The Cashbox: Survivor Series Preview, Heyman Heart Attack


Jerry Lawler heart attackI know the debatable topic of the week is Paul Heyman faking a heart attack just moments after Jerry Lawler returned to Raw following his very real heart attack on September 10th, but I'll save the majority of that conversation for this week's Post 2 Post roundtable. The feature should be posted Friday afternoon on and right here on WZ, so keep a look out.

Personally, I had no problem with it. I found myself chuckling out loud, not because I'm an ass that makes light of real things like heart attacks, but because it's pro wrestling. It's entertainment. And if Jerry Lawler was okay with it — it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't — then who in the hell am I to worry about it?

I see the former wrestlers coming out of the woodwork to criticize WWE for going that far, and I respect their opinion, but to call THAT "over the line" and "tasteless" is a bit dramatic. That was tame by today's TV standards, in general, much less pro wrestling's standards. I really don't get all the outrage.

The one thing I'll say against the segment is that WWE didn't "need" to do it. They knew beforehand that it would offend a portion of their audience, so why do it? Punk doesn't need the cheap heat, Lawler doesn't benefit as a babyface since he can't work, and neither Cena or Ryback gained a cent from it. What was the point?

It's almost a form of bullying in the sense that WWE did it for no other reason than "because they can". They knew they would offend and piss people off (on a personal level, not just a normal "heel" level), but they did it anyway. Their mentality seemed to be something along the lines of…

"We're going to do it and you're going to like it, damn it! Feelings? We don't care about your stinkin' feelings!"

I had no problem with it, but I'm not one that gets offended easily.

Survivor Series is this Sunday and I'm in agreement with those who feel WWE has done a pretty crappy job selling this pay per view. Considering they've had no real creative structure or flow for weeks now, it doesn't surprise me that this card feels thrown together last minute. I'm afraid it was, in fact.

WWE should feel quite embarrassed right about now. It's obvious they are simply throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks. Rhyme and reason are both nonexistent right now and it shows in the product.

Nonetheless, I'll be watching the show this Sunday. Primarily, I'll be looking to see how they handle the following things:

The Miz as a babyface – I'm excited about the turn of events surrounding Miz and am looking forward to the babyface chapter of his career. Aside from his "Awesome!" catchphrase that fans will undoubtedly endorse and chant, I'm curious to how Miz will be accepted as a good guy. Will he keep his smug, arrogant attitude or tweak his character to that of a more traditional babyface. I remember when Orton's first face turn out of Evolution failed because even though he was a babyface due to who he was facing, he was still acting like a total douchebag. Fans didn't like it and he returned to a heel. Miz could follow a similar path if he doesn't tweak his image some and fans reject it.

Randy Orton – Speaking of…I'm interested in whether or not WWE uses Survivor Series and the tag match as an opportunity to turn Orton. Most predict it's coming, but no one knows when it will happen. This Sunday presents a chance to do it, so look out for The Viper screwing over his teammates somehow and beginning his transition.

Will Dolph Ziggler cash in his MITB? Most, including me, were calling for this at Hell in a Cell, but WWE decided to give Big Show a bit of a run. Can't really blame them as this is likely Big Show's last chance at a run with a major title before he ultimately calls it quits. And although it's always in the back of fans' minds, I'm not sure most are thinking much about Ziggler cashing in this Sunday. That could be the very reason Survivor Series is a perfect time to do it. My gut tells me it doesn't happen though.

The Main Event – The safe bet is on CM Punk retaining, but keep in mind that a one-year title run really doesn't mean that much in the end. It's not a record or anything historical. It really just gives Punk something else to brag about. In the same way, however, Ryback or Cena preventing him from reaching that milestone is equally as relevant. Ryback winning would mean he has to turn around and lose it prior to the Rumble, plus I just don't think he's ready, so I think he's the least likely to walk away with the belt. I notice a lot of people dismissing the idea of Cena winning, and I think that's just plain crazy. I don't necessarily think it would be the right decision, but it's naive to reject the possibility of it happening. My pick is Punk, but I don't think it's a given like some are suggesting.

I'll have my review of the event up on WZ Monday afternoon.

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