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Welcome to the Not Just Another Survey Results Special. I know that some of you have been waiting for weeks for these results and now they are finally here! I received an overwhelming response. Over 100 people responded to this survey. Below are the results with the percentage of responses beside them. My personal picks are all in bold. I hope that this little bit of information helps everyone in the IWC to see how the readers feel about many topics. I can honestly say that some of the results were expected and others a bit surprising. The winner of the 2004 Kane Unforgiven poster was Justin Blevins from Lexington, Kentucky. Congratulations!

1. Who is your favorite of the new “Big Men” on WWE television today?

None of them…I hate them all! – 32% – I actually like Big guys…sorry!

Luther Reigns 30% – He is not bad in the ring and has a good look.

Heidenreich 16% – I still want to know who Little Johnny is!

Gene Snitsky 14% – He crack me up! (It wasn’t his fault!)

Tyson Tomko 8% – I don’t really care for him…don’t know why.

2. Who would you like to see face The Rock face at WrestleMania 21?

Randy Orton 38% – I would love this feud. The first 3rd generation stars.

Someone else 32% – HBK & John Cena were the top 2 write-ins.

Eddie Guerrero 12% – This would be exciting…but it has been done before.

Triple H 10% – They deserve a WrestleMania match together.

He should stick to making movies 6% – That is just not nice!

Kurt Angle 2% – They always have had great matches

3. Who’s WWE/World Title reign was the least expected in 2004?

JBL 90% – No surprise here.

Randy Orton 8% – People didn’t expect this to happen so soon.

Eddie Guerrero 2% – I still can’t believe they let HIM beat Brock!

Chris Benoit 0% – No Surprise here either.

4. Who should be the next to retire from in-ring action?

Ric Flair 66% – Most of you thought he should become a manager.

The Undertaker 12% – He still has a few good matches left.

Booker T 12% – These answers were given before his recent Main Event push.

Triple H 6% – I just think people voted for him because they are tired of him.

Other 4% – I think Flair and Undertaker were the 2 on everyone’s minds.

HBK 0% – Is it me or is he getting younger each year?!

5. How do you feel about the Kane/Lita angle on Raw?

It’s what I have come to expect on RAW. 54% – Speaks for itself.

I love it. It has made me laugh, cry and feel all tingly inside. 24% – Really?!

It’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen.16% – Not the dumbest…but top 10!

I don’t care about what happens on Raw. 6% – Speaks for itself again.

6. What type of matches to you enjoy watching the most?

I like them all the same 46% – As long as a match is exciting, it doesn’t matter.

Gimmick matches (cage, ladder, first blood, ect…) 26% – I expected this.

High flying action and fast paced 16% – That’s why the X-Division is popular.

Hardcore style (anything goes) 6% – I thought this would get a larger response.

Amateur style mat wrestling 6% – Expected.

7. Would you watch a weekly prime time program of TNA if it was available?

Yes 60% – The majority want a choice other than WWE.

Maybe 28% – It depends on the night of the week. (Not on Monday or Thursday)

No 12% – Most that answered this way, have seen it before and do not like it.

8. Who would you most like to see back on WWE television in a full time position?

The Rock 44% – He is still The People’s Champ.

Shane McMahon 28% – I would love to see him as a GM.

Stone Cold Steve Austin 12% – I thought he would get more support.

Hulk Hogan 10% – Same as Austin

Mick Foley 6% – See above. Perhaps he leaves and comes back too often?

9. Do you read the taped results for SmackDown (spoilers) before it airs on television?

Yes, All the time 42% – How can you guys ruin it for yourselves?!

Yes, Sometimes 34% – OK…I do it myself sometimes!

No 18% – You guys have more control than I care to exhibit. Try it once!

Yes, once or twice 6% – They said that it ruined it for them.

10. When you hear the name of Bret Hart, what one of these things comes to mind first?

The best there is, was and ever will be 46% – Almost half. No surprise here.

The Screw Job 28% – That’s not the best legacy to leave. Kind of sad.

WWE Champion 12% – You can’t take away his multiple reigns no matter what.

Canadian 8% – When I think of Canada I think of Brett. Not visa versa.

The Hart Foundation 6% – I liked The Anvil more than Brett when I was young.

11. How old are you?

19-29 60% – This was a large age group. Kind of expected.

13-18 38% – This large of a percentage in this age group has to be a good thing.

30-50 2% – Only 2 guys! Maybe they couldn’t figure out the email thing! lol

50 or older 0% – None…nada…zilch.

