Mount Killamanjaro: TNA Bound for Glory Review

Mike Killam

I've heard hundreds of people talk Bound for Glory, but I have yet to hear a negative review that wasn't based in the same, tired statements the haters are constantly lobbying at TNA's product. Just once I'd love to hear an original, insightful critique that didn't drip with the slime of IWC bitching and moaning. The following is an e-mail I actually received about an hour ago. I'm not going to drop any names, but for the sake of ease, we'll call him Pablo (his name is not actually Pablo):

My name is Pablo, and I am long-time Wrestlezone reader from Chicago too! I have been watching the TNA for years, as well as WWE and Ring of Honor. After watching tonight' (censored) that they tried to pass off as quality wrestling show, I just have to say this is the worst PPV I seen since Hell in a Cell, and that is saying something! Hulk Hogan and his saggy boobs just need to retire before he kills himself or somebody else in the ring he is just terrible and ego and taking time from guys like Eric Young who could be world champion. I am tired of Hogan and Flair and Bishoof stealing money and time when the ratings haven't changed since they showed up just leave!!!!!!! Non of the matches were good and most were long and boring. They needed more blood and ladder moves and to be extreme like they used to be. The one match that I liked was Austin Airs winning the X divisino title from BK and when jeff hardy attacked that (censored). BFG this year was just terribly and not as good as last years at all. Like I said alreadythey need to fire Hogan, Flair, and everyone else from the WWE and go back to the way things weer when TNA was good. I hope you feel same about the ppv.”

I'm just going to let that all sink in for a minute… First of all, I had no idea there was a Chicago in a third-world country! Dear god, I know we have our political issues, but our educational system is not THAT bad. Do me a favor Pablo and send me the name of your 3rd grade English teacher. She needs to be put out of her misery before more of you send me emails with the grammatical competency of a mentally challenged walrus… Out of all the FAIL that this message encompasses, I'm only going to pick one thing to address. You picked Eric Young? Out of all the guys on the TNA roster that deserve the time Hogan is taking up, you picked Eric Freaking Young?!? No, you're right. If Young and Shark Boy don't main event the next PPV, we riot!

Sigh… If you can wade through the cynicism, close your Twitter window or shut down the app, and watch the product from start to finish, you might just see Bound for Glory for what it truly is: the best show TNA has offered their fans in a long time. The last five weeks of Impact Wrestling produced simple, easy to follow feuds that developed at a slow, steady pace and culminated in quite a few solid wrestling matches. You can't ask for much more considering how mediocre (at best) the TNA product has been. It was by no means a perfect event, but it definitely wasn't the train wreck that a lot of people advertise it as. I'm willing to bet at least 90% of people reading this review did not pay to see Bound for Glory and acquired it using less than upright methods. I'm not condemning that practice, as it's utterly ridiculous to expect anyone to pay for the amount of wrestling PPV's the industry puts out, but if you're not shelling out money to support these athletes, you have no right to criticize the product as harshly as many today do. But chances are if you dropped the $60 on Bound for Glory, you're a solid wrestling fan that likely shut the hell up and enjoyed an outstanding PPV.

OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox now. Time for the actual review…

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