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On The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes - Interactive DanielsOn The Ropes – Interactive Daniels

On The Ropes – Interactive Daniels

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to another edition of “On The Ropes” by yours truly. This week, I am going to talk about one of the most talked about PPV’s in recent wrestling history, Taboo Tuesday. I will also discuss about who exactly you voted for, who I voted for and stipulations of the matches. I will also offer my views for the card. So please get ready for a bumpy ride as I put you “On The Ropes”.

On The Ropes – Interactive Daniels

Unless you have been asleep all week, you will know that WWE staged there very first interactive PPV this week. Well ladies and gentleman, I thought I would do exactly the same, so here you have it, the very first “Interactive Daniels” column brought to you by Martin Daniels.

Match 1: Chris Jericho vs. ? – – – The fans decide the opponent.

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: Shelton Benjamin – 66%

Martin Daniels Voted For: Tajiri

The Internet Voted For: Shelton Benjamin – 37%

I actually voted for Tajiri. It was simple, I didn’t want to see another Chris Jericho/Christian match, nor was I thrilled by the thought of Chris Jericho/Rhyno in a match. So, it left me with a bunch of other superstars including Tajiri and Shelton Benjamin. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of Shelton Benjamin. There’s just something about the kid which, in my eyes, makes him look bland. He’s got a fantastic look to him, but something is missing from this kid. I wanted a Tajiri vs. Chris Jericho match to amaze me and unfortunately, we never got to see it.

The match itself was rather good, in fact, it was very good. I thought the match was consistent and I genuinely felt chemistry in the match. Personally, I wasn’t thrilled at the Benjamin win, nor was I impressed with the finish. I felt WWE should have done better, but overall, this was a really good match and I would really like to see a re-match

Match 2: The Diva Battle Royal – – – The fans decide the clothes for the divas

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: School girl outfits – 40%

Martin Daniels Voted For: School girl outfits

The Internet Voted For: School girl outfits – 53%

Just an excuse for T&A. This match did nothing for me whatsoever. I felt really sorry for female wrestling fans during this one. I mean, how would we, the male audience, feel if we had to vote for what Randy Orton would wear in his next match? The battle royal seemed rushed and basically, the women’s title is once again down the toilet. A big letdown.

Match 3: Kane vs. Gene Snitzky – The fans decide the weapon of choice

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: a lead pipe – 46%

Martin Daniels Voted For: a lead Pipe

The Internet Voted For: Chain – 41%

Like Kane’s PPV match against Shawn Michaels, something was unbelievably wrong here. Look at it this way, Gene Snitzky cost Kane his baby. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but if this bumbling buffoon cost me and my wife/girlfriend our baby, I swear I would want to take his head off. Kane has been threatening that for weeks, yet, the best he could manage was a punch? Shouldn’t Kane have tried to hang Snitzky with the chain, similar to what Raven used to do in TNA? This match was a let-down and personally, I wasn’t pleased with it. Kane’s PPV record is one of the worst in WWE and once again, he is jobbing. I thought the ending was a great way to end the match, but once again, WWE kill something which could have got Snitzky really over. When Kane was getting the stretcher out of the arena, I genuinely thought Kane might have at least, been injured. Granted, I’ve been watching wrestling since the 80’s and I knew full well that Kane wasn’t in any real danger but I thought Kane might have pulled something. Then, the buffoon came back and flips Kane over. For me, this killed all the heat Snitzky had just gained because it made the angle seem unrealistic. Overall, I didn’t like what I saw here.

Match 4: Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene – The fans decide the stipulation

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: Be shaved bald – 42%

Martin Daniels Voted For: To be a Winner’s Servant

The Internet Voted For: Be shaved bald

I decided to go with “To be a Winner’s Servant” on this one. I didn’t want to see Bischoff wear a dress, simply because it would have been entertaining for about 6 seconds. On the other hand, I felt that a job as the servant would have been perfect for Bischoff. Can you imagine Eugene asking Bischoff to brush his teddy bear or asking Bischoff to re-arrange his toy box? That would have been some funny stuff right there.

This match has been built up for several weeks, yet it ended within 5 minutes. That disappointed me. On the other hand, seeing Mr. McMahon doing his “crap walk” was great television. You’ve got to honour McMahon, that guy is “The Man”. Seeing Bischoff getting his head shaved was one hell of an embarrassing moment, but I kind of felt, that it was Vince’s way of laughing at all of Bischoff’s past dealing with WCW. Overall, the match here was poor, but the aftermath was great fun.

