Racism In Wrestling; An Open Letter to Kevin Kelly

Nick Paglino

Kevin KellyI love email… can’t wait to get it, love to read and respond. When I ask for email at kevinfsu90@yahoo.com, I genuinely want email. Sometimes, it takes me a while to respond. I got this email about eight months ago and was planning on writing a column around it but it kept getting put on the backburner. Recently, the author of the below letter wrote me again and ripped me a new one! If you want to read his email to me, send me a note and I’ll forward it to you… it was a major butt-chewing!

So, without further ado, here is Willie Green’s email on Racism in Wrestling. I’ve broken it up in paragraphs to make reading easier but no other editing or changes have been applied.

My name is Willie Green and I'm a concerned Wrestling Fan and I would like to address a issue with you, That you and the rest of the wrestling world alongside with other Journalist refuse to acknowledge and that's the clear Racism that's involved in wrestling and the treatment of Its African American "Superstars". Now before I get started I will say that Im a proud African American so this email isn't a attack on African American wrestlers, but only to expose a ugly truth that gets hidden and swept under a rug without concern or remorse and I will address this issue with you directly, bluntly and honestly. Now I firmly believe that the WWE has extreme racial bias towards African Americans and minorities alike.

The WWE has NEVER had a African American Champion and it appears their will never be one especially if Vince McMahon has anything to say about it. Now when I bring up this subject people are quick to dispute my allegations and they utilize "The Rock" as some form of proof that WWE has had a Black Champion, But i wanna dispute that theory and I'll tell you why. The WWE does not even acknowledge The Rocks African American roots and ties. They always refer to his Samoan Heritage as his ethnic background and they refer to him as Samoan and refuses to acknowledge his African American Heritage. As proof for my claims I will direct you to the latest Dvd The WWE released on the Rock entitled " The Rock The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment" If you go to the very first disc on that dvd the very first chapter is titled Samoan Royalty! with no knowledge or mention of him being a " Black Man".

So therefore the WWE has not had a African American champion that their willing to openly and proudly acknowledge and broadcast to the world. Now moving along to Booker T, people claim Booker T was a black WWE champion. Thats false also, Booker T held the World Championship Belt ( aka The WCW Belt) and he held it 5 times before even considering going to the WWE. That belt does not signify him as the WWE World Champion. The WWE championship belt is the belt that the Miz currently holds and the World Championship Belt ( aka WCW Belt) is the belt currently held by Kain. So in the minds of Vince McMahon and the WWE Booker T has already held the World Championship Belt so why not give it back to him? I mean he's held it 5 times already. So give it back to him, but we wont allow him to ever be the WWE Champion cause that would signify that he's our champion and we'll be damned if we're going to have our belt tainted.

And its sad to say but thats what it appears to be from a fan like me watching. and it hurts when i dont see people who look like me obtaining the same success as guys like the Miz, John Cena, Batista, etc. and other guys who their better then. The WWE has a history of boldly pushing the racial envelope with racial innuendos that are done either subtlety or down right up front. I will give you other examples if I may and I'll start with Virgil! Virgil was a glorified Uncle Tom and slave for the Million Dollar Man! He shined his shoes, carried his luggage, cleaned fungus from in between his toes! He was belittled in public, he was basically a modern day slave for Ted Dibiase! and the WWE proudly marketed his character this way without a glitch of remorse and sorrow and still to this day have made no apologies for that Disrespectful character. Yes Virgil made a choice to play that role, however feeding your family sometimes supersedes your better judgment and self respect in the world of professional wrestling.

Lets move on to Cryme Tyme, Cryme Tyme was nothing more then glorified thugs and gangsters! They were thieves, robbers, hustlers, you name it! They talked ignorantly and sagged their pants and had gold teeth! and its sad because this is how the WWE views African Americans and they broadcast it to a world wide audience. Now its not only blacks they do this to they did it to Savio Vega. Savio Vega was portrayed as a dumb Puerto Rican who could barely speak the English language and who was easily swindled and manipulated and constantly made a fool out of. They even did it to Eddie Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero the Mexican who LIES, CHEATS, AND STEALS! Are u noticing a pattern here Kevin? I mean these examples are irrefutable and are down right evidence of the WWE'S constant racial bias towards minorities. I mean R-Truth the RAPPER lol. I could go on and on with these examples and it hurts me when I see guys like Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth etc. who will never make it pass Curtain Jerkers because the WWE doesn't see them as marketable!

So frankly their wasting their time if you ask me. Right now the WWE only has 5 African American Wrestlers that being MVP, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry. Ezekiel Jackson. R-Truth and maybe the other guy from Cryme Tyme JTG but im sure he'll be released soon enough like Shad was. Shelton Benjamin was a AMAZING TALENT! You mean to tell me that Shelton Benjamin could not have been WWE Champion with the right push? You mean to tell me that guys like Santino Marella are more marketable then Shelton Benjamin? Come on. and its sad when Wrestling Journalist and Columnist like yourself sit idly by and refuse to acknowledge the obvious bigotry in the WWE and in wrestling as a whole! and if you guys aren't turning a blind eye and genuinely havent realized my claims then thats even more alarming and shows that you guys are so conditioned to 'White Only" acceptance in the world of professional wrestling that the lack of a black WWE champion never even entered your minds!

The WWE Only cares about African American star power in their business when it can benefit them only! Hints Floyd Mayweather Vs Big Show, Hulk Hogan and Mr T @ Wrestlemania 1, Lawrence Taylor Vs Bam Bam Bigelow, etc. Or if we're singing the National Anthem. ( at least we're good enough for that huh Kev?). So basically if your not a Black celebrity who can draw money and bring a certain star power then you will never be a main event guy in the WWE and its a crying shame that its that way and I thank God that Linda McMahon did not win her senate race because she in no way shape or form can relate or connect with the Lower Class of America or the Minorities of the world let alone the small few that are in Connecticut and its evident in her very programming of the WWE and I'll admit its a sad sight to see. Hopefully you take this sincere letter to heart Mr Kelly, and Im sure u cant sympathize with my view point but at least try to understand, give it some thought, and at least TRY to expose the ugly truth that is racism in Professional Wrestling. Thanks

Willie Green

To that I say this… the only color I think Vince sees is green but am I wrong? Do you agree or disagree with Willie? Email me… kevinfsu90@msn.com or twitter @realkevinkelly

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