assault with weapons.

WWE and Swagger have no public responsibility to punish him according to public opinion, and people need to move on. If anything, Glen Beck's rant on Swagger's character may have 'saved' Swagger's job, but we don't really know what is going on inside. All we do know is Swagger was charged, and he's still on TV. WWE doesn't have to suspend him because the public thinks it's right; if it's not in WWE's rules they should not suspend him or change the rules for the next offender.

A few side notes:

– I hated the idea of it at first, but Monday night's opening actually got me a bit excited about the potential (all but finalized) HHH vs Lesnar rematch at Wrestlemania. Good job to all involved.

– Wrestlemania is going to be headlined by "Once Twice In A Lifetime", but this year's show is going to be made (or fail) by how good the rest of the card is. You potentially have Punk vs Taker, Sheamus vs Wade Barrett, Kane vs Daniel Bryan, The Shield will be somewhere, and other combinations, not to mention Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio. Cena vs Rock is basically sold already, so put the time into the undercard and make this an event you shouldn't miss.

– We need more managers. Vickie Guerrero, Paul Heyman, Zeb Colter and (for a while) Abraham Washington were reviving the important position. Don't stop there, bring more. Managers are an important part of getting a guy over, and it could really be the manager that's over more than the wrestler. Look at how great Bobby Heenan was; he was more over than some of his 'Family' but it didn't stop him from trying to take down the good guys. It can work again. 

– Can we see Mark Henry destroy Hornswoggle again? Henry's new calling card should be kicking people's asses. He already does it, but I want to see him do it more, and moer sproradically. I'm thinking Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombing Divas type attacks. Could work.

– Give Alberto his cars back! I get that he's a face, but he can drive flashy sports cars instead of Bentleys and Rolls Royces.

– I'll end this week on a positive note. I miss JBL on commentary already; it just shows how good he is. Good luck to him on his climb.

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