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A guy named Christian messaged me on Twitter today and made an interesting statement that caught my eye. My usual "What's Bothering Me" column is being put on hiatus as a result. Well that, and my creative juices for that particular feature need to be restored before I can bring it back properly.

Christian wrote: "I think that you (and everyone else) is too focused on the main event…You know that it indicates that the show is over." 

I didn't quite understand what he meant, nor where the emotional comment was coming from, so I responded with a simple, "?".

He politely followed up with further explanation: "Reading your work…I feel the importance of the curtain jerker, lower card, and mid card lack proper attention! I'm just saying…There is 2 hours and 45 minutes of raw before the main event!" 

I doubt Christian's intention was to prompt an entire article featured around his complaint, but sometimes – rarely, in fact – a comment, email, or tweet will catch me off guard and force a written reaction. Did Christian have a point? Do all of us wrestling pundits focus too much on the main events, disrespectfully neglecting the rest of the card as a by product? The argument could certainly be made. And has, as of now.

First and foremost, ALL media is guilty of overhype when it comes to their subjects' main event players and storylines. Tim Tebow doesn't even have to start on his current team to be a constant hot topic of choice. Lebron James is the focus, win or lose, because he's THE man in basketball today, and in my personal opinion, the closest thing to Michael Jordan we've ever seen. Sorry, Kobe.

The Rock is no different in wrestling. His returns are always going to attract our undivided attention, along with the likes of CM Punk, John Cena, Undertaker's annual match, and a few other select stars and stories at any given time.

While I admit I'm guilty of following this particular suit and trend, I don't think we have a choice. Our job is to supply readers, listeners, and/or viewers with the content THEY want to read, listen to, or watch. Statistically speaking, I can say that it's YOU that forces our hand when it comes to the content we produce. YOU want to know more about the main eventers than you do the bit players, so we happily oblige.

I'm not trying to lay blame here, and personally, I don't see it as a problem. That being said, if I "were" going to place blame on someone, it would be you over me. (The direct nature of that last sentence was meant to be a joke, so please don't take it personal.)

Christian did accomplish his goal, however. I now feel entitled, and motivated, to give some uninterrupted love and support to those in the wrestling business that are less fortunate than the Rock, John Cena, or CM Punk. Even though I feel I do this quite a bit with my weekly editorials (specifically, my "Stars in Progress" feature), here's some more for you:

Kane & Daniel Bryan – Although they've certainly cooled off a little over the past month, they've maintained their value and entertaining presence as the tag champs. Plus, they were involved in one of the best matches of the year at TLC. I would suspect their tag titles become front and center once again heading into the Rumble and beyond. I'm looking forward to a great program between them and Rhodes Scholars, ultimately ending with new champions in Sandow and Rhodes, and Team Hell No being broken up shortly after.

Tyson Kidd – I know he's not a major player currently, by any stretch of the imagination, but he's simply entertaining to watch in the ring. His size will continue to limit his opportunities, but longevity and consistency will eventually overcome that problem. Just a little bit of creative help wouldn't hurt either.

Big Show – I know he's the World Heavyweight Champion, but he rarely makes the headlines these days. Most didn't think he'd make it this far as champion, and even though there are some things I would have done differently during his run on top, I'm glad that he received this opportunity before he ultimately hangs up the boots. Enjoy him or not, you have to respect Paul Wight and what he's done for the business.

The Prime Time Players – I'm still not a fan of their cheesy dance, as I feel it makes it harder to take them serious as legitimate contenders in that division, but I'm willing to admit I may be in the minority on that one. Fans everywhere seem to be embracing "Millions of Dollars", so they must be doing something right. I enjoy every other aspect of their work, but please don't expect me to join along in the shenanigans anytime soon.

The All-American American – Regular readers of my work know by now that I'm a huge fan of Jack Swagger, so personally, I can't wait for his return. I'm not necessarily expecting it to lead to much, but I'm sure WWE will make an effort at first. I hope Swagger makes the most of it. He's got one supporter, at least.

Eve & The Divas – They are rarely discussed, and rightfully so, but it's not their fault. Eve, and all the Divas, do the best they can with the chances they're given. And there's not many of them. I think Eve is one of the best "actors" currently in the company. She's a hot, manipulating b*tch, and she plays the part to perfection. Her in-ring work has vastly improved as well. I really like Kaitlyn, too, although I can't put my finger on why that is exactly.

Antonio Cesaro – Finally, let me show some rare support for our current US Champion. While he still isn't getting over to the point I think he should be by now, considering how long they've given him to make this gimmick work, he's slowly-but-surely winning me over by talent alone. I've never denied his abilities in the ring, but I can only hope 2013 allows him to develop the "entertainment" side of his character further. I think it's a requirement for him to reach his fullest potential.

Show your love and support for the non-main eventers below in the Comments section. And thanks to Christian on Twitter for providing the inspiration for this feature. I'll see some of you tonight for my VOW shows and also encourage you to check out my new site on how to make money online in the pro wrestling business! Sign up for the free newsletter and receive a special offer instantly.

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