Match 5: Edge and Chris Benoit vs. La Resistance

I was optimistic for a very good match here. Unfortunately, I only got a good match. The fact that La Resistance went down so easily (around 5 minutes) to Chris Benoit completely shows that the tag picture is seriously messed up. La Resistance should have destroyed Benoit and then, if WWE really wanted to give the belts to Benoit/Edge so badly, Benoit could have got a fluke win. The match ended and it left me thinking “Is this it?”. I was slightly disappointed by the match but overall, it was still a good match despite my thoughts.

Match 6: Christy Hemme vs. Carmella DeCesare – The fans decide the stipulation

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: N/A

Martin Daniels Voted For: Lingerie Pillow Fight

The Internet Voted For: Lingerie Pillow Fight

I don’t think I need to say anything. This was awful and wasn’t entertaining whatsoever. I didn’t want to punish my fans, so I didn’t ask you to vote for this. It’s just horribly obvious that Carmella DeCesare isn’t ready for the WWE. She doesn’t look bothered or even slightly interested, well I am, so get the hell out of this company and take your “fake” personality, image and body out of the company I love.

Match 7: Triple H vs. ?

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: Edge – 42%

Martin Daniels Voted For: Chris Benoit

The Internet Voted For: Shawn Michaels

I was slightly disappointed that Shawn Michaels won the vote, simply because I would have loved to see Chris Benoit get his re-match for the title. I didn’t want Edge to win at all. Edge’s first heavyweight title match needs build-up; it shouldn’t be made after a fan vote.

Given the circumstances, I thought HBK did a great job and Triple H played the heel really well. I thought it was a good match, not there best, but still, a very fine effort by both superstars. I thought the Edge run in was really great and kind of, a surprise. I expected Edge to feud with Chris Benoit over the tag titles and leave HBK to heal his leg. Overall, a good match with an interesting plot and an exciting conclusion. I really hope these two mix it up in the ring again somewhere down the line, but of course, for now, let’s keep them apart.

Match 8: Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair – The fans decide the match type

“On The Ropes” Fans Voted: Steel Cage Match – 71%

Martin Daniels Voted For: Steel Cage Match

The Internet Voted For: Steel Cage Match – 68%

Pretty much the whole world voted for a steel cage here. I didn’t expect much from this match, I’ll be honest. However, for me, it was match of the night despite only lasting about fifteen minutes, maybe not even that.

Definitely one of Flair’s better matches since returning to the WWE. I believe Flair made Orton look every inch of his “legend killer” tag. Not only did Flair sell to high heaven, but he also did something which I have never seen in a cage match before. I’ve always wondered, “Why don’t they just try and get out when the opponents are down or when there opponents looks like they are about to kill them” For once, Flair actually climbed up the cage when he saw that Orton was about to kick his ass. It was great stuff to see. The match itself wasn’t a fantastic masterpiece of wrestling, but, it was still a very good match. I really do hope that Flair calls it a day soon, not because I don’t like watching him or anything like that, but simply because he will definitely look back on this match and tell his grandchildren “You see that guy Randy Orton, I made a little part of him which you see on the screen right now, Whoo!”. If he doesn’t retire now, his last match might be a DQ win over Rosey or a submission loss to Val Venis, and we all know, that isn’t good.

Definitely the match of the night and a great way to end the PPV.

Overall, Taboo Tuesday served its purpose. It got Edge, Shelton Benjamin and Gene Snitzky over, it built up fresh storylines, it made new champions and it gave us, the WWE fans, a nice part to play in the event. It wasn’t the most fantastic PPV I have ever seen, but it did its job and it was well worth a watch. There were still a few hiccups in there (especially the divas matches) but all in all, I thought Taboo Tuesday was one hell of a decent PPV. I just hope they don’t overkill the “interactive” gimmick and do it every three months. Maybe try this thing again in eighteen months time with the Smackdown brand. I certainly know that once again, I’ll be interacting with the WWE.

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This week’s feedback comes from TheWrestleProdigy and Antoine Hoffman of Washington, DC:

The truth has been told yet again by you, this time about TNA. To be honest, I’ve only recently become a TNA viewer through Impact! but I’m completely blown away by what they have to offer. The X division has the potential on its own to catapult TNA into the stratosphere, as well as the seemingly diverse and populous tag division. The Phenomenal AJ Styles and Petey Williams are my personal favorites in this division, and Kid Kash has a brash charisma about him as well. But, my favorite wrestler there at present is Primetime, for he was the first I ever saw perform and made the Overdrive finisher look eight times better than Randy Orton ever did.

