A British Point of View: I Want A New Game

Martyn Nolan

A British Point of View: I Want A New Game!

No I’m not a child who wants the latest addition to his PS3/Xbox 360… Well ok I am but that’s not the point! I’m talking about Triple H! Triple H is the same as he ever was! I can’t believe that CM Punk didn’t pull ‘The Game’ up for still wanting to hog the spotlight when he entered himself as the special guest referee this Sunday at SummerSlam. With this new role given to Triple H I was hoping for him to become slightly more corporate and try to stay away from throwing his name into main events this quickly.

And I might get pelted for this but his acting as of late has also been nothing short of appalling. From his ‘moving’ moment with Vince when relieving him of his duties to his stumbling around the ring when Cena punched Punk on RAW this past week. He seems lost in the role he has been given and the whole point of him being in the match just suggests he will screw one of the competitors out of the title rather than us wondering whether we would see a clean finish for anyone.

That being said the final segment on RAW was nothing short of gold as we got spoilt by 2 great live promos from Punk & Cena and The Rock also sending another one in remotely (hey we still loved it!)

WWE are doing a good job of managing to use real life circumstances in this storyline which keeps shocking us, especially when Cena used the word ‘heel’ and Punk mentioned the recent WWE releases.

People keep talking about how the product is being aimed at the online ‘smart’ fans and might be going over the casual fans head but to be honest I don’t see it as an issue. Most people even if they don’t understand fully what is being said they understand why it has been said and get the ‘jist’ of where it is going. The show still caters to its PG audiences in all other fields apart from this one rivalry so I think it does no great harm in pushing this angle to the max.

WWE have only announced 4 matches for this Sunday and are heavily relying on Punk and Cena to deliver and how can it not? The match will be of the same quality as last but the question is whether the crowd will make it as ‘special.’ The loud Punk chants on RAW dispelled my worries that his character is either going over people’s heads and/or is going stale.

One man who I am worried about is John Morrison. He has been put in many strange spots in the last couple of weeks, all of which have ended up with him losing his matches. I’m not always a big fan of making sure someone wins as I believe you can also look very strong if you make it look like you only just lost or you came ‘this close’ to victory but to have him on a losing streak could be very dangerous for JoMo.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix are seemingly on the rise and a new direction for the Diva’s is potentially on the cards, fingers crossed for that one! (A potential Natalya, Beth Phoenix and Kharma WrestleMania match very much takes my interest!)

SummerSlam looks significantly weaker than Money in the Bank largely due to the lack of big matches like the ladder match and the lack of stars on the card. Hopefully Barrett, Bryan, Riley, Ziggler and possibly Rhodes can get thrown into the mix to give us some good in ring action.

Are you looking forward to SummerSlam? Do you think that WWE is relying too much on Punk and Cena? Then give me a shout at beansontoastuk@msn.com or get in touch via Twitter at @BeansOnToastUK.

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