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Hello everybody and welcome back to the column I forgot to write but you never forget to read edition of the Big TimBoski Show! I am the fashionably late host that you can call Tim Sampsell. I apologize for being gone for so long, I have been very busy with school as I am a senior in college who graduates in December and finals are next week so I deeply apologize for not being around recently but I am going to make it up to you this week as we talk my uneasiness, pint size heroes and also your very own Big TimBoski has an experience he must share with all of you. All of this plus trivia so away we go!

My Uneasiness and Wow :

For those of you who do listen to the Big Wrestling Show on Tuesday nights from 10 till midnight on then you have probably heard me talk about on more then one occasion about my feelings on Muhammad Hassan and Daivari but for those of you who don’t well first off you should because it’s the best show in wrestling and second may I just say that I have a real problem with this!

We all know the Hassan character and that does not bother me, in fact I love the character and I think it is done really well. What I hate though is the obvious racism by the fans and maybe more importantly the WWE. Lets get something straight here, Muhammad Hassan is not an Arabian who comes out saying “Go Bin-Laden!” he is an Arab-American who tells the truth about the way we Americans look at Arab’s and we boo him and chant USA at him. Understand that everything that Hassan and Daivari have been saying about the racism of Arab’s in this country is very truthful and while he is pissing you off at the live shows by saying the truth, why do you boo him? Are you booing him because that’s what the WWE wants you to do? Do you boo him because he says the truth about our pure racist attitude that we show Arab’s since 9/11? Do you boo him because you voted for President Bush and you’re an idiot? Or do you boo him because everything that he has said is truthful and you can’t stand it? I think it could be all of those but understand that the Hassan character is yelling at you fans because he feels that because he is an Arab you hate him. You boo him so he is right so far.

Now as a guy who voted for John Kerry because well I paid attention the last four years it made me sick to hear Hulk Hogan say on National and Worldwide television that Hassan and Daivari are giving the President a bad rap. Are you kidding me!? All they have been doing has been being bitter about how they’re people are treated in real life. Now even though the man who plays Hassan is an Italian he looks like an Arab and Daivari is an Arab so when they talk about getting stopped at airports, I don’t think they are making that up.

I feel that the WWE is sending a terrible message by promoting racism towards Arab-American’s. Remember these two men are NOT Bin-Laden supporters or want soldiers dead, they are American’s but because of the way that they feel about how Arab’s are treated in this country, you boo and that is crap! I am not saying that the WWE should turn them face but even though you are going to a show to enjoy yourself you need to ask yourself why am I booing these guys? I can’t boo them, I feel that they are correct in their statements and every time they win I always say “One More for the Democrats!” because for equality’s sake and the fact that they are right I want them to win.

Don’t misunderstand me I have no problem with the fact that the WWE came up with an Arab-American character but the fact that they have them say the truth about current events on television only to be dismissed by the announcers, wrestlers and fans because they say it in a bitter fashion, while it helps the character it frightens me about what kind of people we have become. I always want you to enjoy yourself and get your money’s worth when you go to a show but is it really right of you to boo a character who could of hypothetically speaking of course have family killed because of a pointless war? I honestly hate the fact that they are painting these storylines as the wrestlers, in this case Michaels and Hogan are fighting for America because they aren’t fighting an enemy here, they are fighting fellow countrymen who speak openly about a truthful situation and have a gripe. Hogan and Michaels are not defeating an enemy, they are defeating upset people who have not turned on their country but just don’t like the way that Arab’s are treated, yet you cheer the racists. I know they are Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels but they are supporting racism. I am not saying cheer for Hassan and Daivari because well they rip the live audience pretty good but don’t dismiss what they say, take it to heart and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are as racist as they think you are and if you are as racist as the WWE wants you to be?

The Pint Size Heroes :

There are two new internet darlings as of late but there are definitely some people both on and off the internet who feel that these two guys are just not going to go as far as most people hope. Who am I talking about? Why I am talking about Rey Mysterio and Christian of course. Captain Charisma and Rey-Rey have been on a quite a roll recently and many people feel there are two future world champions here and I agree so lets look at these two then show we?


Captain Charisma has been the hottest star on RAW as of late, even earning more cheers then Batista at some shows. The big gripe against Christian is his size. He stands 6ft2 but weighs about 220 and lacks the muscle mass that we are so used to seeing in the WWE, especially from its main eventer’s but Christian has all of the tools to be one hell of a champion in the very near future. His in ring work is phenomenal because while he is great at nothing, he is very good at everything. He can brawl, fly, go technical but he also has that “it” factor. That thing that just draws you in and what that “it” factor for Christian in my opinion is that he is never boring!

Whether he is in the ring, on the mic, or backstage everything he has been doing has been gold. His matches with Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton on RAW were very good, especially for TV. He had a phenomenal match with Benoit a couple weeks ago and come on last week with Flair and a couple of weeks ago with McMahon he was flawless.

