Squared Circle Reviews: NWA-VA Action Zone 7/9

Douglas Nunnally

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The show this week started off with a decent promo from the debuting Sexy Kevina, Stan Lee, and Gregory Vercetti. They talk about their upcoming six man tag team match against Scotty Blaze and how Lee and Kevina brought in Vercetti as their mystery partner to counteract Blaze’s two mystery partner. Sexy Kevina literally freaks me out. I really wonder where they go with this whole thing. A transvestite and a guy with “Buns of Steel” on his tights confuse me. They ended with a nice tag line though: “We are your champions, like it or not.” Pretty decent promo and they have a good sense of heel charisma.

We then go to the Action Zone video package which I wish included more clips from the brutal OSE-Blaze/Dramin match from two months ago. That was amazing live, people. Match of the year candidate in my eyes.

Next, we see a backstage segment with the returning “Rock and Roll” Matty Dee asking O’Brien why he is here. Scotty Blaze whispers something in his ear and Matty knows why. Matty seems like he should lay off the speed just a little. There is a rocker gimmick that Jeff Hardy dabbled in which is a fast paced look, but the way Matty does it just screams tweeker to me.

They then show the information for the upcoming shows in the Great Virginia Bash 2005 and we head right into our first and only match of the night!

Sexy Kevina, Stan Lee, & Gregory Vercetti Vs. Scotty Blaze, Chris Dramin, & Matty Dee

The heel team comes out with a dull valet, Misty Malibu. She’s got the “I’m better than you attitude” act down pat (or at least I hope it’s an act), but she definitely needs to interact in the match and with the crowd a lot more if she wants to make it big. Scotty Blaze then comes out as the crowd pops for him. It’s still weird to say that a crowd actually pops for Scotty Blaze. Very weird. Blaze gets on the mike and talks down about the team calling them a confused guy, transvestite, and a guy with a package. I really don’t get the package gimmick at all with Vercetti. This was my first time seeing him, so maybe he uses it in his matches, but in this match, he did nothing. Just something I don’t get. Blaze also starts the tramp chants at Misty Malibu, which happened at least five times in the evening. That’s pretty good heat for someone who did practically nothing but stand there. If only she would do something! Oh well, can’t have everything.

Scotty Blaze introduces his two surprise partners in Chris Dramin and Matty Dee and the match starts off, or kind of. For about the first five minutes of the match, Blaze and Kevina just kind of shoot the bush and taunt each other or lock up and Blaze powers out. It’s mostly a comedic beginning which I really didn’t dig, but the crowd seemed to. Blaze and Kevina finally tag in Chris Dramin and Stan Lee respectively and we finally see the action.

Lee and Dramin lock up and do a standard headlock/whip/shoulder takedown combination with Lee coming out on top and then doing an interesting strut which had him shaking his butt a lot more than I wanted. A hell of a lot more. They then do the same routine, except Dramin comes out on top with two hip tosses and a dropkick. They then do a shoving contest which was a nice pace to get Dramin in control and the heel retreats to his corner and tagged in Vercetti who demands Matty Dee. Kind of weird that two people have each demanded an opponent. Scotty wanted Kevina, Lee wanted Dramin, and now Vercetti wanted Dee.

The two go at it with some arm working and Blaze is tagged in and business definitely picks up. Lee gets tagged in and Lee and Vercetti try and do a double chop on Blaze, but the human chop machine isn’t fazed and takes them down and then gives them some Blaze chops. For those not in the know, NO one in this business chops harder than Scotty Blaze. I have seen this live and you literally feel it in your own chest when he chops. I have even seen the aftermath of his chops. The wrestlers say it feels like sunburn and it looks like third degree burns. No one chops harder than Blaze, so when I say a Blaze chop; I mean an uber stiff chop. Got it? Good.

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