A British Point of View: What The Funk?

Martyn Nolan

What the hell has happened in the last few weeks? Chris Jericho rips the wrestling world in half with his bizarre return to WWE TV and Brodus Clay eats Flash Funk!

Brodus Clay made his debut on WWE NXT and was portrayed as a big man monster! We have been teased various times with his movement to the main RAW roster with the John Laurinaitis segments where he has announced he is holding off his RAW debut to allow for his anger to build and fester. This past Monday night the wait was over, only for him to be announced as hailing from “Planet Funk” and being a Funkasaurus! Yes folks, WWE have lost their marbles! AND I LOVE IT!

Brodus Clay resembled a bigger version of Flash Funk and The Godfather with his “Funkettes?” Dancing to the ring and sporting some ‘funky’ clothes! The great bit about this was the fact that it didn’t stop with just the entrance. The guy sold it whilst he was wrestling! In-between every move he was dancing and busting a groove!

WWE have in the past two weeks thrown the traditional book out of the window. Two debuts where we have ALL expected something, have managed to deliver something totally different! Is it necessarily better? Only time will tell but you cannot help the fact that they have produced TV that everyone is talking about. Do they both have the momentum to continue this ride? That is doubtful, but Brodus didn’t look uncomfortable with the gimmick and it makes a change from having to watch him destroy people as a monster for the next 6 months only to get RKO’ed by Randy Orton and the push is done.

Chris Jericho on the other hand continued the spot by coming out and doing nothing but get emotional. This time Chris really emphasised this to try and get as much heat as possible. It didn’t exactly work as fans still cheered him none-the-less.

I still believe that Chris Jericho will win the Royal Rumble. WWE went out on a limb last year with Del Rio and for the previous years to this they always made a credible wrestler win it for their resume. I said after the Rumble 2 years ago that I thought Jericho would win it last year. Unfortunately he was not around at the time to win it, but this year I believe he has it in the bag. He’s not won it before and it would set him up with CM Punk quite nicely.

I wouldn’t complain if someone like a Dolph Ziggler or a Cody Rhodes won it either as I think they have enough momentum to make it a success but with the way WWE have been trying to throw us curveballs I wouldn’t put it past them if they gave it to Drew McIntyre! (@TheJurn just collapsed!)

He is currently engrossed in a storyline where he is trying to prove he’s worth it to Teddy Long. How much of a swerve would it be that the guy who can’t even beat Santino on SmackDown wins the Royal Rumble? I’m not so sure it’s the right move but it would be another talking point with the WWE.

Other areas of action on this week’s RAW were Kane, John Cena and Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder is being pushed to the moon with this story and although I like how WWE keep acknowledging Cena’s poor reactions from the crowd I can’t see how Kane is going to come off from this on the good end of the stick. The only way I can see it working is if HE wins the Rumble, and I don’t think too many people would complain about that situation.

Either way WWE are trying different things to keep our interest. WWE are using this longer timeframe to slowly build Jericho. Is it frustrating? Yes, but is it working? Definitely!

Jericho still shows signs of being the ultimate heel, whilst Kane continues to get recognition for being with the company this long, Cena is being put in to a story which starts to show his flaws, the internet darlings in Bryan and Ryder are being used, McIntyre seems to be back in favour on TV, Barrett, Ziggler and Rhodes are all on the rise! Are things really that bad? I think not! Bring on the Rumble!

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