The Widow’s Peak: Russo vs. Rhoads, Hall vs. Nash and Victory Road!

Rachel Doty

Election Day is today and the American people will vote if George W. Bush will stay in the White House or if its John Kerry’s turn. While this is a very important vote, another vote on November 7, 2004 will determine who will become Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s Director of Authority. Will it be Vince Russo, who is one of the most hated men in sports entertainment or will the American Dream, Dusty Rhoads leave his opponent, well in the dust? There is of course a big gap between these two elections with the “Race to the White House” being the most important vote in American history. Election fever just seems to be running amok and whether you’re voting for politics or for getting Dusty Rhoads to keep his mouth shut, go out and vote.

TNA’s first ever 3-hour PPV will feature some of the most prominent names in the company’s history. Victory Road can falter in so many ways, but it can also succeed in many ways as well; with all the title on the line, there is one match, if you can call it that, has been prominent throughout the Impact tapings up to Victory Road. Dusty Rhoads and Vince Russo have been going at each other for months and it will all come to a head in less than a week. Will the fans vote of the man who backs Jeff Hardy or the man who backs Jeff Jarrett? I know I’ll be voting, but as for whom, I’m not sure; actually I’m not that concerned. I mean if Vince Russo and Dusty Rhoads were the candidates for the Presidential nomination, the United States would be screwed.

In the edition of the Widow’s Peak, I’ll be looking at the feud between Dusty Rhoads and Vince Russo, Victory Road and my thoughts and predictions of Victory Road.

Two Men Both Like…

One of the focuses of TNA’s PPV, Victory Road, is the vote for Director of Authority. We have two men: the “American Dream” Dusty Rhoads and ” One of the Most Hated Man in Sports Entertainment” Vince Russo, both who have seen their share of controversy. Russo for his storylines, most which have been unintriguing and Rhoads for that mouth of his that gets him in trouble. The feud between these two men have been boiling over for months, way before Victory Road was even thought of; and it came to a head this past week on Impact. Rhoads brought out the men he is supporting for the next World Heavyweight, X Division and Tag Team champions. Then Russo came out, with one lonely bodyguard and the rest is history: words were slung, ultimatums thrown and the claws came out.

The question begs, does anyone actually care about either one of these men? One man supports Jeff Hardy, who is as about hot and cold as the fans that cheer then boo him. The other supports, well pretty much just himself; Russo has made no qualms that he hates the sports entertainment business, which has raised eyebrows. However, in all honesty, are we that surprised that Russo, who has been chewed and spit out more times that Trish Stratus, said that? I, for one, am not surprised in the least that Vince feels that way; I mean it’s pretty much the mantra for the other Vince…McMahon. Just what would Vince gain out of winning the vote? That’s not much, considering that he will be leaving the company after the PPV, which two scenarios come to mind, just in case Russo would win.

1.Russo wins, and then resigns.

2.Russo wins, resigns and appoints someone else who isn’t Dusty Rhoads.

Will TNA rig the votes to make sure that Rhoads wins, or will they actually let the fans decide? I guess we’ll have to find out at Victory Road then, won’t we?

Victory Road is Close

There are several good matches that will be seen at Victory Road, well let me rephrase that, there will be a few good matches seen at Victory Road. The big match, the match to end all matches….the ladder match pitting champion Jeff Jarrett up against the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, which makes me laugh as I write, “Charismatic Enigma. But, the matches I’m looking forward to are Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles, but what really makes AJ Styles Phenomenal; and the 20 Man X Division Gauntlet for a new #1 Contender. With one more show to really make Victory Road exciting, TNA seems not to know how to do that; you can’t rely on just the wrestlers, now can you? They have everything in order, but they don’t know to really make us fans want to buy the show.

Trinity has come back, much to my dismay, and issued a challenge for anyone to come and face her. To my knowledge, but I may have tuned her out since her fake New York accent is thicker that Matt Hardy’s southern accent, she didn’t specify if the competitor had to be a male or a female. I would love for one of NYC to come out and just beat the living hell out of her, just because they were tired of her bossing them around. Or Traci, who is one of the best female Indy workers around, to come and lay the Smackdown on her bitchy ass!

