The Cashbox: Another Reason To Hate John Cena


AJ LeeI'm not going to say it's every man's fantasy to play Tongue Twister with AJ Lee — she does look 12 years old at times — but the majority of the WWE Universe has probably thought (or dreamed) about it at least once. By a show of virtual hands below in the Comments section, who here has ever said the following in reference to AJ, "Oh, the things I would do to her!"?

And, by the way, one comment (virtual hand) will suffice for ALL of the times in which you said that. Please do not spam the interactive section below if you are some sort of habitual daydreamer when it comes to the former general manager of Raw.

The Cena/AJ relationship will be short-term. It has to be. Nothing good can come from it being a lengthy story, at least in regards to Cena's career. Women, and these love affair angles, have no place next to THE star and public face of your company. It's not going to crush Cena immediately, but the longer it drags on, it's impossible to keep Cena from looking like a tool or a joke. Women make babyfaces look soft and weak once the initial "cool" factor is out of the way.

If Vince is adament on continuing to use AJ in a non-wrestling role, then I think she'd work best as a heel. The "crazy chick" persona can be sexy or evil, depending on how WWE wants to go with it. But a Cena/AJ love story will get old fast and fans will only accept it in a positive way for so long. PDA is off-putting, period, and it's the reason why heels are the ones given those storylines historicially.

That's why I think AJ should turn on Cena and join Ziggler. The HBK comparisons are already being made in other areas of Dolph's career, so why not have AJ play the part of Sensational Sherri? I know he just separated from Vickie, but those are two entirely different roles. Vickie acted as a mouthpiece for Ziggler while AJ would play the sidekick.

Dolph WILL go over Cena at TLC, provided Cena's injury is a work, or at the very least, an exaggeration. And a win over Cena would be very beneficial to someone in Dolph's current position.

I know this will likely not happen, but I think it would be neat to have Dolph win the Rumble this year, while still possessing the MITB contract. That would give him two cracks at a world title. Let him win the World title between Rumble and WrestleMania and then challenge for the WWE title at Met Life stadium. Let Cena be the title holder by then so they can have their rematch. Cena can go over there, but Dolph would still come out with a world title and looking good.

Punk vs Rock could still headline that card in a standalone, non-title match. Then, add Lesnar to the mix with either Ryback or Taker (why not a Taker triple-threat this year to spice up the idea of him losing?) and you have your star-studded event.

I digress – neither WWE or WrestleZone pay me for my booking expertise.

AJ ultimately ending up with Ziggler is the only positive scenario I can see playing out here. Keeping her with Cena for a long stretch of time is the last option I would consider, unless…

Cena heel turn, anyone?

Have a great Thanksgiving, spend it with your family, and enjoy my Cowboys beating up on LaBar's Redskins. He and I have some sort of bet on this game. I've already forgotten the conditions, but I expect him to pay up regardless.

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