The Widow’s Peak: Reality Check, Age and Diva Search Part Deux!

Rachel Doty

Sometimes a story about two wrestlers hit and everyone picks up on it, but surprisingly enough, it wasn’t about a Triple H or a Jeff Jarrett or even a Shawn Michaels. As you all know, Amy Dumas is a whore and Adam Copeland was her pimp, well at least that’s what I heard. Why did I say, “Was her pimp”? Well, now it looks like the two of them aren’t together anymore, which now comes to show that Lita and Edge are getting what was coming to them. What’s even worse is that they knowingly hurt her boyfriend of 6 years and his wife of a little less than six months, and they show no regret. Of course, when the WWE has invest as much time into you, it’s probably not best to say anything at this point, and that’s not a good thing; actions speak louder than words, Shawn Michaels and Triple H know ALL about that.

At first, Dave Batista was nothing more than another one of those WWE golden children, the big men that Vince LOVES so much. Then as time went on, I started to warm up to him, wait that didn’t sound good, anyway. Instead of making headlines with his incredible strength, he is making headlines with the fact that he is almost 40 and has 3 daughters. Now, coming around that hill, he isn’t the only person to start their wrestling career so late in life (but let’s face it, he looks good doing it! Well…you know) and he isn’t even the oldest person to keep coming back even though they should’ve stepped down long ago. What just is the big deal about his age? Well, that’s what I’d like to find out.

Christy Hemme will always been known as the woman who one the first Raw Diva Search. It’s bad enough that the WWE threw her into the ring with Trish Stratus at the granddaddy of all PPV’s, but knowing that she’ll only been know for that, well that’s sad. To top it all off, the WWE is running a second round of everyone’s favorite “reality TV” series (Stephanie McMahon is all for it for that reason only, but everyone can see idiotic women screaming and running around on nearly EVERY reality series). What I want to know is, well actually what I do know is, and the WWE is running the fans into the ground, when they should be doing the opposite.

In this edition of the Widow’s Peak, I’ll be looking at everyone’s favorite reality show: ” The Sluts and the Men Who Loved Them!”, why I’m ashamed that I think Batista is hot and round two of the Raw Diva Search. So sit back and enjoy MY WAY of thinking, if you don’t like it, well, oh well.

Reality Check

It’s hard to be cheated on so when I found out that Amy Dumas had cheated on her boyfriend of 6 years in Matt Hardy, I sympathized with him. In fact, being one of Matt’s fans, I was upset with the fact that this woman wasted 6 years of Matt’s life, by pretending to be something she wasn’t. So, we know Matt’s side of the story, Lisa Copeland’s side of the story and as usual, it’s the WWE that are keeping quiet; so will Edge and Lita ever come out with a statement or will they stay silent? It’s easy, I guess to criticize Adam Copeland and Amy Dumas, as we don’t actually have to face them, but if they don’t say anything, well the fans are damn sure going to voice their displeasure.

It was said that the chants at MSG that Lita came unraveled backstage and Edge laughed them off, saying they were good for his character. Well, my dear Adam Copeland, if people are booing you by your actions off camera instead of on-camera, you should really reexamine what your character is all about. Edge is all about that one shot that he gets but can never really have, he attacks Chris Benoit, that’s why the fans should be booing you. Chris Benoit is a god and when you mess with that, the fans turn on you and that’s why the fans should be booing you. Then Lisa Copeland speaks out and boy does she rip into Edge and Lita (whom I will refer to as Adam and Amy) like a bat out of hell. She puts into perspective what many people haven’t been able to see, she puts a human side out there, but also remains bitter and straight to the point.

Anyway, now I’m here to put down my side of the story, so if I start to cuss and throw things, then I’m apologizing now. At first, I was just in shock at something like this, then that shock turned to anger, but thankfully, not hatred. Then the shit hit the fan when I found out that: “Matt Hardy Released from the WWE” and then hatred took over, not for Adam Copeland and Amy Dumas, but towards the WWE. Sure they weren’t using Matt to his full potential (hopefully he gets to show it in TNA and ROH), but to fire a man who just found out that his longtime girlfriend was cheating on him with a best friend? That part just got to me like no other and I was for the first time, I was angry as I’ve ever seen myself and I wondered, why was I letting this get to me? Well, the answer is simple: Matt Hardy connected with me; he wasn’t fake, trying to be something that he wasn’t, and that was refreshing.

So Matt was an Internet guy, big deal, most of the wrestlers are, they just won’t tell. Matt wasn’t afraid to say that it was him, which doesn’t make him a bad guy, just a guy who wanted people to know the truth. Can we blame him for that? We can’t and we shouldn’t, but I want to leave this point with a sentence: “Matt, we’ll love you forever!”(Okay, so maybe the guys won’t, but we women do ;))

Are You Serious?

