Title This: WWE Monday Night Raw Reaction 9-26-2011

Josh Isenberg

Title This: WWE Monday Night Raw Reaction 9-26-2011

Opening Segment Review:

Triple H starts off Raw tonight from Kansas City. He says that Miz and R Truth were fired because of their words and actions from Night of Champions. We see a recap of their actions, as well as what went down on Raw. He says they had a weak apology and were full of crap. He says that he used them to get one more main event out of them. Triple H says that Mark Henry will pay a 250,000 dollar fine because of his attacks on Jim Ross and his attacks to Jerry Lawler. The game continues and says that no one is bigger than the WWE. He will always do what is right for the WWE, as Vickie Guerrero yells "Excuse Me!" Dolph Ziggler gets on the microphone, and says he is glad that Triple H is out here. Dolph wants to know what Triple H will do for him because of what Hugh Jackman did to him last week. Ziggler goes on to say how he was stealing the show, and says he is the hero to all of the kids. He can still compete, and Ziggler asks what he plans on doing about this. Triple H responds by saying Jackman punched him in his glass jaw. Cody Rhodes walks out, and says it is one big joke to him. He complains about what Orton did to him on Smackdown. He wants to know why Orton was not fined. Triple H begins to joke a little. Triple H says he did not whine when Orton attacked him and his wife, and says Cody needs to man up. Christian comes out now, as Christian complains about Sheamus costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H says it was a Lumberjack Match, and Sheamus did his job. Christian says he will file the biggest lawsuit in the history of the WWE. Christian will change his mind if he got one more match. Triple H says at Hell in a Cell he will give him one more match, against Sheamus. Triple H books Christian and Orton on Smackdown. He also books John Cena vs. Christian for tonight in a non title match. Christian whines and leaves. Dolph says Triple H will not do the right thing. Triple H says Dolph Ziggler will defend the U.S. Title against Zack Ryder tonight. Triple H then says Cody Rhodes has the night off, but Rhodes says Hunter should give the night off. He says Triple H is a poor excuse as the COO. He says Triple H should resign. Triple H says the first nine guys he finds backstage will be in a 10 man battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship.


This was a great start to Raw, even though it did take up 18 minutes of air time. Triple H enforced his power, which was needed because of the chaos we are meant to believe happened last week. Having Christian booked in matches all week, concluding to Sheamus on Sunday will give him an excuse for when he loses. He will continue to be a whiny character, because that is the only way Christian gets over as a heel. I loved seeing Ziggler stating his problems, but wish his match would be on Sunday instead of tonight. It will still make for a good match tonight. Lastly, having Rhodes try to test authority was a great angle to build the first match of the night and keep the interest of the viewer. Raw seems to be stacked tonight with an IC Title match, US Title match, Cena/Christian, and Punk/Del Rio. There is a Pay Per View they need to build to on Sunday, and I feel they will as the night progresses. This segment gets an A. It did everything you needed to see for the night and Sunday so far.

10 Man Battle Royal: Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison vs. Sheamus vs. Justin Gabriel for the Intercontinental Championship Review:

McIntyre is quickly eliminated, followed by Sin Cara who was distracted by the other Cara. They both battle on the outside. DiBiase grabs Rhodes and sends him into the ring, as all the faces stomp away at the champion. Riley and Gabriel are on the outside, but Sheamus slugs out Gabriel, as well as a boot to Riley. Jackson eliminates Morrison and Bryan. Sheamus and Jackson go back and forth, until Ted kicks Sheamus. Cody eliminates Ted. Jackson almost eliminates Cody, but he hangs on and stays in the ring. We are down to Sheamus and Rhodes. Sheamus begins to clean house, hits a power slam, and knocks down Rhodes. Christian distracts Sheamus, but sheamus continues to punch away at Rhodes. Sheamus gets caught in the ropes with a missed Brogue Kick. Sheamus blocks an attempt of Rhodes using his mask, but he retreats and knocks out Sheamus. Rhodes wins. Christian rams Sheamus into the ring post, and yells in his face about how it feels to lose. 


You knew that the IC Title would not switch hands, but it was nice to see all of these guys out there. Drew and Cara were eliminated too quickly, as I feel they could of given this into a commercial break. Also, you got to see Rhodes overcome nine more guys which will give him more arrogance throughout his reign. Having Sheamus and Rhodes in the end was the right choice, as the bigger picture was Sheamus and Christian continuing their feud onto Hell in a Cell. I begin to wonder who is next to feud with Cody, as I feel he needs a legit feud, not one thrown quickly together like it was with DiBiase. Give those guys time to build, or give each guy a new feud and path to follow. This segment gets a B, because it was fast paced, entertaining, and built a few storylines inside of it, such as Cara vs. Cara and Sheamus vs. Christian.

John Lauranitis and David Otunga are backstage. He says he has a Law Degree and people are coming to him complaining about Triple H. Lauranitis says he will use some of his influence.

We get a video package of Kelly Kelly.

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