Title This: WWE Monday Night Raw Reaction 8/22/11

Josh Isenberg

Opening Segment Review:

Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring, and is immediately interrupted by John Cena. Cena claims he is going to win back the WWE Championship, but also going to hurt him. Cena says only C.M. Punk can go toe to toe with Punk. Out comes Punk, who wonders if this is a re run. Punk complains because Cena wants another title match. Punk reminds us he beat Cena twice in high pressure situations. Punk says if anyone is getting a title shot, it will be him. Del Rio yells saying it is his time, and he is the WWE Champion. Punk feels like everyone is trying to screw him. They talk about their problems with Triple H, and whoever texted Nash wanted Del Rio to be champion badly. Punk talks about cashing in his rematch clause, and Cena wants to do the same. Cena and Punk go back and forth on who will face him. Del Rio says he will celebrate, and not defend his title in front of Canadians. Out comes Triple H, who says he calls the shots. He says C.M. Punk and John Cena will face off for who gets the right to face Del Rio at Night of Champions.


A very solid beginning to Raw, showing every person that is involved in this storyline, excluding Nash. You give the fans what they want. I liked how all three men stated their case, how Punk worked the microphone on Cena and Del Rio. I wish Del Rio would have chimed in more often, but it was well done to show that all three of these men are championship material Triple H does the usual, and makes the main event for tonight. Don't you feel that Del Rio may interfere and screw himself to make a triple threat match at Night of Champions? The night starts off perfectly. This segment gets an A.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison Review:

Morrison begins to unload on Del Rio, hitting punches and kicks to the body of Del Rio. A few quick two counts, but Del Rio kicks Morrison down and in the head. Del Rio begins to ground Morrison, locking in a submission hold. Morrison grapples out, hits a dropkick and uses his power to grapple Del Rio. Morrison tries a high risk reverse splash on Del Rio, lands on his feet, and gets tossed into the barricade. Commercial is over, as Del Rio beats away at Morrison on the mat. Tilt a whirl backbreaker on Morrison gives Del Rio a two count. More offense from Del Rio, including an impressive body slam. Morrison throws Del Rio to the outside. Del Rio gets back into the ring and hits a german suplex. Morrison reversed a DDT, and gets another two count. Hurricanranna on Del Rio, and the near falls continue. Morrison sets up and missed starship pain. Del Rio rams Morrison into the ring post, and the cross armbreaker makes Morrison tap.


Another great performance by Del Rio on Raw. Morrison was the perfect opponent, because no matter what happened, Del Rio was going to win and we get to enjoy Morrison's excellent and unique offense. Morrison was spot on, and Del Rio showed himself overcoming the offensively flurry. Morrison looked strong, but Del Rio looked just as good due to the climax of the match giving him the submission win. I just wonder what is next for Morrison, because he needs a new feud where he can grow as a character and work on his microphone work.  This segment gets an A-, as I want something to happen with Morrison storyline wise. He needs to be more than an in ring performer. That is why Miz has had more success than Morrison. Side Note: From an unknown source, apparently Morrison can only wear those pants because Zack Ryder's dad has the rest of his wardrobe.

Nikki Bella vs Eve Review:

Nikki and Eve go back and forth, until Nikki send Eve to the outside. Eve kicks Nikki, and hits a clothesline, and a standing moonsault for a two count. Nikki flips Eve off the turnbuckle, but Eve rebounds with a neckbreaker for the win. Kelly Kelly hits Brie after the match.


A boring, slow paced match with a few nice spots. Better than the average diva match, but it did not progress a storyline at all, as we just get a stare down from Phoenix/Natalya and Kelly/Eve. I wish they would decide on what they want to do with the divas division. Push the right divas,expose them to us weekly, and not recycle between mediocre ones. This segment gets a C.

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