Title This: WWE Superstars 8/11/11 Reaction

Josh Isenberg


Title This: WWE Superstars August 11, 2011 Reaction

Ted DiBiase vs. Trent Baretta Review:

DiBiase works on Baretta after a failed offensive maneuver, continuing to kick him into the corner. More headlocks and ground submissions gives Ted the advantage until Baretta hits with some chops to the chest, and following up with a spinning heel kick to the back of the head. DiBiase tries to finish off Baretta, but he battles out. A flying splash hits DiBiase, as he falls to the outside. The two men battle back in the ring, until DiBiase reverses a move by Baretta to hit Dream Street for the victory.


A very entertaining match between these two under-utilized superstars on Smackdown. DiBiase, in my mind, is a guy who is vastly underrated in his in ring work and mic skills. Baretta is another athletic, entertaining, and charismatic superstars who has some upside. You received Ted controlling most of the match, with a few highlights from Baretta, who showed off his display of athleticism inside and outside of the ring. This segment gets a B. I enjoyed basic and pure wrestling for seven minutes.

Tamina vs. Alicia Fox Review:

Fox starts off early with a few pin fall attempts, as Tamina kicks out and begins to stomp away at the smaller Alicia Fox. They exchange back and forth offensive moves, until Tamina tries to hit a samoan drop. Fox battles out, and hits a scissors kick that we've known to love from Booker T for the win.


Not too bad of a divas match between the two ladies here. I wasn't entertained much because neither of these divas have an established road in the WWE. Both are middle of the road divas with nothing spectacular, or no personality. I would like to see Fox become a face, as I think she is more likable and could easily turn that way. Tamina could be a powerful heel in the future, but let's be honest. With Phoenix, Natalya, Eve, Kelly Kelly, AJ, and Kaitlyn all getting TV time, it seems these two divas will be waiting a while to get a chance. At least they have time to tone their skills in the ring, which is needed to expand what they can do in the ring. This segment gets a D.

Brodus Clay vs. Aaron James Review:

Clay slaps him in the face, and pounds at his chest and drops him to the mat. He hits a splash on the back of James, who was in between the ropes. He continues to be dominant and hits a flying body splash, bouncing off the ropes, to pick up the win.


Another typical Brodus Clay match on Superstars. We continue to see his athleticism as a 400 pound monster. I think he has an opportunity to do good things, but I feel like his stint as Del Rio's bodyguard was too rushed and too forgettable. He needs to have some sort of interaction with an immediate big guy, like Big Show or Kane, so they can show him the ropes. Learn from two of the best and longest tenured superstars who have his size. Clay will continue to be on here, WWE Superstars that is, until they figure something out. This segment gets a C-, typical squash. He also needs to stop grunting in the ring like a barn animal.

Santino Marella and Evan Bourne vs. Michael McGillicuddy and David Otunga Review:

The tag team champions, Otunga specifically, work on Marella to begin the match. You get a running shoulder block from Otunga to knock down Santino. Otunga continues to use his strength to knock down Marella. Both men tag in their partners, and you see the tag champs work on Bourne, as Otunga comes back in to choke Bourne with his boot to keep him down. Another tag has McGillicuddy hitting a neck breaker on Marella, and we get more quick tag team action until Santino gets some steam offensively. Bourne gets the tag, and hits a flying splash off the top rope to the outside. Santino, now the legal man in the ring, hits Otunga with the Cobra, but McGillicuddy is the legal man for the tag champs, as he hits Turning Heads, which is his neckbreaker finisher for the win.


A pretty good tag team match, considering Santino has ANOTHER tag team partner this week. The Champs continue to get more work on internet television, while Bourne gets stuck filling in for a partner role in the main event of Superstars. Both teams worked well together, but I would have liked to see more Bourne. He is the best wrestler in this match, and him and McGillicuddy could have worked well together with more time. The match lasted roughly 12 minutes, with Santino getting beaten down 9 of the 12 minutes. I liked the ending, where it felt like they escaped with a win. It shows how far they have come so far as a tag team, and where they can go. This segment gets a B.

Overall Reaction:

A complete edition of WWE Superstars gave me an entertaining Tag Team match, with a squash, a divas match, and DiBiase showing why is can be valuable. Where is Drew McIntyre? If not used on Raw, he needs to be seen on here. Maybe build WWE Superstars for guys like him to return to where he once was. I wouldn't mind him and Bourne with a program on here for a few weeks, inserting other superstars. Build a storyline or two just to drive more viewers to it, because the product does entertain at time. Overall, The show gets a C.

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