The Triad Top 48 Columnist Contest

Dougie Nunny

For as long as the internet wrestling community has been around, there have always been those around who spend their free time, for no reason other than the love of buisness, weaving a perfect blend of fact and opinion into an article

These are the columnists.

Love them or hate them, these are the IWC columnists.

Around seven years later, the IWC has yet to have an in-depth, accurate list depicting the best columnists today. Around seven years later, the IWC has around 500 columnists, 75% of which people knew nothing about. In the early fall of 2005, 3 huge sites came together to put an end to this.

On September 3rd, the Triad Top 48 was born. 3 sites came together to bring an in-depth, accurate list of the top 50 columnists today.,, & pooled their resources and held the voting across all three of their forums. The goal was to get the most in-depth columnist list ever as well as get all writers noticed more, both of which have been achieved.

The contest began with a nomination thread. Each person could nominate 5 different columnists. Out of 500 columnists on the internet today, 75 of the most elite columnists were nominated. After all nominations were in, people voted on the list. Next to each and every columnist, people voted whether or not that columnist belonged on the list. Each “Yes” vote gathered 4 points for that writer; each “Maybe” vote gathered 2 points for that writer; and each “No” vote gathered zero points for that writer. In the end, the list was gathered together, and the top 50 scores were welcomed into the Triad Top 50.

Ten Rounds of in-depth voting followed. For the first round, the whole list was put in alphabetical order. Ten lists of 5 columnists were made and each voter voted on each and every list, otherwise their vote was thrown out. People ranked each columnist in a list of 1 to 5. Each 1st place vote received 10 points, 2nd place received 8, 3rd received 6, 4th received 4, and 5th received 2. After the first round of voting ending, the list was organized by points with the person with the highest votes being first, and the lowest being last.

Starting in the next round and continuing to Round 10, slots began to be frozen by intervals of 5. After the Second Round, slots 46-50 were frozen and were not voted upon anymore. The rest of the list was still voted upon, but the frozen slots were permanent.

Also, at this point, the first of two dropouts in the Triads happened. The number 48 columnist was proven to be a plagerist. After admitting to his charges, the columnist agreed to be removed from the list in order to keep the integrity of the list intact. At this point, we were down to 49, but the Triads still continued with lists of 5 voting.

Voting continued through the end of fall and beginning of winter with no problems. Tie breakers were put in place when slots that were frozen were actually tied in points. For about five days, people voted on the tie breaker (whether it be two or three people) and ranked them like in the regular lists. People with the highest points were ranked higher in the end, and then the rounds began again as normal.

After Round Seven, the final drop out of the contest happened. One of the columnists on the list decided that due to professional and personal reasons, it was in his best interest to withdraw from the contest. Just like before, voting went as regular after this and we were down to the Triad Top 48.

On December 27th, the contest was closed with the announcement to be named on January 1, 2005. With ten rounds and four months of voting behind us, the most accurate, in-depth columnist list was completed.

Triad Top 48

1. The Headliner


2. Mike Steele

The 5 Star Truth

3. William Hernandez

Straight Outta NYC

4. Johnathan Brown

Mr. Brown’s Class

5. John Wilson

Not Just Another Fan Presents…

6. The Butcher

The Butchershop

7. Double A

The ‘Double A’ Report

8. Shak

The Pepsi Plunge

9. Scott Stover

Scotty’s Corner

10. Adam Perez

Speaking The Truth!

11. Bradley Springer

The Springer Column

12. Martin Daniels

On The Ropes

13. Alex Tansley

The Blind Observer

14. Jordon Wright

[The Wright Idea!]

15. Euan Conway

Off The Record

16. Matt Green

Get The ‘E’ Out

17. Linda Robin

Linda’s Thoughts

18. Jim Forzese

The Forzese Files

19. Josh Garzoli

The Way I See It

20. Tim Sampsell

The BigTimboski Show!

21. Jay Shears

And That’s What I Think

22. Frank Ram

Old School’s Tale

23. Josh Tariff

From The Couch

24. Tyler Chadwick

The Most Valuable Column

25. Rob Kent

The Trebor Mint

26. Chris Chambers

The Kross View

27. Nubis

The Ringside Sermon

28. Alex Wipper

The Fan’s Perspective!

29. Trevor Lane

Reading Between The Ropes

30. Rob Taylor

The Hot Topic

31. Jake Feldman

Hardcore Thinking

32. Mike Johns

The Trademark Rants

33. Rachel Doty

The Widow’s Peak

34. Dean Saliba

The Final Cut

35. Stinger

A View From The Rafters

36. Charlie Tinsley

The Crypt

37. YourAyatollah

All About The Game

38. Tim Jaquay

The Third Fall

39. Brandon Harding

And That’s The Truth

40. Jamie Pearce

Diva Dosage

41. Julian Phoenix

Flight Of The Phoenix

42. Trevor Hunnicut

Figure Four Leglock

43. Mitchell Gadd


44. Dre

All My Divas

45. Lou Corsaro

Captain Lou’s View

46. Winter

Let It Snow

47. Phantom Lord

The Rant Of The Week

48. Wevv Mang

Ridin’ With The Bossman

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