Cashbox: Remembering When Sycho Sid Wanted To Kill Me


I don't have enough additional material like the following to write a tell-all book one day. However, at the rate I was going during the early part of my wrestling media "career", I very well could have acquired enough eventually. And rather quickly, too.

I've since mellowed. I take less risks now.

There are pros and cons to getting as involved with the wrestling business as I once did. I started hosting the Voice of Wrestling radio show when I was 17 years young. I was green and naive, but ballsy. That's a bad combination.

Even with the drama that engulfed my life back then — all due to my obsession with making a name for myself in the wrestling business — I honestly have no regrets. Those decisions, experiences, and even the mistakes I made back then helped me learn, and grow as a result. Cliche, sure, but it's the truth.

My experience with Sid Eudy is one I'll never forget.

Before I dive into this thing, let me preface by saying I have spoken to Sid several times since the following occurred. I'd like to think we're past it. But I can't be too sure, honestly.

When all of this took place, I was still going by Chris Chisum (my real name). I've been using Chris Cash (Cash is my middle name) for several years now. I'm not 100% positive Sid even realizes those two people are one and the same.

If he doesn't, and he still hates Chris "Chisum", then this column will likely do me very few favors going forward!

And yet, I'm about to tell it anyway. Let's get started.

I met and began talking to Sid Eudy in 2003. I was in my first (and only) year of college — I attended the University of Central Arkansas in Conway — and VOW radio was my life. I didn't fail at college because of partying, girls, or a lack of intellect. I failed because it was the last thing on my mind.

VOW, its progress, and my hidden, online identity took ALL of my focus and attention.

A simple first interview with Sid for VOW quickly transitioned into a friendly relationship. We began talking regularly.

I was a young mark with a wrestling show, big ideas, and a lot of passion for the business. And I think Sid grew fond of me and respected that passion. It was like he took me under his wing, was going to show me the ways of the world (at least, the world of pro wrestling), and I was a sponge back then ready to soak it all up.

It was a surreal situation, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

He was aware of my age. In fact, he was the only wrestler I told that to at that time. I feared wrestlers wouldn't give me the time of day if I told them I was a teenager.

Shawn Stasiak proved that theory correct, but that's another story for another day.

There was an annual religious convention in Phoenix, AZ that Steve "Sting" Borden asked Sid to attend. I don't believe it was the first time Sid had been asked, but he reluctantly agreed this particular year. Under one condition…

Sid arranged to have the promoter fly me in, put me up, and provide me with complete media access to the event. Yes, THAT was his one and only requirement if they wanted him to appear. They consented and it was official: I got to tag along!

This convention had a "Who's Who" list of wrestlers appearing that year. Sting, of course, was going to be there. HBK was going, as was Marty Jannetty, which so happened to be their documented reunion after seven years of not speaking to one another. Jannetty revealed at the convention that he was in the process of committing suicide when he got the phone call from Shawn to attend this event. It was pretty powerful stuff to witness.

Literally, one week before this convention was to take place, I had Sid scheduled to appear on my radio show again. I wasn't even hosting my own show at the time — I think I was going through a "lost smile" period, ironically — but I was still producing the weekly programs.

My co-host at the time (we'll call him "Bubba" as his real name is not relevant) took over the main hosting duties and April Hunter, if any of you know of or remember her, was sitting in as a special guest co-host.

Bubba had asked me days before the interview to ask Sid if it would be okay to bring up the infamous "scissors incident" between him and Arn Anderson. I knew it was a sensitive subject for Sid, but didn't get around to asking him permission before the night of the live broadcast.

I recall Sid and I discussing the incident only once during this time frame, and even with the close relationship he and I had at the time, he still didn't go into much detail. Whether it was shame, guilt, regret or something entirely different, it was clear to me he didn't like rehashing the event, so I never brought it up again. Not before this particular night anyway.

That being said, I am 99.9% positive he never asked me to "never bring it up again" after our one private conversation about the subject. (That is an important detail to remember.)

It's the night of the interview and the show is about halfway over. It's time to bring "Big Sid" on to the program. We took a commercial break and I called him up. Bubba again reminded me to ask Sid if "that" question was okay to ask.

DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK (another important point), I said something along the lines of, "Sid, Bubba is kind of a wuss and is afraid to ask, but do you mind if he brings up the Arn Anderson incident during the interview?"

After a short, awkward pause, Sid responded with something along the lines of, "Well, if that's the best question he can come up with, why in the hell is he interviewing me in the first place!?"

"Okay then, and we're on in 5, 4, 3…"

Yes, the break was over and while I didn't realize at the time the extent of Sid's resentment toward being asked about being asked that question, I certainly realized it moments later. The whole listening audience did, too.

Every question Bubba asked Sid was "stupid" or "pointless". Bubba didn't have a clue what Sid was talking about, EVER, because according to Sid, Bubba was "just a dirtsheet guy" and "couldn't" understand.

Sid took every opportunity he could during the next 20 minutes to discredit, insult, and embarrass Bubba in such a fashion that was obvious, uncomfortable, and compelling at the same time. I understood it was going on, but didn't realize I was about to be the one Sid blamed for ALL of it.

Still to this day, I wonder why Sid went through with the interview in the first place and didn't hang up the moment I asked him that question during the break. I have come to the conclusion it was for the sole purpose of humiliating Bubba publicly.

It worked.

After the show, an emotionally beaten-and-battered Bubba came to me asking what had just happened. I really didn't have a good answer to give him.

"I guess Sid didn't really want to answer that question, huh?"

The next day, I was at work, selling Kirby Vacuums door to door from the back of a van. Yes, that was my day job. No, it wasn't fun. But I will say that those $2,500 cleaning systems are incredibly effective!

The phone rings. It's Sid.

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