Joe Pritchett’s Real Talk: Jumping on the Bandwagon

Joe Pritchett

I’ve noticed over the past weeks, and even months, an upsurge of popularity in a particular wrestler. After looking over the matter for quite a while, I must say I too have jumped on his bandwagon. We currently have two first time champions, Batista and John Cena, holding their respective brand’s championship. When I take note of this, I scan the rosters to see who else may be on the horizon to becoming the next “first time champion”.

After doing this, Christian seems the obvious choice. He’s been getting an increasing amount of television and promo time as of late, and I believe it is paying off. I, at one point and time, wasn’t a big a Christian fan, but lately have been warming up and am almost to the point where I could call myself one of his “peeps”. Christian has the charisma (no pun intended when referring to his “superhero” alter ego), the mic skills, the fan base or “peeps” as he lovingly calls them, and in ring skills to make a very credible champion down the road.

He’s been getting bigger pops from the fans and generating more talk on the IWC than many of WWE’s most prominent stars. Maybe this goes to show that Christian is on his way, or already arrived, in becoming one of the WWE’s next breakout superstars. While Edge, Christian’s former tag team partner, has been getting a good shove by the WWE as of late, he continues to get mixed reactions from both the fans in the arena and the IWC. Christian, on the other hand, has been consistently building in prestige in the eyes of the fans. I believe the WWE is noticing this as well.

He’s a former Tag Team Champion, European Champion, Light Heavyweight Champion, Hardcore Champion, and Intercontinental Champion. The next logical step is for him to eventually become the World Champion. Yet I am well aware in many cases there is a large leap one must take to get from IC Champion status to World Champion status. So the big question I ask myself is this: Is Christian ready to take that leap? I think he is just about there.

Another question naturally arises. How does Christian go about making this leap? I think this can take place under a four fold plan, the first of which is already happening. In order for Christian to make the leap to the next level, he first needs an increase in television and promo time. I believe this phase the WWE has already put into action. By doing this, the fans are given more access to his character. The WWE can gauge the reactions he receives, and Christian can adapt in order to make best use of his time in front of the fans.

Secondly, I believe Christian needs a change of scenery. As most of you know the WWE will soon be holding a draft, and rumors are flying like wildfire that Christian will be heading to Smackdown. I think this is essential in order for Christian to take this leap. What usually comes with a move like this is a renewed push. He would be a fresh face, and can interact with new people. This will, in itself, lead to an increase of television time. I can see now the verbal sparring taking place between Christian and current champ John Cena. Christian could use Smackdown to become a big star, and possibly one of the top heels in the business.

This change will also lead to the third crucial part of my four fold plan. He will have new opponents. Yet with those new opponents, in order for him to be a legit contender for the title, he would need to be a dominant force in one way or another. This doesn’t necessarily mean a dominant physical force, as Christian isn’t the biggest guy around, yet he’d need to play to his strengths in order to prove that he can hang with anyone in the ring. Christian, with this change of scenery and interaction with new wrestlers, can then be pushed to the forefront of his brand.

Once he reaches this level, at the top of his game, he can then engage in the fourth phase of my idea; a feud with the champion. Once he is at this top level, he must establish himself as a direct threat to the champion. He, unlike some wrestlers such as Chris Benoit and Batista, who use their technical skills or brutality respectively, can use his mic skills and verbal abilities in order to attack the champion in one way or another. Once the fans believe him to be a legit threat to the champ, he is then in essence ready to become champion. I think the ultimate gauge will be if the fans find him believable. Once this occurs, I think he would be more than ready to become champion.

This is just one way that Christian could eventually become champ. Which route he takes I’m not sure, as many champions have taken many different routes. One thing I am certain of is that sometime Christian will take this great leap. The fans are behind him, and that is a very powerful thing. I don’t think the fan support will be going away anytime soon, and I hope that the WWE continues to take note of it.

On a side note, the WWE will be coming to my university, the University of Delaware, this Monday! I, for the first time ever, will get to attend a WWE event literally just five minutes walking distance down the street. I thought I’d share this with everyone, and if anything of note happens I’ll be sure to bring it to attention during my next column.

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Until next time, this has been Joe Pritchett’s Real Talk.

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