The Swingometer: Scoring Monday Night Raw

Bob Bamber

WWE RawJoining the long line of Wrestlezone post Raw reviews – The Swingometer. The concept is simple, I will score every segment on a scale from negative 5 to plus 5. Add up all of the scores and you end up with an overall score for Raw. Simples…?

Segment 1: The Rock Promo (Score: -1)

Maybe it was me rushing around to get prepared for the show (as the clocks going back in the UK completely threw me) but this promo felt under par from the Rock. Some of it isn't his fault – as Miz and Truth are no threat to him and Cena, but this felt to me like he'd phoned it in.

Running Score: -1

Segment 2: Mark Henry vs CM Punk (Score: -1)

One thing bad about the attitude era – it killed squash matches. So instead we've got this, with no intention of either going over clean. Right now I have no interest in Punk vs Del Rio, and given that it's probably the third biggest feud on Raw, neither does Vince.

Running Score: -2 (-1,-1)

Segment 3: The Muppets Stuff, including all Muppet segments (Score: +2)

Not a muppets fan really, never seen it. But it was decent light-hearted entertainment. Sheamus stuff was funny if nothing else.

Running Score: 0 (-1,-1,+2)

Segment 4: Divas Battle Royal (Score: 0)

Gave it a point for establishing a number one contender match, but took that off for how dull this segment was. Just bring Laycool back, never thought I'd say this, but I'm dying them return!

Running Score: 0 (-1,-1,+2, 0)

Segment 5: Air Boom vs Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett (Score: +2)

Two points for a good match. One for getting the tag team champions on the show. Two knocked off for having them lose and one added on for Wade Barrett going over. Good action here, but too many champions are losing clean right now in non title matches.

Running Score: +2 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2)

Segment 6: Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio (Score: +3)

Two points for an above average Big Show match. One more for the clean win. There's no reason for anything to be wrong with Del Rio losing. But the WWE are at serious fault for educating it's audience that the best simply do not lose – see John Cena.

Running Score: +5 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2,+3)

Segment 7: CM Punk convinces Alberto Del Rio to give him a WWE Title Shot (Score: +1)

This actually could have been a fun idea, Punk only gets a title shot if Del Rio agrees to it. Punk spends the next fortnight trying all manner of ways to get him to agree before going with the anaconda vice. I'll give it a point for Punk looking tough. But the Punk Henry match was now rendered totally pointless.

Running Score: +6 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2,+3,+1)

Segment 8: Santino vs Jack Swagger (Score: -2)

Muppet stuff became a bit much for me. I'll knock one off for the cheap finish and one more for Swagger needlessly losing to Santino.

Running Score: +4 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2,+3,+1,-2)

Segment 9: Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder (Score: +3)

Fantastic match. Ziggler continues to be incredible in the ring, and I think Ryder had his best WWE match too. I gave it an extra point because this segment didn't include Mason Ryan.

Running Score: +7 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2,+3,+1,-2,+3)

Segment 10: Michael Cole announces that challenge has been delayed (Score: -5)

Simply for the diverticulitis jab, which as Brock Lesnar will attest to, is no laughing matter.

Running Score: +2 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2,+3,+1,-2,+3,-5)

Segment 11: John Cena vs The Miz (Score: -5)

Simply horrible. At the top of the show The Rock tried his very best to put over Truth and The Miz as a credible threat. This was all undone by the end of the show. The simple question remains – if John Cena can beat Miz and Truth on his own, then why does he need the Rock? For this to be a worthwhile main event it should have been Rock and Cena vs Undertaker & Kane.

End Score: -3 (-1,-1,+2, 0,+2,+3,+1,-2,+3,-5,-5)

Summary: An up and down show for me. The match quality was fine throughout, but poor storytelling let it down. Two final segments make me question why I watch wrestling, and the Rock has been better.

How would you have scored the show using my system? You can tweet me @bobbybamber or leave a comment in the box below.

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