A British Point of View: Tag Team Turmoil

Martyn Nolan

WWE RawRather than spending too much time on expressing my opinions of this past week’s RAW I thought I would look at a deeper issue this week in the world of WWE.

But first…

This week’s RAW had The Muppets! Not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely something different. I never had a major obsession with The Muppets when I was a child but I couldn’t help giggling through some of the segments on this past week’s RAW. We all got the expected meeting between Beaker and Sheamus, Kermit got bagged and Miss Piggy stroked John Morrison’s abs!

I think people who have been annoyed by the inclusion of the Muppets have forgotten what the show is all about… entertainment! It still had plenty of wrestling on the card; it wasn’t thrown down our necks and it was a welcome change to a show which has been laid out like train tracks for the past couple of weeks.

WWE have still got time to make people care about Survivor Series but having John Cena destroy both his opponents was a silly move in my opinion. Rock isn’t required and most fans are seeing this. What was WWE thinking? It’s the easiest book in the world to have John Cena beaten up for the weeks leading in to the PPV only for the ‘Great One’ to come in and make the save. It’s called building blocks and at the moment Creative needs to think more carefully about this.

I’m slightly concerned on how WWE just seem to phone in anything that includes The Rock. The name itself is enough to sell PPV’s and at WrestleMania 27 he was used in a capacity which could only be called lazy at best. We then had them announce his return for Survivor Series on a WWE.com and have John Cena acted like it never happened and now we have him involved in a match where he isn’t honestly needed. All of these things are simple things to arrange and yet as soon as WWE have his name to put on a card and a location they seem to forget everything else. WWE are seriously going to have to up their game because their match next year deserves a build this long but nobody wants to see it phoned in for 11 months and then they decide to put on a few good shows within the last 2 weeks before the PPV. Make better use of the time you have WWE and make this as epic as it should be!

Now back to the issue at hand. Evan Bourne has been suspended due to a violation to the wellness policy. We have slowly watched the tag team division get a reboot with the birth of the team Air Boom. Now seemingly it could all be flushed down the drain by the silly actions of one man. Obviously I do not know the full details of this but this suspension isn’t just causing problems for one person, this affects Kofi Kingston as well. Everyone thought that WWE were going to make Air Boom lose their tag team titles this past Friday on SmackDown and yet they weren’t even included on the show. WWE could easily leave Air Boom off TV for the 30 day suspension but in the past they have made claims that the titles have to be defended every 30 days (not something they have stuck too in the past I know.) My question is… Do you really need to take him off TV? Suspend his pay and make him work for 30 days unpaid. They have done this in the past with Randy Orton when he was suspended and in the World title picture so why not do it again? That way the division doesn’t suffer and neither do the fans!

The tag team division will take many years of continuous growth to ever get back to the good old days. Teams need to be formed and rivalries need to be developed. 30 days in the big picture is not a long time but it gives the division another black spot if you move the titles away from them. I highly expect them to drop them to Ziggler and Swagger on RAW this week seeing as they are in the UK and it would be the chance for WWE to prove that titles can change hands outside of the US or Canada. But I still believe that this is the wrong move.

NXT is doing a slow but good job of giving other tag teams a chance to build up to RAW and SmackDown. We have the Uso’s, Reks and Hawkins and before the latest suspension JTG and Young were doing quite well too.

The tag team division is on the right tracks at the moment and to start moving the belt around like they have with the WWE Championship will only devalue the championships. Keep them moving, slap his wrist and get on with it.

For those of you who might be local fans I am attending the WWE House Show in Manchester, England tonight at the Manchester Evening News Arena, so if you are in the area and want to say hello then feel free to contact me at beansontoastuk@msn.com or on Twitter at @BeansOnToastUK.

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