A British Point of View: Commentary Conundrums

Martyn Nolan

WWE Money in the BankThis week’s RAW started off like the old attitude era days where every time someone is trying to make a point, someone else comes out to ruin the party. I enjoyed the segment and Jericho is finely placing himself between being a heel and a face with his recent comedic actions. His segment with Bryan in the back had me in stitches! Even Jericho looked like he was fighting back a laugh!

The AJ story continues and WWE have done a great job of making her look impartial as well as insane. Even I was wondering whether she was just going to dive through the table on RAW to end a rather bizarre segment. The reason why AJ is so compelling at the minute is because we have no idea what direction they will take with her next.

The only thing that worries me about this is where it will eventually lead too. I cannot imagine AJ is going to be an insane character for the rest of her WWE career so at some point she either has to distance herself from the WWE Championship story and go on her own in the Divas division or side with one person for the near future. Either way I’m just enjoying the ride as we are being treated to a great story and their segment was actually the ending to RAW this week rather than John Cena. It’s nicely paced and puts more credibility on the WWE Championship again. Last week’s RAW was frustrating as we had the both world champions in the first match of the show whilst Cena took the helm at the end.

I was extremely happy for Tyson Kidd getting the win over Tensai. It creates doubt for the MITB match and also gives Kidd the chance he so desperately deserves. I would love for someone like Kidd or Sandow to win the SmackDown MITB match and even though it won’t likely happen I’m glad that they are being used rather than thrown on ‘Superstars.’

The only danger with the underdog winning the MITB for SmackDown and looking to take Sheamus’ title is the fact that it may drop the World Title down a notch further. At the moment it feels more like a glorified US Title with no purpose, so what’s really the value in winning it. If an underdog from SmackDown wins the MITB I would love them to hold the briefcase for some time and use it to improve their TV time slowly becoming a viable threat to whoever is champion.

Santino and Christian do not need to be in this match because again the Intercontinental and US Titles suffer. Both guys will obviously add something to the match as competitors but either unification or separate defences would have been much preferred.

I also love how WWE throw about the 30 day defence rule whenever they want too. On RAW last week Cole announced that Santino hadn’t defended his Championship since April! Why would you make such a statement? I would have preferred Cole to have said something along the lines of “In case you were wondering when the last time Santino has defended his US Championship, the last televised defence was back in April on RAW but he has since defended at many local events in the past few weeks!” It’s not hard to do and people wouldn’t have complained.

I would also criticise the fact that Michael Cole made the statement last week that Big Show continues his dominance. 7 days prior to this moment he lost a steel cage match to John Cena. How is that being dominant? Cole is also taking the biscuit when he starts calling Ryback’s moves ‘Vintage.’

Thank god that I can listen to some JR commentary on the new NXT otherwise I think I would go insane. The RAW commentary team should be changed up severely. People like Josh Mathews, Matt Striker and William Regal all provide more entertainment and focus on the match and should be used. I love Booker T in small doses but the sheer fact that his mind can’t keep up with his mouth doesn’t do him any favours and if that wasn’t bad enough he will always have Cole there to pick him up on any faults he makes.

Whatever happened to the glory team of Vince, King and JR? Vince was the passion, King was the heel and JR was the brains. I know people will argue that Heenan and Monsoon were the team and I can respect that. It depends who was the first team you ever witnessed, after all, first is always the most memorable.

I just loved the chemistry between them. Vince had his crazy “what a manoeuvre” and passion to count every pinfall like it was the victory. King always pulled JR’s strings and got him wound up and JR was constantly talking tactics and strategies in the matches whether it be a matching strength with somebody or “destroying the vertical base.” It had it all. Anyway I digress.

Money in the Bank is shaping up to be a good event again and no matter what was done this year I couldn’t imagine the same hype being created as we got 12 months ago with the infamous Punk pipebomb.

That being said we have new blood being given opportunities and the chance to see another clinic between possibly the two best in the company right now.

Here is hoping that momentum continues and with the 1000th episode of RAW only a few weeks away I’m hoping we are treated to another ‘big’ angle for the summer.

Check out VOWlive.com for all the latest news regarding Virtually Reality and the next episode should be going live this weekend! It’s sure to be a lot of fun!

Keep your eyes peeled!

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