Anyway, I’m in complete agreement with your sighting of TNA’s ineptitude with its heavyweight ranks. I was literally blown away when you said that only four wrestlers have held the title, the main guy being Jarrett. I don’t know if it’s cause of his last name, or because of some amount of talent I’ve yet to see displayed by him. I honestly don’t see how Jarrett is able to beat people outside of his guitar shots. Worse yet, the only competition he’s gotten is Jeff Hardy. I understand he has marquee value as a risk taker, which in turn makes him exciting, but he just doesn’t have what it takes to be champ. Meanwhile, The Alpha Male, Monty Brown (POOOOOOUNCEE, period!), has to job to him. If TNA has any sense of direction, they’ll have Jarrett drop his belt to hopefully the Alpha Male, but with the reemergence of the Wolfpack, it looks like a three man run in and beat down of Jarrett’s challenger.


They say you learn something new everyday, but wow. The one attribute I respected about TNA was its ability to put over talent. Let WWE tell it, Ron “The Truth” Killings was destined to be Road Dogg’s sidekick, whose dance skills outshined his ring work. When he became champ, I knew TNA was the company that finally got the message, that being establishing its position in sports entertainment with new faces in championship roles. Killing’s championship runs should’ve surpassed four weeks. The Killings vs. Jarrett match where guitars were banned from ringside and Ron was stripped “because he used one on Jeff” was a screw job. Yeah, Ron used the guitar on Jeff, but Jeff was instructed to keep his weapon of choice backstage. Ron shouldn’t have been penalized for Jeff’s defiance. Ron should be the champ, waiting to see who will emerge as the #1 contender for Victory Road. Also, I would love for the creative team to have Killings remain with 3LK, but abandon the shucking and jiving and inherit a more focused attitude. Here are some other suggestions as to how TNA can enhance the heavyweight division:

The Heavyweight Division

Considering Jeff Jarrett is a household name in the industry, I can understand TNA giving him an extended title run the first time around. Now that TNA is starting to gain recognition, it would be best for the creative team steer away from duplicating WWE’s routine, which is to subject the heavyweight belt to the same 2-4 stars. Look at this past Friday’s Impact (10-8-04) Four Man Tourney results! Jeff Hardy should not have beaten Abyss (whose skill set was limited) that easily. Besides, Jeff already had his shot at the belt a few months ago and couldn’t get it done. Match two, Monty Brown over Raven! How, when Monty’s only moves were punches to the ribs and head, and the Pooooooooouuuuuunce? The talent is too deep to have next week’s final feature one star that loused up his opportunity and another, whose move arsenal could stand for renovation. Now D’Lo Brown’s hesitance on a TNA return has been vindicated. He was asked to put over Monty “Moveless” Brown. Here are a few names to consider for the heavyweight picture:

1. Abyss- Who gave AJ Styles havoc, during that rivalry and was screwed this past weekend.

2. The Elite Guard (Collyer, Fernandez and Onyx)- They can’t remain Jarrett’s bodyguards forever!

3. Chris Harris- He’s proven to be a formidable opponent against Jarrett. James Storm needs to tap more into singles action before earning a slot.

4. Dallas- Can remain with Kid Kash, but needs to establish himself as a singles/title competitor.

5. David Young- My sleeper! Why? He has the tools necessary to become today’s Arn Anderson. The creative team should give him a “winning streak” push, to negate his last storyline.

6. Jeff Hardy- He should travel a path similar to AJ’s. In that, I mean he should earn his stripes more in the X-Division. He was thrown into the heavyweight title picture too soon.

7. WHAT ABOUT RAVEN? He too was screwed this past weekend.

8. Ron Killings- “The Truth” should still be champion!

9. Sonny Siaki- Another victim to the “Put Over Monty Brown Project.”

10. Ekmo- What happened to this guy?

If there is anyone that TNA should sign to add spice to the heavyweight title picture, it is Samoa Joe and Slyck Wagner Brown

A couple of things before I go! One, don’t misconstrue the Monty Brown comments as those of hatred. I just don’t see the justice in having talent play 2nd, 3rd and 12th fiddle to a star that could use more development. Finally, I haven’t forgotten about Christopher Daniels! I just want to see XXX dominate the tag scene a little more before taking separate paths. With a little more work, maybe Primetime can warrant himself a shot at the heavyweight belt.

Antoine Hoffman of Washington, DC

Thanks for your feedback guys. Everybody pretty much agrees that TNA is in a decline simply because they refuse to change the heavyweight title scene. Granted, they have made new stars, but is it fair that we continue to see Jeff Jarrett vs. the rest of the roster each week, in the main event of the show. I want to see something exciting in TNA, and although Jarrett is the biggest draw in TNA, I still want to see something like Raven vs. Chris Harris for the title. It’ starting to become silly and I believe you guys have hit the nail, right on the head, with your comments.

Once again, thanks for he comments and please continue to support the column!

Well that’s the end of the column. Thanks for reading the column and please, continue your support for the column by getting in touch via e-mail themaneffect@hotmail.com. As I mentioned earlier, I read every e-mail sent to me, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, but until next time, thanks for reading and take care.

Martin Daniels


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