Superstar Spotlight: Jack Swagger’s America

Bill Pritchard

Superstar Spotlight

Jack SwaggerJack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber and he's going to face Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania XXIX. Jack Swagger recently came back to WWE television with a new look, new direction, purpose and manager. Jack Swagger is fighting for what he believes is the way the United States should be. Bottom line, no matter what side you are on, people are talking about Jack Swagger this week. It doesn't matter if you like or dislike him, his stance or opinions, or you don't think he's worthy of a Wrestlemania title shot, you are all still talking about the 'new' Jack Swagger.

Personally, I like the new character; I already said he has a purpose and he has people talking about him again. WWE, Swagger and Zeb did their jobs in that respect. I like that Swagger is showing his patriotism and cares about the United States being a proud country. America? Fuck yeah! With that being said, there's also plenty to dislike about what he's doing right now. He's a heel, that's obvious, but he is taking a stance on immigrants that is extreme and xenophobic. I don't necessarily agree with everything he and Zeb are saying, but it doesn't mean there aren't any truths in his statements. Without getting into a political argument, he's right about many of the things he is saying, but taking the wrong approach.

I think this year's Wrestlemania (potential) card gives Jack Swagger a great opportunity to show that he does belong. I have heard enough people say that Swagger is being pushed too early again and he doesn't belong in a title program, let alone in one at Wrestlemania. Why not? Look at the rumored card we have already: Rock vs Cena, Punk vs Taker, Brock vs HHH, Kane vs Bryan, not to mention The Shield, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, The Miz, Mark Henry and many other still need a spot on the card. Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio have a perfect opportunity at this year's event to put on a good match and potentialy open some eyes. They are both good wrestlers; I believe (character aside) they will compliment each other in the ring, and they could just add to a solid card by working a good middle of the card match. The flashiest or high profile matches aren't always the best on the card, just look at Shawn Michaels versus Chris Jericho from Wrestlemania 19 (IMO the best Mania ever).  They put on a great match that told a story, it didn't have as much hype as McMahon/Hogan, Rock/Austin III or Lesnar/Angle, but it was a memorable match.

Jack Swagger has the new direction and push he needs, now they just need to focus on making him the focus, and not worrying about 'will Dolph cash in or won't he.' Swagger versus Alberto has tons of potential, and I think they should take his character even further. Swagger should do things 'real' Americans do, and maybe show him doing the things that he and Zeb are preaching. If you want to take it a step further, have him beat the shit out of Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan for letting Americans down or something. Swagger is not much different than Muhammad Hassan; he isn't ripping on Americans, but he is demanding that the treatment of people is changed. Hassan was a Middle Eastern man who wanted equality and he was vilified for it, and Swagger is a proud American who wants changes, and he too is the 'bad guy.' Swagger is going to go as far as WWE lets him, and also as far as the fans getting involved.

Paul Heyman said we want the Attitude Era back, but we push it away when we get a glimpse of it. People say things are too edgy; I say sit back and enjoy the character. Jack Swagger is a great talent that has a character now, so cheer him if you agree or boo him if you don't. Either way you look at it, he's doing his job right now in getting you to talk about him and care. Stop complaining about what Swagger isn't, and start enjoying what Swagger is: a good talent and a character proud to be an American (American American).

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