Title This: WWE Friday Night Smackdown Reaction 9-16-2011

Josh Isenberg


Title This: WWE Friday Night Smackdown Reaction 9-16-2011

Opening Segment Review:

We see the return of Edge to start off Smackdown. He says how he misses the crowd. He says it feels so good to be back in Toronto. He talks about what he has done since he retired. He says he misses so many things in the WWE. He will host The Cutting Edge with Mark Henry and Randy Orton. Out comes Cody Rhodes, who says was he thought Edge would be out here to boast about his appearance. He calls Edge a suck up. Edge says he needs to stop bitching about what happened, and he should shut up and do something besides blaming everyone else. Rhodes wonders why Edge is bitter, but says Rhodes has become Intercontinental Champion and beat Orton. He calls Edge a tragedy, and tries to give him a paper bag to take home as a reminder of what Smackdown has become, the new home of the new face of Cody Rhodes. Edge rips into Cody, talking about his father, and says how bored he is. Edge leaves, but Rhodes yells at the fans by saying nobody is better than him. Ted DiBiase strikes Rhodes in the face, and begins to attack him in the ring. DiBiase hits Dream Street and Rhodes leaves.


I loved this opening segment. Rhodes continues to gain much heat while he speaks. He is not the monotone voice, as he sounds devious and a little scary when he speaks. He used the easy heel heat trying to make fun of the hometown boy, Edge, but he did it in a way that was different. The paper bag thing is different as well, as I like how he tries to bring everyone down with him. I wish his face was actually deformed, but the point of his character is about his mental disfiguration to everyone else besides him. There was no IC Title match for the PPV, but this gave it a quick push with little build. It was effective to have DiBiase in the crowd waiting for Rhodes whenever he was done with Edge. Rhodes and DiBiase will have a great match at Night of Champions, and I was happy this kicked off the show tonight, as it is the only title match not set and not built up to some extent. This segment gets an A.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara Review:

Bryan starts by punching Cara to the mat, adding kicks to Cara's chest. Bryan hits an elbow to Cara, but gets a dropkick to the knees. Cara is in control now, and hits axe smashes to his back. Cara works on the knees of Bryan, and tosses Bryan to the outside. Cara applies a submission move onto Bryan's leg. Cara hits a flying headbutt and gets a two count. Cara continues to dominate in this match until Bryan kicks Cara in the face, reversing his reverse splash. Bryan tries a suplex, but Cara reverses him and has him tied up in the turnbuckle. He gets DQ because he continued to kick Bryan in the head. He attacks Bryan after the match, and out comes another Sin Cara, the "Real" Sin Cara. They pose in the ring, and the new Cara leaves the ring.


The match had a solid pace, more of a ground and pound style compared to Cara's usual high flying ability. Bryan got beaten down so much, which I continue to dislike. He has the briefcase, and I feel they need to worry about building him up more than Cara. Having another Cara come out is something the fans have been waiting for, since Wrestlezone broke the news of a potential feud between Cara's. I wonder how this will continue to build when only one can speak. It will be interesting to see how they use both men against one another. This segment gets a B-, because the ending was different and will have the interest of the viewers for a few weeks at least.

Backstage Segment Review:

Theodore Long tells Ryder that Orton and Henry cannot have contact or their match will be canceled at Night of Champions. Aksana asks if Long wants a massage, and begins to get a massage. We then see Trish Stratus enter and say hi, catching Long all flustered.

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