Old School’s Take: The Top 10 of the past 25 years Part 1

Frank Ram

Hello fans and welcome to another edition Old School’s Take. As always I can be reached at dodgerdude42@yahoo.com or at my AIM WZoldschool. Now onto the Talking Points. Let me say that the whole Rock/WWE scandal is very similar to another scandal that just went down less then a month ago. Abyss said he was done with TNA just before Final Resolution. I think we have a similar case here. Rock will be at WrestleMania. I’m almost sure of it. Now onto my column.

In the world of wrestling, it is really tough to come up with a top ten of all time list. Its almost Impossible. You will always have some radicals insisting you need to go back to the days of Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmidt. You may have a few that would even go far enough as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. So in a word. Its IMPOSSIBLE to come up with a top ten list. Just for the mere fact that we never saw these guys wrestle and cannot get any tape with any of their matches. So its stupid to ever try to do that.

However in my attempt to come up with a awesome series that would get peoples attention. I thought about doing a top ten List. Not of all time of coarse. The top ten of the past 25 years. So from this column till I finish I will do a series on My top ten superstars of the past 25 years. Some wrestlers on this list are still active and some are retired Each column will cover two wrestlers until I reach number five. Then four through one will be exclusive columns to that superstar. So with that said lets get this show going.

[b]#10 Triple H[/b]

When you talk about the best, you need to talk about Triple H. Most people hate him and say he just got lucky because he married the boss’s daughter. People can be real naïve and that’s the biggest naïve statement any wrestling fan can make. We are in no position to tell Vince McMahon how to run his company. Absolutely no one is in that position. I have to say that this title run is no different then the runs Austin went on. Just that the internet didn’t have a problem with Stone Cold and he was able to go on with his career. Triple H will probably never have that chance again. People say there isn’t a IWC Mafia and I say just look at this. People legitimately hate this guy and its all due to the net. Nothing else.

Triple H first came into the major promotion picture when he joined WCW in January 1994 as Jean-Paul Levesque. WCW had him playing a blue blood snobbish gimmick. His very first televised match took place on WCW Worldwide where he defeated Brian Armstrong, who ironically would become Hunter’s DX stablemate The Road Dogg years later. Paul jobbed to Alex Wright, who was barely in his late teens, at his first (and last) WCW pay-per-view, Starrcade 1994. He was, however, on the verge of getting his first major push and was set to capture the WCW Tag Titles with Steven Regal, when his contract expired. He received a call from Vince McMahon; Vince told Paul that he really wanted him to work for the WWF, that he would be given a good spot, and a better opportunity to develop his wrestling ability than he was receiving in WCW. Paul had to decide, bigger money, or opportunity? He picked the opportunity, and left WCW that spring.

Paul debuted in WWF in May 1995 and Hunter Hearst Helmsley was born. The character was the same character as Jean-Paul Levesque, nothing really changed in his character from WCW. His run under that gimmick was sub par at best. Hunter had a great start at WWE, going undefeated into WrestleMania XII. Unfortunately for Hunter, He jobbed to Ultimate Warrior and it was a downward spiral for the rest of that year.

In 1997, Hunter Hearst Helmsley began a slow death and Triple H was born. It all began with Triple H and Shawn Michaels teaming up and forming Degeneration X. DX really grew into a phenomenon when Triple H ruled himself the leader of DX, Kicked HBK out and brought in X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws. DX really pushed the envelope and DX would have never reached the heights it did without Triple H.

Undertaker once said that Triple H is the game. He is everything he claims to be. If that’s not enough, Ric Flair has already passed the torch down to Hunter and no one deserves it more that Triple H. The ten time World Champion is on pace and will certainly break Ric Flairs 16 time World Champion record.

Although many are jealous of his accomplishments and will say Triple H’s success is purely from being married to Stephanie McMahon is far from the truth. People are ignorant and need to understand that Triple H worked his ass of in the wrestling business long before he met Steph. He became a star in DX when he was still married to Chyna. He got his first title when he wasn’t with Steph. So anyone who says he hasn’t worked hard for his accomplishments isn’t being bipartisan and is on his or her own agenda.

[b]#9 Kurt Angle[/b]

Kurt Angle is someone who really deserves to be on this list. He set a pattern that was later followed by Brock Lesner. That pattern is be successful in the armature ranks, come to WWE and win the title within a year. It may be repeated and WWE can do it and be successful.

Kurt Angle captured national attention in 1996 when he won the 220-pound freestyle wrestling competition at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. It was just the beginning of the success that was waiting for him in pro wrestling. Kurt Angle was originally recruited by WWE right after his 1996 gold medal performance. He wasn’t enthused about pro wrestling and the talks fell apart.

He was later recruited by TAZ to go ECW. Its really odd to think about Angle in ECW. Its really a intriguing thought how Kurt’s career would have went if he stayed in ECW. Just something for you all to think about. Things really fell apart between Kurt and ECW when Raven, with the help of Stevie Richards and The Blue Minnie crucified The Sandman. Kurt demanded that everything he did for the company never be aired or they would be sued. Here’s another thought to think about. In WWE’S History there have been many crucifixions. One being Ryan Shamrock, Stone Cold and Stephanie McMahon. It wasn’t a real cross mind you and there was no crown of thorns, but the message was still the same.

When Kurt first came to WWE he preached the three I’s. Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence. His character was really classic and attempting to be a face and save the WWE fans from the sin filled America. It was a awesome gimmick and gave him a great run for several years. In his first year alone Kurt held the European, Intercontinental, and the WWF titles. When you look at Kurt Angle for the first time, he really looks like a million bucks in the ring. He can really do it all. Mic Work, In ring work and he has the charisma to be a pro wrestler which is lacking in so many stars today.

When its all said and done, Kurt will be in the top 3 of this list. No question about it. Kurt’s interaction with the fans alone is enough for him to stand out. Today you see several wrestlers need to go all out just to get a response from the crowd. Kurt’ entrance music hits and right away the YOU SUCK!!! Chants fill the arena. As soon as Kurt utters a single word, the WHAT!!! Chants fill the arena. You really cant create something like that. Its all between the fans and the wrestlers and you have what it takes or you don’t. Its real obvious that Kurt has it.

Now for The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day. I truly Love these skits WWE is doing with the whole Hollywood angle for WrestleMania. You have Eugene staring in Forest Gump, HHH staring in Braveheart, and Stacy Keibler staring in Basic Instinct. Each one of them hand me laughing nonstop for a few minutes. There is nothing ridiculous about those commercials.

Well that’s all for this week. Take care everyone and see you next time with #8 and #7.

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