Charlie Sheen > Hardy, SD Live Every Week, Announcer Shuffle

Justin LaBar

Charlie Sheen > Matt Hardy

Many people have emailed or tweeted me with the joke of Matt Hardy being wrestling's version of Charlie Sheen.

Have they both had crazy quotes? Yes.

Is there crazy video out there of them both? Yes.

When you think it can't get any crazier with the headlines, it gets crazier? Yes.

They both fell from the top of the mountain? No.

Sheen was an A-list Hollywood star in movies and sitcoms. Hardy was a mid-level talent who only ever reached A-list heights on his own singles terms when his girlfriend started banging another wrestler. Hardy gets fired, people cried out with sympathy for him getting the short end of the stick and he gets re-hired. He comes back with a big buzz, is going to have a big match with Edge and then that was it.

How ironic that the same people who once were behind Hardy feeling bad for him are now the ones laughing at him and are calling him on tweeting that he's “a washed up joke” and getting a response from Hardy himself who is bragging about how much money he has.

Stop telling us every time you get released from a company or arrested that we don't know the whole story or that the next great chapter is to come. Usually if we find out more of the story you don't look any better and the next great chapter just seems to include mug shots and incoherent quotes.

The only people who are defending you are those who have equal the problems you do or female fans who think you're so hot and free spirited.

Its a sad situation and obviously he has problems that he needs to get taken care of before its to late. He may have already lost his relevant wrestling career but its a much more serious issue if he loses his life. Clean up and try and put yourself to use still in the business as a trainer, producer or some capacity where his experience, success and even mistakes can be used to help others in the business.

Smackdown Going Live Every Week

So UFC announces a new deal with FOX and WWE quickly responds. UFC will be airing fights on the FOX network and on FX. FX will be featured as a UFC fight night. FOX will see 4 big fight events airing each year.

It didn't take long for WWE to announce that Smackdown on 8/30 will be live on Tuesday rather than taped on Tuesday. If the numbers do well on the live edition, we may be looking at Smackdown finally being live on a weekly basis. I think many fans opinions and numbers show that live is only a positive for WWE.

WWE Announcer Shuffle

Congratulations and bye bye to WWE announcer Todd Grisham. After giving his release, he will be joining his friend and former WWE announcer, Jonathan Coachman, at the world wide leader in sports.

Grisham is another guy who you can talk about rise and fall. Except his rise and fall is limited to WWE ranking and it seems he will likely rise back up and have a great job while keeping his sanity.

Grisham was once groomed as the next guy when Jim Ross was the voice on RAW and Cole was on Smackdown. He was the “go to guy” for many on-air roles. He was hosting online shows, doing backstage interviews or commentary on live shows. In the last year though he began to fall. I remember when he was on the 3 man announce team for the live Smackdown which was the first episode on Syfy. He didn't have hardly any energy and if you can go back and listen to the commentary, you will head Lawler and Cole seemingly making jokes about Grisham not being on the ball.

I think Todd has a great look for ESPN. Apparently loves soccer and from everything I have heard or observed in situations, he was never a wrestling guy. He isn't a guy who is going to go watch the product on his day off just cause he is a fan at heart.

I wish him well and most importantly it seems many of his WWE colleagues are doing so too. It shall be interesting to see how the announcer roles are spread around in the next 6-8 months between Josh Mathews, Scott Stanford and Jack Korpela. Stanford has the popularity on his side via Zack Ryder, Korpela has the most wrestling passion on his side and Mathews has politics/Michael Cole on his side. Sadly, I think we all know what wins in wrestling between popularity, passion and politics.

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