Mt. Killamanjaro: Raw Preview – A Muppet Conspiracy

Mike Killam

WWE RawMonday Night Raw has played host to all kinds of celebrity guests over the years. Wrestling legends, basketball greats, game show hosts, astronauts, rock stars, and reverends alike have invaded the WWE, and tonight one of the most iconic performance troupes of the 20th century makes its way to the squared cirlce, live from Atlanta! If you listen closely you can almost here the collective groan of the internet fans too "mature" for the childish antics of PG-WWE. One must only log into Twitter this afternoon to see the displeasure in so many "diehard" wrestling fans, forced to DVR Raw in order to skip through the Muppets. To you people I say: have fun watching the Chargers and the Chiefs battle it out for irrelevancy. We'll see you in January when the Packers win the Superbowl for a second year in a row… 

Please! It's not like Sesame Street is hosting Raw and we have to sit through Big Bland teaching the referees how to make a proper three count (tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw has been brought to you by the letters PG!). Remember, we all held hands and got through Pee-Wee Herman, and I'm actually excited to see what the Muppets are capable of bringing to the program tonight! Like I've been saying on Twitter all week, my childhood obsession is colliding with my obsession for the last ten-plus years! It's only going to happen once, and I'm not going to let a little internet cynicism get in the way of enjoying what could be a great night. 

Last week Kevin Nash attacked Triple H, taking him "out of action for at least six weeks". Along with that CM Punk issued his challenge for the WWE Championship and John Cena requested a partnership with the Rock against the Awesome Truth at Survivor Series. I could definitely complain (and be justified in doing so) about a Rock/Cena tag team match being much less exciting than a traditional Survivor Series match featuring Triple H, CM Punk, and Mick Foley. I could also complain about the damn announcers getting involved in yet ANOTHER feud going into a major PPV! Nevermind that the interim General Manager is a heel making face decisions, the Smackdown GM has booked Raw Superstars in PPV matches for Raw championships, and nothing seems to follow any sort of logical pattern whatsoever… But with so many weeks left to go before the "big game" I'm willing to put my dissapointments asside for a few more episodes of Raw to let the stories progress. 

Triple H will return before Survivor Series, and I'm excited to see where his feud with Kevin Nash is headed. We get to see where the Divas division is headed, and who will challenge Beth Phoenix for the title at Survivor Series (most likely after a Halloween costume contest…). Plus, no matter how abrupt and rushed it feels, CM Punk is once again in contention for the WWE Championship, IF he can get past Mark Henry tonight on Raw…

What will the Rock have to say via satellite? Will Beaker and Sheamus have the showdown we've been waiting a year to see? And will Mark Henry inevitably eat CM Punk's number one contender's spot to the WWE title? Find out on Raw tonight, live from Atlanta as the Muppets invade, the Great One speaks, and the build to Survivor Series continues! 

I will be live-tweeting @MikeKillam leading up to, and throughout Raw along with many other Wrestlezone writers. Be sure to use that #Wrestlezone hashtag!

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