Hello, my name is Batista, Dave Batista. I would love to hear him say that just because I think it would be funny, but anyway this isn’t the point of this section. As soon as Batista grew on me, I thought to myself, “wow he really is good looking”, I had never really thought of him as so. I guess when he turned on Triple H that was the beginning, just something about people who put Trips in his place (well not all of them), well never mind. So the point is, why is everyone making a big deal about the fact that the man is almost 40 years old? Well, I guess you could say that, he can’t handle himself in the ring well, he’s slow and needs someone to carry him; people say that about every big guy that gets hired, with maybe the exception of Taker. But what Batista lacks in wrestling ability, he more than makes up for it with his charisma, the cool demeanor, sort of like Frank Sinatra.

Now, I’m not comparing Frank to Batista, because, no offense to Dave, but no one can be as cool as Frank Sinatra. Now, I’m getting off on a tangent and that’s okay, because I love them, but now I’m almost ashamed of thinking that Batista is hot. Now, I’m a woman, boys are fun and I love them all, but when said boy is old enough to be your dad, well it comes off as odd. However, I’m 23(I gulp to say it. So old!), so its okay, he isn’t my dad and I love him for it! So, what was the point of this section? Just my incoherent thoughts, if I don’t get them out now, I never will; this was just a fun part, now to get serious again…at least for a moment.

Searching for Christy Hemme

The WWE are looking for another Christy Hemme with the soon arrival of the second edition of the $250,000 Raw Diva Search. Will we see a bitter rivalry between any of the contestants like we saw with Christy and Carmella(who has finally gone missing)? Any Texas chili being thrown on anyone? Any Diss the Diva again? Will the fans still not care about this one like they did before? I think the fans didn’t like the first one because everyone had it in their heads that Carmella was going to win, when we all knew she didn’t have the spark plug attitude in her. I thought the contest was entertaining, but then when they starting firing divas left and right, then I was dead set against it. The only real female wrestler around is Victoria, but I think the WWE will keep her, for the simple fact that she is willing to shake her ass. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Victoria, but that’s the only reason why they are even keeping her around(she has the talent, apparently, the WWE doesn’t really care about that anymore).

There are sure to be women the fans like and don’t like, but will the fans voice their opinions like they do with Edge and Lita, or is this not even up to that caliber? One thing is for sure, it’s nice, I guess for the guys(not all though), to look at scantily clad women acting like idiots, but for me, as a woman, it pisses me off. I’m sure that many of the contestants from the last one were perfectly nice people and had talent, but that talent isn’t what the WWE is looking for. I’m surprised the WWE hired Michelle McCool, considering she actually looks like she could be a force in the women’s division; something that doesn’t seem to be the norm. There are sure to be stupid tasks that are asked of these women, remember Kamala? Yeah, that was upsetting, as much so as Trish actually having sex with Viscera, so I’m sure we’ll see more of that.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see what the women really think of each other and maybe another Chris Jericho-led ambush of Eric Bischoff’s office. Other than that, there was nothing really exciting about the last one, except that the crowd really turned in for Christy, the eventual winner. That’s something to keep in mind, the crowd hated the contest, but the winner eventually won them over and let’s hope the winner of this one does the same. And I also hope this year’s winner, does the same, but let’s hope in the future she isn’t known just as “You Raw Diva Search winner!”

What a week it’s been in sports entertainment! I’m almost out of breath from the whole thing and what started that was TNA’s Lockdown PPV, which I had the privilege to watch(by the way, congrats go out to AJ Styles and his wife at the birth of their baby). With the “You Screwed Matt” chants getting louder and louder each week, it’s almost hard to even watch Raw, although I have to say, I’m enjoying them. Dave Batista is getting better on the mic and it’s been good to hear him sounding much better than before, but let’s hope he can hold onto that belt until Summerslam or beyond. The Raw Diva Search is upon us again, and will we see another Christy Hemme or will we see another annoying Carmella; that’s up to the fans, if that’s who really votes.

Well, that’s been all from my side of the United States and I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed my rants that are usually far and in between. I’ll be back later when I talk to what’s good and bad in TNA, dissecting Lisa Copeland’s plea and what the future can hold for Matt Hardy. As usual, you can reach me two ways: by email at or in the WZ Columns Lounge at Now, that I’m getting back into the groove of things, I want to encourage you to send me your thoughts, whether they be good or bad about the Widow’s Peak. Is there something you want to see less or more of or an issue you would like to hear me speak on? I’m putting it into the hands of the readers, so until we meet again, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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