Cashbox: Remembering When Sycho Sid Wanted To Kill Me


I nonchalantly answered, oblivious to Sid's true intent for the phone call, and it officially began. I wasn't able to get "hello" out of my mouth before he started laying into me with a venom so deadly, I honestly think my ears might have bled a little.

That is, until I hung up on him. I wasn't going to sit there and continue getting pounded for something I didn't even feel wrong by doing.

Sid claimed he had told me to never bring that incident up again; I told him that was a lie. I would have unquestionably remembered him telling me that, IF he actually had. He hadn't.

And I remember this next part vividly, and still to this day, laugh out loud everytime I do.

One of my consistent rebuttals to Sid's attacks was, "You never told me to not bring it up again, and even IF you did, I asked you OFF THE AIR SID!"

His response EVERY single time? "STOP USING ADJECTIVES!"

At the time, I didn't focus on his improper use of English grammar. Of course, I didn't really have a chance to focus on it in the middle of all the yelling. Now, I find it's one of my key memories of this story. Hilarious, too, given the fact he must have said it ten times after that.

I defended Bubba and his desire to ask that question. Still do, even. That being said, it was a controversial subject and I respected every relationship I had with wrestlers and wrestling personalities. I would ask every time if it was okay to bring something up if I knew or thought it might be a sensitive issue.

Some would simply tell me "no" or "I'd rather not talk about it", and as a result, I wouldn't touch it. But I was never blamed for asking, especially in a private setting with no one listening.

Until Sid.

And just like that, our friendly relationship was over. There was no redeeming myself, no reasonable chance to talk it out, I was dead to Sid after that.

And quickly, I was ready to move on and simply put it behind me.

But wait…the convention was the following weekend! Flights and hotels were already booked. Sid was already promoted to be there. The promoter was even looking forward to me covering the event. But in Sid's mind, Phoenix was no longer big enough for the both of us.

A day after my fight with Sid — more like a verbal beatdown from a monster to a kid — the promoter called me asking what had happened, and claiming Sid was now backing out of the event. I knew my place and offered to stay home instead. He appreciated the gesture and said he would get back to me after Steve (Sting) had an opportunity to talk to Sid.

It wasn't two hours later and the promoter called me back insisting that I still come to Arizona.

"If Sid doesn't want to attend, there's nothing we can do about it," he told me, "but that shouldn't keep you from coming down, enjoying yourself, and still covering the event for your show".

I hesitated, but agreed.

Next Wednesday, in part two of this two-part feature, it's the showdown between David and Goliath. I make it to Phoenix and on the second day of the four-day convention, Sid decides to make the trip as well.

I could have probably made it through the entire trip without speaking one word to Sid. He still had no clue what I looked like in person (we had never met face-to-face at that point). But did I play it safe? Nope.

On the very first night after Sid arrived, he came and stood right next to me in a hotel lobby. I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

"Um, Sid…you know that guy Chris Chisum? He wanted me to tell you he was sorry."

Yes, probably a bad attempt at playfully easing my way into a confrontation with a 7' giant that hated my guts. But I did it anyway.

"And who are you?" Sid responded while simultaneously changing his demeanor from calm to antcy in a second.

"Yeah, well, I'm him."

His reaction and what followed during the next two days didn't include hugging and making up. Not at all. Rather, it was uncomfortable. It was scary. It even got weird. Regardless, it got good and includes made-for-movie quotes and one-liners that I honestly couldn't make up if I tried.

If you are actually enjoying this column, I apologize for the cliffhanger. It honestly wasn't my intention, but it's getting long. I wanted to tell the story properly since it's the first (and only) time I'm telling it. Plus, I ramble.

Tweet me your initial thoughts or leave a comment below. I'm honestly looking forward to your responses.

Until next week…

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