Title This: WWE Superstars Review 8/4/11

Josh Isenberg

WWE Superstars on WWE.com: August 4, 2011

Alicia Fox def. Kaitlyn Recap:

Fox and Kaitlyn put on what was a decent match on superstars. Starting with ground attacks by Fox, Kaitlyn showed some offensive abilities, proving her power and strength on Fox. Kaitlyn countered on Alicia Fox with a back-breaker, as well as a flying elbow after stopping her momentum at the turnbuckle. The finish saw Alicia Fox hit a scissors type kick on Kaitlyn for the victory.


While this match has no meaning on the Divas division, let's take a look at what it actually proved. Given 6 minutes of actual in ring work for two divas who need  it. With Fox, you were able to see her athleticism in the ring, her ability to aggressively attack her grounded opponent, and show her acting skills in the ring. Her mannerisms are pretty good for a diva who had one title run. Kaitlyn, from NXT as we are reminded a few times during the match, shows that she can be a great diva in the future. Her power is her biggest asset, as you can tell she is built more like a Natalya than a Kelly Kelly. With her offense lacking creativity, Kaitlyn is getting used to the basics, and can really learn from watching matches that Chyna used to have in the WWE. A powerful, strong woman is definitely what Kaitlyn is and will most likely become in the future. The only major gripe I have with this match is both divas had bad timing on one another when executing a few moves. I grade this segment a C.

Brodus Clay def. Pat Silva Recap:

As expected, this match shows you that Brodus Clay is powerful. He shows some significant improvement over an unknown. You can tell Clay has some pieces to be pretty good in the WWE, such as a unique look, his suplex on Silva was quite impressive. Also, Clay uses a head-butt and the typical body splash in the corner to completely dominate his opponent. He bounces off the ropes with a flying body dive on Silva for the victory.


Not much to discuss here. Clay shows his youth, his size, and his ability to beat a local worker. He gets all of his offensive moves in, that we know of, and picks up a victory in under 4 minutes. Brodus Clay needs to stop grunting after every single move, because it will distract the viewer from seeing that he actually does have some talent between the ropes. Also, he needs to find a gimmick, all he is currently is a guy with a bad haircut and tattoos. Repackage him quickly, because he does deserve to be on Superstars often. This segment gets a C-


Vladimir Kozlov def Primo with JTG on commentary Recap

Primo has minimal offense against Kozlov, a few submission holds. Typical Kozlov match, where head-butts and body slams take over at the end. JTG was somewhat entertaining behind the mic. With his heel persona, JTG should have attacked Kozlov. Kozlov defeats Primo when Primo tries to hit a move off the top rope, but is met with a head-butt to the chest from Vladimir Kozlov.


Not much reaction here because the match was quick and inefficient. Kozlov continues to be a good wrestler with no where to go. Primo could be a great wrestler, somewhere outside of WWE. He just doesnt fit the company, even though I felt like he has been able to be relied on putting people over, such as Sin Cara with entertaining matches. He knows what he is doing, but lacks a character. This match deserved more time. This segment gets a D.

Jack Swagger def Chris Masters

WWE Superstars main event match was actually a very good bout between two guys who seem to work well together. Let's face it, the match had a few botches where moves needed to be executed much better than they did. Swagger and Masters exchanged some great chemistry in the ring, as we saw body slams and belly to belly suplexes performed by Swagger. Swagger continues to show his ability to carry a match, with good timing and a good offense skill set. Masters tries to hook the master lock, but a nice reversal rolls Masters into an ankle lock and Swagger makes him tap out for the victory.


A good back and forth pace between the two who got 12-14 minutes of ring time. Jack Swagger is good, but is repetitive at times, where he basically relies on moves that he used previously in the match. I would like to see him add more moves in his arsenal. Masters has a good look, but that is about it. I don't mind Masters, but he is limited because he is not the most athletically gifted superstar, and is not creative with what he does in the ring. Overall, I enjoyed this match as it was the best of the night with no comparisons. Swagger does not deserve to be on Superstars, while Masters looks to be stuck here for the foreseeable future. This segment gets a B-


Another edition of WWE Superstars is in the books. Nothing great happened, but we, wrestling fans, were treated to a solid wrestling match between Swagger and Masters. I feel like we needed to see Trent Baretta or Curt Hawkins in the show, as they are more capable of getting a crowd behind them compared to some of the matches we saw. An overall grade of C is what it did for me. I have one major problem, and that is the announcers barely showing ANY interest in the matches. I am a fan of the styles of Korpela and Stanford, but it seemed like Striker and Matthews were more concerned about anything and everything else besides what was going on. I get it, there is no storylines for WWE Superstars, but I want to hear what I am seeing.

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