12. Which is the biggest feud of the last 25 years?

McMahon/Austin 42% – You can’t deny the effect that this feud had.

Hart/HBK 16% – Both guys were amazing and were in their prime.

Rock/Austin 16% – It’s hard to argue with 3 WrestleMania matches.

Hogan/Savage 4% – It was the biggest of the late 1980’s.

Sting/Flair 2% – At least a couple people were faithful to NWA/WCW.

Other 20% – Just a few: The Rock/Triple H, Jericho/HBK & Hogan/Andre

13. List your top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time. (I listed the top 15 by percentage of people that voted for them.) My picks: Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Scott Hall & Triple H

1. Bret Hart 50%

2. HBK 40%

3. Chris Jericho & The Rock 30%

4. Kurt Angle 28%

5. Hulk Hogan & Stone Cold 24%

6. Chris Benoit 22%

7. Triple H 20%

8. Undertaker 18%

9. Ric Flair & Mick Foley 16%

10. RVD & Randy Orton 14%

11. Sting 12%

12. Owen Hart & Edge 10%

13. John Cena & Randy Savage 8%

14. Rick Rude, Rey Mysterio, Ultimate Warrior & Curt Hennig 6%

15. Eddie Guerrero, Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Christopher Daniels, Ted Dibiase, Jeff Hardy, Dynamite Kid & Low-ki 4%

14. List your top 5 favorite managers of all time. (I listed the top 10 by percentage of people that voted for them.) My picks: Bobby Heenan, Miss Elizabeth, Freddy Blassie, Mr. Fugi & Paul Bearer

1. Bobby Heenan 62%

2. Paul Heyman 52%

3. Paul Bearer 46%

4. Jimmy Hart 32%

5. Miss Elizabeth 30%

6. Mr. Fugi & Jim Cornette 28%

7. Theodore Long & Sunny 18%

8. Ric Flair 14%

9. Ted DiBiase & Captain Lou Albano 10%

10. Eric Bischoff & Stacy Kiebler8%

Essay Question: (I chose a few random responses.)

Will Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit ever hold the WWE/World Titles again?

Eddie Guererro and Chris Benoit will become heavyweight champs again…..if they jump ship and join TNA. To answer the question, no. Why? One, Triple H beat them to Stephanie McMahon! Two, Vince McMahon has this fixation with screwing over anyone that worked with Ted Turner. It’s not enough that Turner forwarded WCW to him. In my eyes, he takes the disrespect to a whole new level by degrading some of the company’s finest. For instance, Scott Steiner! He went from multi-time WCW heavyweight champ to Test’s flunky that worked Heat cards. Another example, Booker T! A five time champ, who hasn’t worn that belt since coming to Raw. Benoit had to take the journey of a jobber, before getting the belt he once held. Look at Perfect Event! One of the up and coming stables in WCW! Where are they now? Chuck Palumbo- pretty much a jobber! Shawn Stasiak- fired without being given a fair shot! Sean O’Haire- before getting the pink slip, he was Piper’s henchman? Mark Jindrak- relegated to serving Kurt Angle.

Antoine Hoffman

Umm…. no. They put on more entertaining matches whenever the pressure of being World champ isn’t on them. They should go after the US/IC Title.

Dave Pal

I think they both will hold the titles again but Benoit will get again it well before eddie. Eddie was a good champ for smackdown but the pressure got to eddie cause he was the top guy on smackdown the fans loved him but the rating started to drop, as we all know eddie has got a short fuse so when vince thinks eddie will be alright eddie will be champ again Now Benoit was one of the best champs on raw he brought the best out the game HHH, HBK AND KANE THESE MATCHES WERE AMAZING TO WATCH!!! It was great to see randy orton win the title but i think benoit should have kept for a while like until armageddon atleast and then let orton win the title. So Benoit will get the title back as soon as this HHH AND ORTON feud is over!

Tony Gallagher

Benoit: most likely will hold one of the two main titles again. With too much face competition on Raw, he should probably return to Smackdown and feud with Angle for the WWE. As for Guerrero: Unfortunately, doubtful he will again hold one of the “big two”. From everything between the lines reported by the IWC, another title run doesn’t seem in Eddie’s best interest or wishes as of now. The impression I have is that Eddie can not, should not, and does not wish to deal with the pressure of being a world/WWE champion.

Eric W. Ray


I hope you enjoyed my Special Survey Results Column. It took me a lot of time to get all of your responses recorded and organized and I have to say that it was worth it. I will be back next week with a regular column. If you would like to let me know what you thought of these results please shoot me an email at feedback@notjustanotherfan.com!

John Wilson

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