Mt. Killamanjaro: 2012 TNA Genesis Pay-Per-Review

Mike Killam

(5) Monsters Ball
Abyss def. Bully Ray
This match started off so incredibly boring. Both guys looked incredibly lazy, and even their Irish Whips looked like a warm-up jog. I understand the idea of having Bully Ray run away from Abyss – it makes sense. But after ten minutes of nothing happening, I was about ready to fast-forward to the next match… I'm really glad I didn't though, as the second half the match was incredibly fun, and sold me on any future direction they go in with these two. Once they started to trade off high impact moves and the crowd got into the action, it was a really good Monsters Ball match! Great promo package before hand too; Ray is an awesome heel, and Abyss has certainly stepped up his game as a face. I thought the backstage attack and later interview with Ray was a nice touch. Can't wait to see where this goes… Rating: B

(6) TNA World Tag Team Championship
Morgan & Crimson def. Samoa Joe & Magnus
to retain
I'm a little less sold on Morgan and Crimson as a team, but a bit MORE sold on Joe and Magnus. They're not Beer Money, but they're a lot better than anything else the tag team division has going for it. I was a bit disappointed seeing the champions retain, but I do actually agree with the decision. Too much, too fast is never a good idea (very common in TNA, but still not a good idea). Here's to hoping they don't split up the JoeNus Brothers this week on Impact. I could stand seeing them around a bit longer – at least until some real tag teams return, or are established. Rating: B-

(7) Kurt Angle def. James Storm
If you're going to book an angle around somebody's finisher, and have the heel steal said finisher to end the match, you had better make sure the wrestler in question can actually DO the move! Otherwise the match ends up looking, well…like this one did. I'm getting tired of saying "great in-ring action, but weak finish and over-booked". So I'm just going to walk away from this one. Before I do, I will say that Storm's pre-match promo was amazing. The guy is a great face, and I absolutely cannot wait for the impending Storm/Roode feud on the horizon. Rating: B

(8) TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy def. Bobby Roode by disqualification, Roode retains
Best way to end a PPV and main event championship match? Clearly to have the champion low blow the referee in a cheap attempt to retain. I've never understood some of these heel tactics. I understand building heat by screwing over anybody in your path, doing whatever it takes to stay on top… What I don't understand is why the heel wouldn't start the match by decking the ref in the face? Why wrestle for 20 minutes, risk losing the belt, and THEN throw the match? Doesn't make sense, especially for a guy who has made a gimmick out of being a coward. Yes, the behind-the-scenes logic is that they need a wrestling match to end the night. Obviously. Still doesn't make the story being told on-screen make any more sense. "GREAT IN-RING ACTION, BUT WEAK FINISH AND OVER-BOOKED". There. I said it. Rating: B+

Please TNA. For the love of God, just give me a championship match with a legitimate finish that doesn't make me regret dropping cash on your product. The fact that I have to in order to keep doing these reviews is getting a bit tiresome… My overall review? Great in-ring action…weak finish…over-booked. Tune in next  month to hear me say the exact same thing. FINAL RATING: C-

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