The big emphasis that TNA has focused on has been the returns of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Hall is fat and has grey hair while Nash has white greasy hair that would make Ric Flair ashamed to have his hair. I don’t think many fans are intrigued to see who endorses Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett, because frankly, not many people even care about that match. We’ve seen the video packages for Nash and Hall or Hall and Nash which ever you say and there not that impressive. The problem isn’t the quality of the video it all comes down to how Nash and Hall presented themselves; if TNA is hoping that the Outsiderz will catch on and help Victory Road and the company: GOOD LUCK!

My Victory Road Predictions

This is my least favorite thing to do is predict who will win, but I shall do my best.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship:

Ladder Match

Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Rachel’s Thoughts: I can’t believe that my friend is going to spend 30 dollars on a match she saw for 10 dollars. I’m going to get the tape from her, and I don’t have to pay her, so I won’t be too upset if I hate Victory Road. Jeff Hardy sucks that’s all I can say and a ladder won’t cover up the weaknesses he hopes it will.

Winner and STILL World Champ: Jeff Jarrett

X Division Championship:

Petey Williams (c) vs. AJ Styles

Rachel’s Thoughts: I like both these guys, they are two of the best X Division stars around. Both are young, innovative and exciting to watch and this was one of my main reasons to get this PPV. If given the proper amount of time, this will be on the best X Division matches to date; I like both guys, so it’s hard to pick, but I’ll try.

Winner and NEW X Division Champ: AJ Styles

NWA World Tag Team Championship:

Team Canada(c)vs. 3Live Kru

Rachel’s Thoughts: The tag division has been lacking recently with the title being bounced back and forth. I hope it gets back on track with this match and given the right amount of time, it could very well be the sleeper match of the night.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champs: 3Live Kru

Trinity’s Challenge:

Open to Anyone

Rachel’s Thoughts: How I hate Trinity for reasons, which I do not know. I don’t care who answers this challenge, male or female, as long as they give Trinity what should have been handed to her awhile back.

Winner: Not Trinity

X Division

20 Man Gauntlet Match:

Rachel’s Thoughts: I like matches like this, although sometimes it’s hard to keep whom straight. There are many good X Division wrestlers on the roster, so who’s to win is uncertain, but the lucky #20, which was won by Alex Shelley during the 10-man Elimination match last week on Impact. That will make Shelley the freshest wrestlers in the ring, but it won’t necessarily allow him to pull of a win, but we’ll see.

Winner and NEW #1 Contendership: Alex Shelley

Vote 2004: Russo or Rhoads?

Rachel’s Thoughts: I don’t know who has the biggest ego in TNA, Vince Russo or Dusty Rhoads. Russo is leaving the company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll get the majority of the votes. However, if that is the case and Russo does get the vote, he’ll probably resign or if god help us, appoints Goldylocks to his position. Anyway, the fans get to vote and we’ll see if they come through.

Winner: Vince Russo

Who’s the Best:

America’s Most Wanted vs. Triple X

Rachel’s Thoughts: These teams have brawled with each other, which escalated into an all out fight backstage and spilling out to the ring 2 weeks ago on Impact. Christopher Daniels, head shaved and all, challenging the brothers to a match to determine which of them is actually the better team. I wish that this was the tag team match since these men know each other like the back of their hands. They have always been teams that have stepped up to the plate for TNA on several occasions, even as singles competitors.

Winners: Triple X

Monster’s Ball:

Abyss vs. Monty Brown vs. Raven

Rachel’s Thoughts: I like all these men, so this one is up in the air as to whom I’m going to pick. We’ve seen these guys get the best of each other and that’s what’ll they’ll do come Victory Road. Abyss is by far the scariest one to see, reminding me of Mick Foley’s days as Mankind. Monty Brown is like Viscera except Monty has more moves, a better look and isn’t dumb sounding too much. Raven, whom most people know about, has let himself got a bit, not the fit looking Raven we’ve seen before. However, it’s Raven who really cares, right?

Winner: Raven

Well, duty called for me to write this column, it’s appropriate for me to write this column. As a dedicated TNA fan, I hope that this PPV leads to better things for the company and the Superstars as well. Will Vince Russo beat Dusty Rhoads? Will Jeff Hardy finally upstage Jeff Jarrett? Who will answer Trinity’s challenge, male or female? Will AJ Styles finally get his hands on the coveted X Division championship? These questions and more will be answered this Sunday, and I’m crossing my fingers it turns out well.

Until we meet again, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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