A British Point of View: Could We Ask For More?

Martyn Nolan

RAW continued to roll this week with the same drive and momentum of the past few weeks. We got plenty of CM Punk mic time and although it wasn’t as good as the previous weeks it was still entertaining as hell!

The opening segment was a war of words between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio. On this occasion John Cena actually “entertained” me when he called out Alberto on his rental cars and his flee market scarfs. As things unfolded we were treated to CM Punk making his entrance and thankfully the good old Canadian crowd restored faith in Punk being the next big superstar with a fantastic reception. Also CM Punk was wearing shorts! (Notice I didn’t mention pants or trousers for the people that thought it were an issue in my last article!) All was good in my eyes until Cena interrupted Del Rio when he was trying to talk by calling him a third wheel. Thankfully Del Rio made his point that as champion he should be respected more. Cena’s comments again felt too much of a talking down to Alberto whereas Punk on the other hand explained that he was better than Del Rio but also made him sound credible by explaining and respecting that he had earned the right to be called champion by being in a gruelling ladder match to win the contract. Now before I get criticized and called a John Cena hater I don’t think he did as bad as last week but he didn’t help put Alberto’s character over. When someone is in John Cena’s position they should be making me believe that people are worthy of facing him, the person he is talking to can still have flaws which he can point out but don’t question his wrestling ability, otherwise what’s the point?

As the show moved on we got Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison face each other and I couldn’t help but chuckle when Michael Cole explained that John Morrison was “on a roll” Now recording your first victory after being buried for 3 weeks on a losing streak is not exactly what I would class as on a roll. This was further demonstrated when Del Rio gained the victory. The match was fantastically worked by both men but you have to question why the match took place. Neither man could be saved if they had lost as both these men need to be booked as winners at the minute to build their momentum. Having Morrison lose at this point is another stumbling block and leaves him in another awkward situation. If Morrison had been winning for a month prior to this match and this was documented then Del Rio would have looked like a star for making him tap out but Monday’s booking only gave us what we expected and that was another squash on Morrison’s chances.

One thing worth mentioning which I have meant to put in my articles for quite some time is that I love how Alberto Del Rio kicks his opponents away after he releases his submission hold. It is a classic heel move and is the definitive kicking someone when they are down, perfect for his character.

The split screen promo seems to be making a regular return to WWE TV and it is a great way to get some talent talking on television without having to book an entire segment for them. Natayla and Beth Phoenix used this feature this week very well to further their personas.

Are Kelly Kelly’s arms longer than her legs!? When she holds that title up in the air I’m trying to figure out if she is doing a handstand or whether she just dislocates her shoulders to obtain that kind of height!? I know who I’d want with me if I needed a picture above a crowd, I’d be handing her that camera to hold as high as she could!

Another small thing that I picked up during the Diva’s match which I’ve not heard in a very long time is the chants for “we want puppies!” Maybe it’s me not noticing or that my new surround sound is showing how bad my old speakers were but it definitely noticeable.

Eve has finally got rid of the moonsault! Yes! The twisting neck breaker finish didn’t exactly make jaws drop but at least it’s a move that looks like it is effective and something she can pull off.

A small gripe (Just a wee one!) was that Alex Riley didn’t get his entrance put on TV!? I’m not sure if the show was running over but after the pop’s he has got in recent weeks I found it surprising that this was dropped from TV? Plus also I admit to loving his entrance music! Another quick note is how well Riley can deliver that spine buster! Really impressive! At least we got to hear his music when he won.

The tag team champions got a good grilling again by the commentary team and with the crowning of new champions it appears the voices of the voiceless have been heard with another attempt at making these titles mean something. I liked the way that Kofi also commentated backstage that they had wanted to team for weeks. Only a small comment but it reduces the feel that this team was just thrown together as they have nothing else for them at this stage.

People are obviously concerned that just another make shift team have been given the belts but I think that this might actually be the start of something good for the tag team division. Let’s give it some time…

Miz and R-Truth created some comedy genius as they joined forces to battle “The Conspiracy” Although I’m not happy that Miz never seems to go it out on his own but I couldn’t help but giggle through some of the segment. I’m hoping that they become a decent force and not just a flash in the pan.

And then we got the fantastic main event. CM Punk V John Cena. A moment that completely shocked me was the shirt being thrown back at John Cena after he threw it out to the crowd, not once but twice and I think a third effort was made off camera! Another nod to the great Canadian crowd who ensured that their opinion was known! This was something I hadn’t seen since the One Night Stand PPV, incredible!

This was another great match from both guys and now we seem to be leading into a Del Rio/Cena and Punk/Nash angle for the next PPV. I liked Del Rio’s attack on Cena at the end of the show, it restored some of the respect factor which was lost earlier in the show and will hopefully make Cena’s next few weeks drive home the fact that he is the champion and a man to be threatened by.

Overall I think WWE is doing a fantastic job with RAW, we really have been treated to a great solid show which makes you want to tune in again next Monday to see what direction they go in. I also felt that JR was more of a presence in tonight’s show but I’m still of a strong opinion that three people at the desk is too many! (Yes I said desk, not table, remember I’m British!)

Did you enjoy RAW this week? Or did you find it predictable? Email me at beansontoastuk@msn.com or get in touch via Twitter at @BeansOnToastUK


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