Christian never puts on a bad promo nor does he put on a bad match. He has been the MVP of 2005 so far as he has been “Mr. Clutch” by elevating storylines with himself, elevating storylines that don’t involve him, putting on big time interviews and backstage segments and staying oh so consistent in the ring. My prediction for Christian is that he will be traded to SmackDown where he will be quickly put into a feud with Cena for the WWE Title. Remember they planted the seeds for this back at the Royal Rumble with their awesome backstage rap-off and Captain Charisma ripping on Cena in promos should only make for excellent TV. Expect Christian to main event the Great American Bash and Summer Slam against Cena and at one of those two pay per view’s you will see a new WWE Champion in Christian!

Rey Mysterio:

Rey-Rey has been on one hell of a streak over the last six months including being in the most intriguing and biggest storyline in the entire company right now. The gripe on Rey Mysterio is his height and at only 5ft2 I could understand that but it doesn’t bother me and more importantly it is obvious that it doesn’t bother the WWE.

Rey Mysterio is the father of lightweight wrestling in America being the man that completely revolutionized the industry over the past 10 years. He has put on classics with everybody and has established himself as a true legend of the industry. In WCW he was known as the “Giant Killer” beating Bam-Bam Bigelow and his world famous victory over Kevin Nash on a Monday Nitro. In the WWE is a multi-time cruiserweight champ but if you have been paying attention you would notice that he has not been in the ring with a cruiserweight since the November Survivor Series.

Since November Mysterio has beaten Rene Dupree, both Basham’s, Kenzo Suzuki, former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero three times including the huge win at WrestleMania this year. He wrestled Kurt Angle and had a great match with him in the #1 Contender’s Tournament back in February and just a couple weeks ago needed Eddie Guerrero to throw him off of the 6ft6 290 pound former WWE Champion in JBL so that he couldn’t advance in the WWE Series.

Rey is in the right storyline right now because he will not be lost in the shuffle. This is not about just building Eddie as a heel; it’s about building both guys and taking them to the top. Mysterio has never been more over or more established in his entire career then he is now. No longer is he looked at as the dominating cruiserweight but as a dangerous man who can beat anybody no matter the size.

A lot of people do not think that a Rey title run would be very believable but you look at the size of all the guys he has beaten, including winning a US Title Battle Royal last eliminating Kurt Angle, the man easily has the credibility and the believability to have a great run as champion. My prediction for Rey Mysterio is that he will be WWE Champion at either this year’s Survivor Series or at WrestleManiaXXII; either way he will defeat Christian for the belt. The question is does the WWE see Rey/Christian or Christian/Cena as the better draw for a Mania main event? No matter what that answer is Rey Mysterio will be a WWE Champion very soon.

The Big TimBoski Enters the Ring:

For those of you who do not know, we at the Big Wrestling Show actually have a “Club-Pro” in Roc City Wrestling star Marc Krieger. Roc City Wrestling is about an hour and a half from my campus in Rochester, New York and a few weeks ago after watching Marc at a show, he took me to his training facility where yours truly got to get into the ring and start training to be a professional wrestler.

I must say that whoever believes the ring is soft is crazy. The ropes are just garden hose wrapped in either plastic or tape and taking the bumps; you are not landing on a mat, you are landing on a floor that absorbs your impact so that it doesn’t hurt but it certainly is not like landing on a wrestling mat or a mattress, that’s for sure.

They list Rey Mysterio at 5ft6 but after running the ropes I can tell you that is a lie because I am 5ft9 and I can run them fine but you notice how Rey prefers to bounce off the second rope instead of going the traditional way? Pay attention and you will see how high those ropes are. I got to hop over the ropes and land on the apron which was cool and pretty scary because if you miss, you end up on the floor. I took some neck breakers and took some sidewalk slams, got to play referee during their trainings in and out session but I must say the coolest was giving one type of neck breaker. You are in the corner and your opponent goes for an Irish whip, you reverse it and he goes chest first into the corner and then you bounce off the ropes and catch him with a neck breaker. It was awesome to say the least.

I learned a lot, including that being left handed is not the best way to be and how much coordination it really takes because the performance is only as good as you two make it look. It will be fun to go back this summer and learn more and I thank all of the guys from Next Era Wrestling and Roc City Wrestling as it certainly was an experience I will never forget. To learn more about Next Era Wrestling go to and for Roc City Wrestling you can check them out at


Its trivia time as always but before we get to this week’s question here is last show’s question, the answer and our Medium TimBoski’s for the show.

How many guys main evented their first WrestleMania?


Hulk Hogan-I

Mr. T-I

Paul Orndorff-I

Roddy Piper-I

Ted Dibiase-IV

Sgt. Slaughter-VII


Ric Flair-VIII


Lawrence Taylor-XI

Brock Lesnar-XIX

A lot of people forgot that at WrestleManiaVIII it was a double main event so they were missing either one or both guys so with that being said I only got six correct answers so I stumped you guys for the second straight column. Here are our Medium TimBoski’s for the show, congrats guys!

A, Daniel Jefford, Donnie Durham, Eddie Ladnier, Mike Kelly, and R Scott Babcock

Now here we go with this week’s question, remember if you think you know the answer please send it along with your feedback to and here we go.

What was the first Summer Slam that featured the WWF Championship on the line in a NORMAL one on one match up?

Well that does it for this week’s show. I sincerely apologize for this taking so long and I hope not to have this problem again. Remember to send your trivia with your feedback to and until next time LATER!

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